Sunday, May 29, 2011

So It's Come To This...: Reality Television

So having a broken camera is a bit of a mixed blessing because now I get to tend to my blog a bit more. Normally I'd make a video on this topic BUT then I'd end up rambling and my point would NEVER be made. So I've decided to blog about this topic. I have gone on record as saying "Reality Television is the work of The Devil." and I stand by and support that statement, and given the current state of affairs do I REALLY have to address WHY I think so ?

Well apparently I do, if not just for the sake of having some documentation of my ABSOLUTE HATRED of Reality Television. BUT before I go on I'd like to explain what EXACTLY I mean by Reality Television, because people tend to label things that AREN'T Reality Television AS reality television. I know this whole trend started with "Survivor" BUT "Survivor" is ACTUALLY a game show NOT Reality Television. "Survivor" has a set of contestants, challenges, eliminations and an ultimate goal all of the contestants are trying to achieve.

Just because it's filmed in a different location and chronicles the contestant's struggles DOES NOT MAKE IT A REALITY SHOW! In a like manner, "America's Next Top Model" & "Project Runway" aren't reality shows either for the same reason "Survivor" is not. THEY ARE GAMES! And as much as I hate to say it even "American Idol" doesn't directly qualify as a reality show because ONCE AGAIN there's an ultimate goal that all of the CONTESTANTS are trying to achieve. I don't watch "American Idol" but I understand it's merit as a valid TV show that gives people a chance in the spotlight (and I can't hate on that). ALTHOUGH I CAN however hate on the fact that they PURPOSEFULLY set up the awful singers to get mocked (and that's REALLY uncalled for). 

Shows like "American Idol", "America's Next Top Model" & "Project Runway" are all hosted and produced by people who know the in's and out's of the profession the contestants are hoping to enter into. "America's Next Top Model" is personally my favorite of the bunch and I have NO shame whatsoever for watching it for as long as I have. I applaud Tyra Banks for not becoming a shill and whoring herself out to the masses as a washed-up model. Granted she's FAR from washed-up BUT she's still a good person because she's passing on her knowledge of the industry to help other girls get to where she is. Plus old contestants on the show come back and share some of their experience and it's ALWAYS constructive criticism.

But enough of patting Tyra on the back. ACTUAL reality television are TV shows THAT HAVE NO VALIDITY TO THEM WHATSOEVER! Shows like "The Jersey Shore", "The Simple Life","Keeping Up With The Kardashians", "Kate Plus 8". Why are we watching shows like this ? (Granted I don't have cable so I've NEVER seen an episode of any of these but I am still aware of them). Keep in mind I'm a writer so my gripe with reality TV is a bit different BUT nonetheless valid. But back to my question:


What the hell are they teaching us ? Granted I know all the other ones I mentioned above aren't exactly teaching us anything BUT the contestants DO learn things and get educated by people in the profession they seek to enter, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE LEARNING FROM "THE JERSEY SHORE" How to hold your liquor while shouting at your one night stand to get out of the house ? What are we learning from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" ? That rich snobby chicks spend money and argue about trivial stuff ? What are we learning about "Kate Plus 8"...I'm not even gonna touch that. I HATE to get on my "OH SOCIETY!" soap-box but SERIOUSLY, THIS is what passes for entertainment? Watching some stupid drunken chick with a bad tan make a complete ass of herself at a club?

I'll concede and say that if you're entertained by that THEN BY ALL MEANS. Heck, I enjoy watching morons get their just deserved as much as the next person, BUT you DO have to stop and consider just how much money these talentless morons are making from these shows  and if you don't know I DOUBLE DARE you to Google the numbers...if it doesn't piss you off then I feel EXTREMELY sorry for you and question your mental capabilities.

No, I'm serious. What the hell ? Why are we pandering to these people when there are EXTREMELY talented people on Youtube and elsewhere who RIGHTLY deserve a shot at the big time. BUT INSTEAD our society says that drunken HORRIFIC Italian stereo-types, Slutty Rich Women, and a chick with 8 babies is something that we all REALLY need to be interested in. Is it just me or is that backwards as F*CK?! I'm NOT saying Reality TV is bad, I'm just saying if they're gonna make Reality Shows THEY SHOULD BE Competitions or Helping Other People by either improving their lives or their homes or For Fun Charity ("America's Next Top Model", "Extreme Home Make-Over", "The Biggest Loser", having celebrities on Game Shows competing to raise money for various charities). One of my gripes with "Dancing With The Stars" is that they're dancing for no reason. Sure it's fun but why the Hell should I give a f*ck if Scott Baio is dancing The Waltz ?

Shows like "America's Next Top Model" and "The Biggest Loser" inspire people to go after their goals and that ANYONE can make it. Sometimes the people on the shows are relate-able and their stories strike a cord with the viewer. Hell I remember when Niama won "America's Next Top Model" and my brother and I were ECSTATIC, because not only was she well deserving BUT she was from my hometown DETROIT! What since of relation can you get with Snooki ? (Anyone who can relate to her is probably too drunk to read this anyway). So it's come to this...reality television is SLOWLY becoming more and more relevant to our society while GOOD scripted TV shows are getting pushed to the way-side. How can we remedy this ? 


This is Ugo Strange and this is So It's Come To This...

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