Sunday, August 9, 2015

Copyright Hell!!

So as many of you probably noticed my Hannibal review for episode 9 is missing the pictures that I usually couple with my reviews. That's because a few days ago I received an e-mail from Google telling me that that particular review was in violation of copyright infringement. As such, I've been reluctant to write a review for Hannibal and I've been uninspired because this is the kind crap that'd happen to me on Youtube. I've seen people and other websites use videos, production stills, clips, trailers the whole nine yards without a single thing happening to them, meanwhile I damn near lost my entire channel for a song THAT I MADE MYSELF! This frustrates the crap outta me and is pretty much why I've consigned myself to the blog, less regulation, I'm more eloquent when I write and despite the fact that you people don't read, I actually enjoy writing and unlike Youtube, I don't have to wait for a blog to upload.

But now this Copyright bullsh*t is following me here! HERE! Of all places! How exactly are screenshots copy-written? Full disclosure, I do indeed download episodes online, the reason why is because we do not have digital TV here and digital TV has SUCKED ever since the conversion and I haven't been able to watch a single TV show on TV since then, not kidding. As such I have started downloading all the shows that I want to watch sans commercials. As such I will be getting DVD boxsets of all of them, the reason why I choose to download  them is for future potential review purposes and the ability to get screenshots. Even if I COULD watch them on TV, I'd still download the episode for the review, so this changes nothing.

People, I have looked into fair use, I have appealed to The Powers That Be and somehow, EVERYONE ELSE is able to show a trailer, clips, production still etc. EXCEPT FOR ME! So, I doubt I'll be finishing my reviews of "Hannibal", MAYBE I'll write a review for episode 10, sans pictures but as it stands now I'm just kinda pissed off about it and nervous. Until next time, catch ya later.

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