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Hannibal S03E05 "Contorno" Review

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And I'm back for review #2 of 3 and this time it's "Hannibal". Before I go on, am I the only one who thinks this season is kinda weird? I don't know, something feels off and I'm not sure what I mean by that. Anyways, let's begin.

So Will & Chiyoh are on a train to go find Dr. Lecter and wouldn't you know it, Chiyoh tosses Will Graham overboard, is it weird that I had a feeling that someone was getting thrown overboard? I had a feeling Will was gonna throw her, but hrm. Not sure why exactly though, and that's one of the things I like about this show is the fact that nothing is spelled out for you, things are mentioned but never expanded upon. Chiyoh, I just can't quite make out what she's doing or who she plans to go after, did she toss Will off the train in order to kill Hannibal herself? Is she going to warn Hannibal about Will? What's going on between them?

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Some FBI Profiler tried to get me to capture Hannibal, GROUND!!

And speaking of what's going on between them, Alana has gotten real chummy with Mason Verger, to the point where she's buying silverware for Mason to enjoy Hannibal's torture and dismemberment. Let's be perfectly clear that Alana is 100% A-Okay with Hannibal being tortured and killed by Mason Verger, this of course makes Alana a criminal and just as bad as Hannibal but good gravy, why the sudden 180 in her character? Granted, Jack is going outside the law as well but he at least caught Hannibal in the act and what transpired between them could count as a citizen's arrest, but, such a MASSIVE turn in her character. She won't survive this obviously...

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Wait, the script says you're supposed to be dead, Alana.

Hannibal getting his ass practically handed to him by Jack Crawford was probably the most satisfying moment of this episode. I love Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal but watching him get pummeled was GREAT and he sold it perfectly. Hannibal is such a confident character that even in the midst of getting the snot kicked out of him he still has the audacity to crack one liners and talk sh*t, in a way it's admirable. But oddly enough Jack allowed Hannibal to escape without finishing the job. Strange but I suppose if Jack had killed him...ya know...crime and such.

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Oh, Hi, Jack, didn't see you there.

And I suppose that's the REAL issue with this show is that it seems like there are no more heroes, only people with agendas and shock of all shocks the person with the least horrible agenda is Dr. Chilton, who's just lookin' to make a few dollars off his misery, after all homeboy was left holding most of his organs and is now blind in one eye thanks to Dr. Lecter. Alana has gone completely psycho, Will has always been sort of psycho and Jack is out for revenge, and while Jack is still a law man, he's no longer with the bureau and if he kills Hannibal, he'll get a slap on the wrist but still...

Sadly, Inspector Pazzi was wasted. Granted anyone who saw the film knew his fate and it was handled pretty much with the same dark humor. But seeing as how this is a TV show, I was hoping they'd explore Pazzi a little bit more, really flesh him out and get us to like him before his bowls decorate the streets of Italy. Anyways, we've got 2 more episodes before we switch over to The Red Dragon stuff which I am REALLY excited to see. Will Hannibal be behind bars then? Will Will ever meet Molly? Maybe it's just me but this Season feels like it maybe trying to do too much at once. Those are my thoughts, let me know what you guys think and I'll see you at the table.

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