Monday, May 17, 2010

Star Wars Music Battle!

While cruising the internet you are bound to come across a parody or two of songs and TV shows and songs about TV shows. Since my days in high school I can remember a "Star Wars" rap here or there. Back then there weren't many to choose from, but now that time has gone by and we have the awful prequel films to look to for parody inspiration there are more layers to the story that is "Star Wars" and more songs made. These are a collect of the best "Star Wars" music videos.

The Original "Star Wars": Very old-school beat, nice use of an "Imperial March" sounding beat. Very clever, very fun but unfortunately it ends at "Empire Strikes Back"...why not cover all 3 episodes?

The Gangsta "Star Wars": Still has that old-school vibe like N.W.A frankly for my taste too much swearing, not that I have a problem with swearing but this is just swearing for the sake of swearing and it's obvious. Parts of this is funny but not much of it and The Jar Jar Binks part are annoying as the character is...

The Emperor's Rap: I have no clue why they call this a "rap" this is a techno song, he even says it in the song. I have no clue who came up with this or how they got the Star Wars characters dancing but this video works as a "Star Wars" song and as a bad ass techno song in it's own right. Those sprites are gettin' down! This video is awesome!

College Humor's Galactic Empire State Of Mind: GAME OVER! Seriously leave it to College Humor to pwn The Star Wars parody market. Not only is this a "Star Wars" parody song, but it's also a Parody of Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind", (which I'm inclined to say that they beat Jigga on this one). Not only does this song win at being catchy, amazing and consistent without trying to be overly funny or ACTUALLY breaks down ALL 3 original episodes in RAP FORM with a pretty damn hot Leia on the chorus. This song kicks ass on all sides. Instant Classic.

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