Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Strange Review: Let Me In

Normally I'd do a video review BUT I just haven't had the time to sit down and do it plus, considering circumstances I can't do it. BUT that won't stop me from sharing my thoughts. I should warn you there will be spoilers SO just in case you haven't seen "Let Me In", 


If you're reading this I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've seen the movie or just don't care about spoilers either way, enjoy.  EGADS how do I start this one off ? Well, I guess I should start off with the plot. "Let Me In" tells the story of Owen, a 12 year old, strange lookin' boy who's bullied at school and lives with his sheltering mother. Nothing too remarkable there until Abbey moves in, a mysterious girl who Owen becomes friends with. I GREATLY enjoyed this movie for the sole purpose that it gave us something VERY different in the realm of vampire stories. Keep in mind that I HATE Vampire related things, if you wanna know why, watch:

Long story short, "Let Me In" doesn't dwell too much in the realm of Vampire lore. Basically you discover the rules of her vampirism along with Owen. The movie doesn't cater to you how or why or when she became a vampire, She's a vampire and that's all you really need to know. Furthermore "Let Me In" doesn't try to pass it's self off as a supernatural thriller, rather it's a VERY warped coming of age story. Now let's get into specifics. The movie is actually VERY erotic but not in a pornographic sense (after all these are children we're dealing with) but it's erotic in a sense where the sexual nature of the relationship between Owen and Abbey is always on the surface but as children they're unable to fully engage in those actions so they're left with hugs and kisses, but behind those hugs and kisses are VERY passionate feelings.

I feel like I'm all over the place so let me to try slow down and figure out just what it is I'm trying to say about this movie. It's a lot like looking at an adult relationship through the eyes of a child. In the movie Owen realizes that Abbey is a creature of evil and when the police officer finally finds Abbey, Owen makes a conscious choice to close the door on him and allow Abbey to feed then to pull her off of him. That small action officially made Owen Abbey's new servant (similar to the man she was with at the beginning of the movie). Owen made a choice to allow Abbey to commit murder, he did so because he's in love with Abbey. And outside of sex, that unflinching loyalty to her is the only way he can prove his love for her. In a similar fashion Abbey slaughtering the bullies was her only way of proving her love for Owen. I would say they both committed evil acts for relatively good cause (but Abbey is a vampire, morals don't really apply to her) Abbey needed blood to live and Owen wasn't going to let his "girlfriend" be harmed by The Police Officer or let her die from lack of blood and Abbey wasn't going to allow her "boyfriend" to be mutilated by bullies.

Actually the movie reminds me quite a bit of "Peanuts", in the respect that you hardly ever see a Parent Figure, they're only heard and not seen. I don't recall seeing much of Owen's mom, and the adults in the building don't interact much with Owen or anyone else so in all truth this is the second time where children have been the main stars of a movie and didn't disappoint me (the first was "Super 8"..."The Goonies" Yeah, but it's been a LONG time since I saw "The Goonies"....okay and "E.T." too, what do you want from me ?!). But with this kind of subject matter of Love and the Moral Ambiguity of Love, this was a VERY DAMN good movie ONLY made more perfect by the ending of the characters simply running away together, Owen's mother be damned! The question left at the end is, is this an improvement for Owen or is he going to be worse off than he was ? It seemed like Abbey's previous "boyfriend" was getting tired of doing her dirty work and I can't imagine that'd be a good life for anyone (especially Owen who started off timid and weak at the beginning of the movie...and really didn't change exactly...hrm...). One day Owen's gonna get old and Abbey's going to move on and get another "boyfriend" and the cycle will continue.

This movie reminded me quite a bit of "Lament Of The Lamb" undeniably my favorite Vampire story, because the vampirism is an afterthought to the more pressing questions of how do you react to being a vampire, family, loyalty, love, relationships and struggling with your vampiric urges. Granted, the vampires in "Lament Of The Lamb" aren't supernatural beings they are people with a rare disease that is very much akin to an advanced case of anemia (it's actually very interesting). All in all, I give "Let Me In" a 10 out of 10. GREAT story, STRONG performances and a REALLY well executed movie. CHEERS!

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