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Hannibal S03E07 "Digestivo" Review

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What on earth can I say about "Digestivo" besides "What the F?" and seriously, "What the F?". Bryan Fuller has taken some liberties with the Hannibal Mythos but this just took the mythos and series in a place so dark and delicious my jaw dropped at almost every revelation. But I'm getting WAY ahead of myself, let's dive into "Digestivo" and embrace the madness.

As I mentioned before I love the twist of Mason wanting to eat Hannibal himself rather than feed him to the pigs. Ever since they blew that load in the previous Season, I was wondering where they'd take him this Season and Joe Anderson delivered as Mason in every possible way and this Mason Verger is far more insane and cruel than his film counterpart. Glenn Fleshler's Cordell was perfect, just on the edge of creepy and delightful. So let's dive into Mason's revenge before we get to real meat and potatoes. The first step in Mason's master plan was of course to eat Hannibal, but I was curious as to what he had planned for Will Graham and that was to steal his face. Steal Will Graham's face, I was none too keen on, but Mason Verger is insane and Will did pretty much sic Hannibal on Mason and when the actual surgery scene came, it was dealt with all the insane creepiness. Very well done.

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Less said about this, the better...

But attempted cannibalism and botched surgery the real jaw dropping moment for me was when in the depths of Mason's depravity he put a human baby inside a pig and allowed it to die. "The Surrogate Mother" scene for Margot was truly a new low and probably one of the most "Holy Sh*t, they totally went there!" moment for me I had ever seen. Not just because of the fact that it's a human baby inside a pig but just of the sheer emotional gravity of what all of that means. Mason rendered his sister barren by removing her ovaries and leaving her with a scar to remind her and then kept her eggs. Instead of actually doing something productive with them, Mason put them inside a pig and allowed it to gestate all to spite Margot...that's just wrong, wrong on every level.

That ghastly image aside, Mason's death is something I really wish would have been dealt with a little bit better. It seemed as though by all accounts Mason should've killed Margot, after all, he did have the gun. I just wish there was more gravitas to that death than having his own eel swim into his mouth and down his throat. Perhaps if this time Mason did fall into the pig pen or Margot allowed Mason to fall in, that'd be one thing. His death ultimately left me pretty unsatisfied. But nonetheless it did big a nice close to that story and a nice little victory for Margot. I also like the fact that Margot and Hannibal acknowledge that they ultimately have no beef with each other.

Alana was interesting this episode, in the previous episode I was under the impression that she had been working for The FBI all along as a way to capture Hannibal while at the same time catching Mason Verger. After all The Verger contract says nothing about Mason going to jail and who'd be in charge of the estate then? Pretty nice loophole you ask me. But no, Alana was actually down with Verger snacking on Hannibal. What she wasn't down with was Mason's stealing Will's face and with no one else to turn to, she asked Hannibal to protect Will and freed the beast. Once again, when he's in the clutches of his enemies, they just can't seem to finish the job. Hannibal did indeed promise to kill Alana, but his love for Will overrode that promise.

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Sperm Of Mason.

Ultimately, I really like Hannibal's relationship with Will, when only a few hours ago he was planning on killing him himself but Hannibal and ONLY Hannibal is allowed to kill Will and no one  else and that's really the sentiment I got from this moment. Alana knew that and used that as an out. They could kill Mason and have an excellent scapegoat to pin it on. Hannibal saving Will was pretty awesome as their circumstances have changed, and Will put on his glasses and started to look like his old self again and essentially broke up with Hannibal.

Not sure what woke Will up, maybe it was Hannibal's attempt to eat his brain or maybe it was the fact that he almost his face, either way, Hannibal & Will are done as friends. I ultimately believe Will when he said he's done with Hannibal. The only problem is Hannibal isn't done with Will and like any scorned Ex, Hannibal decided to linger by surrendering to The FBI so Will knows EXACTLY where Hannibal is at all times. Which is brilliant. Hannibal's fun is pretty much done and now he wants to sit down and enjoy where the Will Graham story goes. Not sure if there will be a timeskip in between this episode and "The Great Red Dragon" (there should be), but Will really needs time to move on from Hannibal.

In the end the real disappointment in this episode was Chiyoh. For a character from Hannibal's past who could shed some light on the monster we've all come to know and love he involvement in this arc was pretty much non-existent. Sure, she saved Jack Crawford but she didn't rescue Hannibal from Mason or anything else for that matter and we still don't quite know what her deal was, aside from the fact that she's protective of Hannibal. They really dropped the ball with her character but maybe, just maybe she's not done showing up. All in all this was an INSANE roller coaster ride of his jaw-dropping mindf*ckery of the deepest bowles of human depravity and it was glorious. We're coming up on "Red Dragon" in the next few episodes and I couldn't be more excited. Until next time!

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