Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ideas For Future Seasons Of "Dexter" and Villains

Okay, so it's no secret that I love "Dexter" and if you aren't aware of this. WAKE UP ALREADY! I did a full on review and analysis of EACH season in a series called "DEXTER-ity" which you can watch on this blog. Anyways, I figured that in the meantime while you guys are hungrily awaiting the next episode of "DEXTER-ity" I would share my hopes for future villains of "Dexter". So here's a list of actors who should be bad guys and their roles in the Season.

NAME: Alex Ray Crayson
REGULAR EMPLOYMENT: Photographic Journalist
M.O.: Killing People in public places and yet doing so inconspicuously via hypodermic needles. Photographing the body and sending them to the police.
TARGETS: Families (Specifically Mothers)
REASON: Alex was abandoned by his mother at a young age in a public place. Alex was then thrown in the system where he was not adopted and became an emancipated minor. Alex soon learned that his mother was presumed dead and was allegedly responsible for the deaths of several individuals. Upon getting this revelation Alex becomes angry at the police for not finding the person responsible for his mother's death and blaming her for other deaths instead. Alex sends the photos to the police to remind them that anything can happen to anyone anywhere.
CONNECTION TO DEXTER: Dexter is the one who killed Alex's mother and snatched her during one of her drop offs. Alex was asleep in the car and Dexter was unaware she had a son, because Alex was being raised by a boyfriend of her's. Essentially Dexter inadvertently created Alex.

Despite how you may feel about "Spider-Man 3", Topher Grace is still a pretty bad ass actor and C'MON how hard would it be to believe Topher Grace as an insane killer with abandonment issues? Plus it'd be a nice contrast to see Dexter deal with a killer that he accidentally caused. Dexter has not dealt with that problem (other than Miguel) who wasn't a serial killer. Having Dexter tackle someone who's younger than he is and able to kill people with NO blood, and no real effort would greatly impress Dexter.I imagine their final confrontation being Dexter surrounding Alex with the photographs of his victims and Dexter revealing that he is (in some form) Alex's father because he killed his mother and caused Alex to lose his innocents. Dexter shares how he lost his mother The ending revelation would be Dexter wondering if Santos Jimenez is his "REAL" father so to speak because he is responsible for how Dexter is now. Ultimately this will make Dexter wonder if he'll be different or if he's gonna remain how he is. I think this would be a bad guy worth Dexter's time. PLUS IT'S TOPHER GRACE PLAYING A SERIAL KILLER!! C'MON!!

NAME: Mikhail Rustaloff/Michael Ruoston
REGULAR EMPLOYMENT: Corporate Sharecropper
M.O.: Kidnapping victims, keeping them locked in cages, feeding them regularly and eating them when they are ready. Often times sharing with his dogs.
TARGETS: Any (mostly single women)
REASON: Mikahil was actually a Russian enforcer for the mob who had an affinity for torture. One day a rival gang captured Mikahil and tortured him, however Mikahil wasn't having it, he broke free from them. Months later they found their leader dead in a Scott Tennermen-esque twist Mikahil cooked and ate their leader. Afterwards Mikahil became obsessed with eating human flesh.

C'MON, sooner or later Dexter is GONNA have to take on a cannibal! SERIOUSLY! And we can't revisit the trope of Hannibal Lecter, no instead we need a REAL, RAW, SERIOUS, cannibal, someone who keeps people locked up like veal, waiting for them to get nice and tender. Can you imagine just HOW CREEPY that would be? Seeing a person in a cage being fed like a hamster? I see this season starting off VERY closely to Season 5, except for the victim manages to escape and seeks Miami Metro. I imagine Mikhail having several "farms" and the final confrontation between Mikhail and Dexter would be on one of these farms where Mikhail attempts to "hunt" Dexter. With Mikhail owning dogs, I'm picturing the final kill as Dexter mortally wounding Mikhail and leaving him for his dogs to eat. Also, PETER STORMARE PLAYING A CANNIBAL!! C'MON! If he hasn't done it already you KNOW he's gonna do it eventually. Why not put him up against Dexter. Not too sure what the ending revelation would be but it'd be TOTALLY worth it.


NAMES: Amy Walker, Kyle Usher, Max Schuller, Tabitha Hamilton
REGULAR EMPLOYMENT: High school students
M.O.: Committing murders in very graphic ways and recording their murders to be sent to the tabloids.
TARGETS: Anyone.
REASON: Because they can.
CONNECTION TO DEXTER: The Leader of the group is Astor's friend!!

So what's creepier than a killer who simply wants to kill you just because you're there? NOTHING! That's what! Let's face it, we're living in a generation where apathy seems to be the general train of thought amongst most people. What about absolute apathy for human lives? I'm taking a page out of Season 5's book and make this a group of killers, WITH A TWIST, they're YOUNG! High school aged kids who take it upon themselves to gain notoriety by brutally murdering people on camera and sending it to the tabloids BECAUSE THEY'RE THAT BAD ASS! Because they don't give a F*CK and they want EVERYONE to know it. PLUS, they can get away with it. The big twist here would be that Amy Walker, high school aged girl is actually the ring leader of the group. 

Upper class, privileged and a scholar to boot. How can Dexter make HER disappear without anyone noticing, LET ALONE how can he keep Astor away from her? In the books Astor and Cody are already budding sociopaths and Dexter looks forward to teaching them, BUT for this storyline and the TV series Dexter's Dark Passenger is something he wants to keep FAR away from Astor, Cody and Harrison as possible. This season would hold a mirror up to Dexter and make him see himself as he was at Amy's age, a budding sociopath unable to feel anything UNLESS they were killing someone. I'm not sure if the producers have the brass ones to pull off a story like this BUT DAMN, tell me that wouldn't be awesome? Plus the ending revelation writes it's self.

Also, the actors I have pegs for the roles have shown themselves to have some legit acting chops for the kind of stuff that would go on in "Dexter". ESPECIALLY Chloe (if you haven't seen her in "Let Me In" go do that NOW!!), which is why I have her pegged as the ring leader. Kenton Duty played the role of Young Jacob and I think he can manage a teenage sociopath, Kyle Gallner has as well. Jeanette McCurdy...well, she's just awesome and having her play the timid "Virgin" killer who has yet to "pop her cheery" as it were would fit.

ANYWAYS, Those are some of MY ideas for future seasons of "Dexter" let me know what you think and share some of your own and BE SURE to check out "DEXTER-ity" if you haven't already! PEACE!


  1. I've always thought Christopher Walken had serial killer written all over him and would be a mind-blowing addition to a future Dexter season...