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Hannibal S03E06 "Dolce" Review

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Better late than never, right? Here was are with a review of the latest episode in the "Hannibal" series after the explosive events of the previous episode, Will Graham doing a shooting star press off a train courtesy of Chiyoh and Dr. Lecter getting his ass handed to him by Jack Crawford and The Vergers (specifically Mason) closing in on Hannibal, it was amazing to see what this episode has wrought with the carnage of the previous episode. We have SO much to get to, let's dive in.

First of all, this series has been nothing but an acid trip of food, love and hatred. The imagery and metaphors and subtle jabs with these characters have been turned up to 11 as nearly every character displays viciousness is some way or another. Staring off with the image of Hannibal slinking back home after having his ass kicked by Jack was delightful. Hannibal has all but accepted that this would be his end, which is weird, does he want to stop? It's almost as if Hannibal is organizing his own death. He's well aware Mason is after him, as is Will & Jack but instead of running or playing the sides against each other he's choosing to stay.

Also choosing to stay is Gillian Anderson's character Dr. Bedelia DeMaurier who, I imagine after witnessing how Hannibal works has learned from the master and presented as a victim The Polizia in order to save her reputation and survive Hannibal's wake. Oddly enough, I thought she was planning to commit suicide but if she had, she wouldn't be around to witness the aftermath of how her curiosity panned out, will Hannibal get caught or live to see another day. It seems that Hannibal has allowed Bedelia to escape him. He could have just as easily killed her to cover his tracks, but where would the fun be in that? It's true he had every intention of killing her but she beat him to the punch and worked out an alibi that'd play to his hand, in that case that seemed to be the better arrangement.

Speaking of arrangements, I LOVE the twist in Mason's scheme. In the films, Mason Verger planned to feed Hannibal to his pigs as revenge for his face, and while in the series Mason did indeed plan to do the same, the reasoning was for something very different. But now the series has made Mason much darker in that now he plans to BECOME Hannibal by consuming him. I have to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this turn of events as it makes Mason much more sadistic and more fascinated by Hannibal. But what does he have planned for Will Graham? After all Will was the reason Hannibal was able to escape in the first place and for that matter what happen to Jack? Hopefully that gets answered. What else is great is that Margot is still planning to assume The Verger fortune from her brother, with the help of her new lover Alana Bloom (which makes perfect sense, considering the 2 men in her life and pretty much hot for each other).

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This is a sex really, it is.

Looks like that although Alana is batting for the other team, she's still very much on the side of The FBI is using Mason to capture Hannibal. I'm still very doubtful she'll see her way through this but at least she's working with someone who can get something done. However, I don't see Margot's plan working all that well, Sperm Jacking Mason Verger is a different animal entirely. It'll be interesting to see just how this little drama unfolds, but I'm 100% certain, it'll be nowhere good.

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Also, Glenn Fleshner is WONDERFUL as Cordell.

Keeping with the idea of arrangements, Hannibal's last bit of unfinished business was The Last Supper between Will, Jack and himself, which is planned to recreate but instead of Jack being on the menu, it was Will Graham or more specifically Will Graham's brains. I have to give this show credit for mirroring the film "Hannibal" and using the iconic Ray Liotta scene. Also, I have to give them credit for working out Clarice by giving her lines to Alana to make her an integral part in Mason's scheme to acquire Hannibal. My question is, how exactly did Hannibal know Jack would show up? And what was Chiyoh planning to do? Was she there for Will, was she there for Hannibal? Why didn't she stop Jack? What exactly is going on with her? Who knows, but perhaps maybe we'll find out in the next episode.

Anyways, it was great getting Hannibal and Will back together again as the two of them had a bittersweet reunion and shared a laugh. The thing is that their infatuation with each other has forced them to become each other, or rather has forced Will to become Hannibal. Will even admits that he has taken on the guilt of Hannibal's crimes and I suppose that was the intention of the 2nd Season, in forcing Will to see the world through the eyes of Hannibal Lecter. The 2 of them have this strange relationship where they realize in order for one of them to exist the other must go but neither of them really wants the other to go. Hannibal plans to keep Will with him by eating him and Will plans to keep Hannibal with him by essentially becoming him. But ultimately Will can't because he recognizes that Hannibal is still the villain, and as much as Will can understand him, he still sees Hannibal for what he is, The Wendigo.

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So we were just talkin' and then this bitch just throws me off the train.

In order to them to truly forgive one another they have to remove each other from the equation and that requires death. As Will said , "I'm curious whether either of us can survive separation.". But who's separating from who and who is doing the separating. They're fine as long as they kill each other but with Mason entering the picture, neither of them are okay with. So it'll be interesting to see where things go from there and what Mason has planned for Will as well as Hannibal. Until next time kiddos, The Red Dragon approaches!!

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