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The Following S02E01 "Resurrection" Review

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So along with my "Pretty Little Liar" reviews I'm apparently not doing enough writing (despite the fact that I've been writing a screenplay since mid January and am currently working on revisions) and in that mind set I decided to include "The Following" on my blog. After all, I've made it clear that I absolutely LOVE serial killer stories and the first season of this show was top-notch in my opinion. Anyway, we're right back where we left off, Ryan and Claire were celebrating their victory when all of a sudden, Joe Carroll's undercover operative Molly pops up, attacks Ryan and stabs Claire in the spine.

When we return we find out that Claire didn't make it. One year later, life is seemingly back on track for our recovering alcoholic special agent, who is no longer a special agent and is doing the Will Graham thing, teaching. That of course doesn't last very long for him when a BRUTAL attack on subway by killers donning Joe Carroll masks raises awareness of a potentially new cult. The Joe Carroll masks remind me of the Poe masks in season one.

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These are freakin' terrifying!

Very quickly we find out that although Ryan is sober, he is still intoxicating with an obsession to find and kill Joe Carroll. This shown with his secret lair of case files and investigative notes. Helping or enabling him in this endeavor is his niece Max Hardy. So how was this for the start to a second season? Pretty damn good I would say. The mystery this season is deep. No, the mystery is not whether or not Joe Carroll is alive (did anyone actually think he was dead?). No this time the mystery is shared by all the characters in exactly who are these new guys. This is a mystery The FBI and the old Joe Carroll cultists are trying to figure out.

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HEY! Nice to see you again!

I have faith for this season based on a BIG surprise when I found out who was on the cast. Sam Underwood, he previously played serial killer apprentice Zach Hamilton in the final season of "Dexter". This casting choice isn't surprising since (for better or worse) Scott Reynolds had been added to the writing staff for this season. While Sam Underwood was less than welcomed in "Dexter", here he is an ABSOLUTE delight playing psychotic twins, Mark the strong silent type and Luke the boisterous, jovial and sinister joker. I can clearly see him channeling some serious "Funny Games" vibes during his "Huggy Hug" scene, which will probably be my favorite scene of this season.

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Hi Sam, sorry I hated you in "Dexter", LOVE YOU here though! Keep it up!

Meanwhile Ryan Hardy is going off the rails becoming a full on vigilante and mounting a one man crusade against Carroll and his followers. Agent Mike Weston, pretty much the only person Ryan has left is now the go-to guy for Carrollism and you can tell he's on the verge of burning out since the memories of Agent Debra Parker being buried alive and their failure to save her still haunt him. He's keeping it together and using his pain to fuel his aide to the FBI. It'll be interesting to see where their relationship goes this time around with Ryan being on the wrong side of the law. It'll also be interesting to see what The new cult has in stored for Ryan and how will the old cult and head-honcho Joe Carroll (now confirmed alive) will react to them. Only time will tell but this gives everything a very promising start.

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Cult leaders don't die, they grow beards and move to a cabin in the woods.

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