Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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I should really stop dating these since my blog does it automatically...just a thought. Anyways, I figured I'd update you lots (specifically Guga *waves* HI!) on the goings on here since situations have changed. So strap yourselves in for another Strange Log, kiddos!

For starters, I understand I missed the premier of "The Whispers", am I upset by this? Not really, but I will try to give my opinion on the pilot if/when I can (I will explain that later). As it stands right now, "Wayward Pines" has really been interesting to me and despite the novel idea of "The Whispers" a film format would work better than a series, especially when dealing with an alien invasion. Hell, one of "V"'s major failing is that it tried to do too much with too little, in that regard it should have been a mini-series. But all of this are my thoughts going into "The Whispers", I'll have more well-rounded thoughts AFTER I watch the pilot...which will probably be Saturday.

So what did I mean by if/when I can? Well, I gotta job and that's going to dramatically change how things are done around here. For starters, my reviews for "Pretty Little Liars" will probably come out the day after, along with "Hannibal" which will probably come out Saturday (as I'd like to give that show my time and full attention). As it stands today is going to be my 3rd day on the job and I'm not quite used to the schedule just yet and the things I have to do to accommodate it. Plus getting home is pretty rough since I'm walking most of the way, and while I enjoy walking, it takes me awhile, especially after getting off work. So as it stands now, "Pretty Little Liars" & "Hannibal" will resume as regular reviews and I won't be taking much else on until I can get better acclimated to my schedule.

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Also, where I'm living now, the internet only works in one area of the house, and it's cumbersome to come home and write a review when I can't do it in the comfort of my own room, like I used to back home. Maybe a few paychecks down the line I'll be able to afford internet but as it stands now, nope and I'm trying to make due with what I got. Moving right along, I will be reviewing DC Comics Batman:The Court Of Owls story arc. It was mentioned that they (The Court Of Owls) will be featured in the 2nd Season of "Gotham". In short, I will just say that It sucked, and I'll expand on that when I do the review proper. But ultimately, I'm not looking forward to them being in "Gotham".

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*sigh* So much potential...

Now I'm going to gush for awhile so if you are NOT watching "The Blacklist", I suggest you check it out. I don't normally gush about things but when I do, I do. Credit where credit is due, I came late to "The Blacklist" and caught up thanks to Netflix. Despite the episodic nature of the show, it managed to keep my attention with interesting characters and an INCREDIBLE soundtrack (my goodness, that soundtrack). Although I was disappointed from the fallout of Season 1, after all when you have Peter Stormare and you don't use him to full capacity, SHAME ON YOU, the finale of Season 2 was perfect, especially with the choice of Elton John's "Rocket Man" being played in the background! Very few shows have the balls to alter the entire dynamic of the series and make you question things you thought were true and "The Blacklist" managed to do that very well. Hopefully, they don't blow this like they blew the fallout of Season 1, but I don't think they will. Can't wait for Season 3.

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"and I think it's gonna be a long,long time..."

Anyways, a show called "Mr. Robot" has been brought to my attention (thanks again, Guga). Not sure what to make of this one. While hacker culture has certainly been in the news, what with people like Eric Snowden, Julian Assange and groups like Anonymous, it's no small mystery why hacking is an interesting storytelling device. However, again, this seems like this would work much better in a movie format. This series will REALLY need to do something pretty awesome to stand the test of time. We'll see. Christian Slater hasn't had the best track record with television and while I love Rami Malek, this is his first step up as a main character. Hopefully, he does good. He's a fun actor. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

So that's everything going on with me. Now I gotta get to work. Here's a gif of one of "Grimm"'s WORST MOMENTS EVER! Why? Because it's a running joke between my wife & I. LOL. Later, kids.
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  1. Happy for you man. Sorry I don't do Facebook and dont have time to write my own reviews yet so this feels a little one-handed road. Best

    1. Totally agree about Mr Robot, they will have to really prove the can keep up, but the main actor did a great job. He convinced about doubting everything that he was seeing, but mad me believed he did all he did. C. Slater was a bit too cartoonish, for me... anyway, it is bringin in spountaneous attention in Brazil, and very quickly for such a low profile and not-talked about show.