Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Continuing Fail Of DC Comics

Words cannot express how frustrated I am with the current state of affairs at DC comics. But more perplexing is that Warner Bros. is somehow under the impression that they can get a Justice League movie going.

Give it up, it won't happen.

The focus on this article is the fact that Warner Bros. is ONCE AGAIN attempting to come out with a Wonder Woman movie. I should note that for all of you people saying Joss Whedon should do it (which despite my issues with him I completely agree) Whedon was already offered the project a LONG time and backed out due to creative differences, so I doubt if DC came crawling to Joss Whedon now he'd jump on the project, they had their chance...and I doubt he'd be able to hear them over the sound of his own ego...but I digress.

It turns out that the moron who gave us "Green Lantern" is going to write the Wonder Woman, which leads me to bring up that awful "Wonder Woman" TV show pilot that was SO awful it didn't see the light of day. I should also note that the TV show was written by the same guy who gave us "Ally McBeal" so OF COURSE he'd be able writing a believable story  about an Amazonian warrior princess...

Words cannot express the epic FAIL this pilot was.

But even still I have to ask the question JUST WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE?! Are studio executives SO dense that they think we can't see how transparent of a ploy this is? I suppose I answered my own question, "YES! They are that dense." But even still they'd have to know that a Justice League movie WITH NO build up MIGHT do okay in the box office BUT to do as well as The Avengers THEY'D HAVE TO GET THE BASICS RIGHT and unfortunately DC/Warner Bros. HAS NOT.

"Green Lantern" was DC's first attempt at branching out with a different character, they had a GREAT director Martin Campbell who gave us The new James Bond films, writers who didn't seem bad on paper, but the cast was AWFUL, the script was terrible and rushed and the film was unfocused. What I'm saying is it wasn't a bad movie on it's own merit, it was a bad movie because nobody involved in the project knew what they were dealing with. Marvel's strategy has ALWAYS been putting the fans first and the general audience second and "Avengers" proved that.

I haven't seen "Thor" or "Iron-Man 2" and I barely remember either "Hulk" movies BUT I was able to keep up with the movie perfectly (granted I am a comic book fan so that helped) but I am 100% sure that the general public wasn't scratching their heads and going "Huh? Who's that ? What's going on ?" every 5 seconds, because "Avengers" took it's time to build up certain aspects of the movie and why not, they had 5 MOVIES TO DO IT IN! A "Justice League" movie coming out of left-field is probably the dumbest thing DC/Warner Bros. can do, because there is NO build up, NO continuity, and NO pre-established characters. This has all been said but I need to say it because this is seriously Financial suicide.

Marvel took a MAJOR calculated risk and was rewarded, DC/Warners Bros. just wants to go from Zero to 60 without doing due diligence. On other fronts however DC is cranking out TV shows, namely, "Arrow", CW's answer to filling the "Smallville" void. However, Green Arrow had to ride on the coat tails of Superman in order to gain popularity, I love Green Arrow, but I doubt he'll be able to gain popularity by himself.

I'd like to say you look promising but...

Only time will tell but unfortunately NO one at DC/Warner Bros. have their heads on straight in regards on how to execute their films properly. EVERYONE can tell that they're quickly trying to crank out a "Justice League" movie in order to compete with Marvel and that's their FIRST problem. They have to accept the fact that they lost and pay attention to the fans. The opportunity to do a Justice League movie has sailed away A LONG time ago, and with the prospect of this upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie being pretty awful, it looks like that opportunity won't return anytime soon. DC maybe it's time you guys hung it up and stuck to animated films. Because in terms of a "Justice League" movie I'll probably have the following reaction:

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  1. I certainly don't disagree w/u totally, but while I don't hold out much hope 4 WW, I'm willing 2 give it a shot. (Mind u, I'm unaware of Michael's work prior 2 GL)
    The other thing is, as far as the failed WW show goes, I'm of te the belief that many of us r part of an "entitlement" movement. Believing that, "we" want what "we" want, & "we" want it now!
    Case in point: The WW tv no-show. I don't disagree w/a lot of ppl's assertions, that it was horrible, right out of the gate, but the (?) I would ask, is; "What happened 2 giving a show, a chance?"
    Now, I know that by 2day's standards, I'm a bit of a relic, and thus, not part of the demographic that a lot of these comics, movies, tv shows, etc., r meant 4, but I remember that a show would at least get a few eps under its belt, b4 it got 86'd. My God, BTVS, and The Xfiles were two of my fave shows, of all time, but the one thing that both of those shows had, were 1st seasons that sucked! And WW wasn't even allowed THAT!
    As I've stated elsewhere (as I reflect upon the hordes of ppl that bemoan what Kelley has done w/ the character, in its pilot)I would imagine Kelley, like Whedon, and Carter, all have pens, computers, possibly even typewriters. I would imagine that these guys would also have white out, and the ability 2 push the delete button. W/ that in mind, I'd imagine Kelley, were he allowed 2, could tweak, rewrite, even overhaul anything he had written, in order 2 connect w/ an audience that would'nt dig his initial output, but "our" need NOW 2 have everything perfect from jump, it's a wonder anything gets made!
    I will consede that Marvel (moviewise) has had DC's number, no doubt, though I (?) 2 a degree, how much they're listening 2 their fans. The fans, I believe would have rather seen Gwen Stacy, than MJ, in the 1st Spidey movie. Also the fans IMO would've preferred The Mandarin in the 1st Ironman movie. Even w/ The Avengers (which I loved) I believe the fans would have preferred a more recognizable group of villains (Loki aside) than the barely known baddies, from the Ultimates. Overall however, there's no (?) as 2 who's finger has been more on the pulse of what the fans want. If only Marvel could channel some of that energy 2 their comics, but that's another story, 4 another day

    Maybe we could do a skype-chat one day, whether it's on this, or whatever.
    Anyway..take it ez, Ugo

    aka youtube"s PM_Knight_12