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The Following S03E04 & 05 "Home" & "A Hostile Witness"

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My apologizes for the tardiness of this review, I was playing "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks" with Kimmy and couldn't really sit down to do this because well...playing video games with the wife or review a TV show isn't much of a contest. But this is likely going to be a long review requiring my full attention because today is a double dose of "The Following", I suppose to make up for the previously announced but then revoked 2 Hour premier it was supposed to have. Anyways, last episode Ryan & Company managed to kill Neil "The Boxman" Perry and my new favorite duo of Daisy & Kyle installed cameras in Max's apartment all the while Mark is none the wiser but his better half, Luke is catching on that there maybe something else afoot with these two. Let's dive in!

So since this is a double, rather than reviewing the episodes as a whole, I've decided to review them separately with in the same article. Confusing? Yeah, I know, just bare with me. The things is with the current seasons of "The Following" is that they've been relying less and less on flashbacks and I really enjoyed them in the first season. It was a good way to establish Joe & Ryan as friends before the two of them became heated enemies and good way to establish an emotional punch. The 2nd seasons really didn't do much with them, it could've come in handy when Mike's father was killed by Mark & Lily. That way we'd have a better understanding of Mike's anger and rage towards Mike if we would have seen what a loving and awesome man Mike's father was.

In this episode, Max got to feel some of Mike's pain after her father's old firehouse got attacked. Max's father is long dead but the firehouse is still a good memory for her and it would have been nice to see little Max running around the firehouse to once again provide that emotional punch. Speaking of emotional punch, I'm really glad Max & Mike slept together, these two have GREAT chemistry, unlike Max & Tom. I understand that we really haven't seen much of Tom, but honestly, these two aren't right for each other AT ALL. This episode, however, did make me trust Tom more, especially after seeing the laptop with Max's apartment on it. I can understand Tom's frustration of knowing Max cheated on him, but hiding the laptop so he can spy on her...SHADY!

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Voyeurism, such a turn on.

Even shadier still is the fact that his girlfriend was under surveillance by serial killers and his 1st instinct wasn't to inform The FBI but to steal the evidence...shady, Tom, real shady. How this plays out is anyone's guess but given Tom's hesitation to save Mike, I'm guessing it'll cause some tension down the line. Speaking of tension, Kyle has been shot, and I'm really hoping he doesn't leave just yet as we'll be left with Daisy & Mark, and while I do like Daisy, she's 1/2 of a team and I really like their Mickey/Mallory thing they got going on. Mark is coming to the realization that Kyle & Daisy aren't exactly his teammate, but what I don't get is why Mark couldn't have been apart of the plot along? Who's ever really pulling the strings here could have let Mark in on the broad strokes without revealing the full plan. The full plan being the exoneration of Dr. Arthur Strauss.

So now the plot has come to full fruition, as Dr. Strauss is revealed to be somewhat of the mastermind behind these attacks with the mysterious Julianna as his lawyer. But still Dr. Strauss is behind bars so who's really pulling the strings? Unfortunately, I already know who and we'll see how that particular actor does in this role. Still no sign of our man Joe Carroll but I digress.  Anyways, now we're moving on to "A Hostile Witness". Will Mark confront Daisy & Kyle about their agenda? Guess I'll find out;

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So "A Hostile Witness" plays out more like a courtroom TV movie with some interesting twists. The thing about legal is that it's not what you know, it's what you can prove. The funny thing about proving things is that you kinda have to operate inside the rules to prove thing and sadly, Ryan could not. However, I can't really say that's how a trial would have gone for a suspected serial killer, but maybe being on this side of the table has screwed my point of view. I'll never know. Anyways, Dr. Strauss walked and Mark escapes to live another day. Despite the fact that I like Mark's divided persona, he is slowly grating on my nervous and becoming a monkey wrench in a Season I'd like to see run smoothly. Hopefully, he gets dealt with.

As for Shady Business Tom, I understand the writer's need to have his anger of Max & Mike be a slow burn, but I have to question the man's logic of keeping the laptop in his FBI locker. Shouldn't he be keeping that laptop at...oh...I don't know, HIS HOUSE?! I'm going to make a few predictions! Prediction #1: Is that Max & Mike talk about what Mike did and Tom hears about it and confronts Max about it. Max finds out about the laptop, they break up. Prediction #2: Upon finding out about the laptop, Ryan & Co. go to retrieve it only to discover that the laptop has been stolen and Max's life is in danger. Those are my predictions and I'm sticking to it.

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Answer the phone, I know you're not doing anything!

The sad thing about this episode is that when using flashbacks, Carrie Cooke didn't appear in this episode. This sucks as it would have been nice to have Ryan's previous love interest appear in an episode before offing her. That just seems sloppy and again, the flashbacks in the first seasons were used perfectly. Either way, Carrie Cooke is dead, Kyle is dead and Dr. Strauss is on his way out of the country with Daisy in tow. The thing I love about this show is that The Killers seems to have a better connection for teamwork than our heroes, which is an interesting dichotomy. While I'll miss Daisy & Kyle, I can't help but wonder what's going to happen now that Dr. Strauss is out. Will Dr. Strauss be looking for Mark, good gravy I hope so! I'm seriously hoping he doesn't allow Mark into his plans. But I digress.

But, like any good series, when the chips are down, when it's all said and done, when Ryan Hardy has nothing left, he turns to the one man he can trust and that would be our man Joe Carroll. I can't tell you how excited I am to see him, FINALLY! Joe has been hinted at throughout the season and you know good and damn well that despite Kevin Bacon's star power, James Purefoy's British charm and sarcastic glee makes this show as enjoyable as it is and their relationship is fun to watch. It'll be interesting to see what's change between the two of them and how Joe responses to The New Ryan Hardy. Only time will tell but now this just got interesting! Catch you guys next week.

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