Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hannibal S03E09 "...and The Woman Clothed in Sun" Review

Sorry for the tardiness everyone, I'll be saying that a lot so get used to it. Unfortunately a lot of stuff was going down yesterday and I didn't quite get the time to sit down and really watch this episode, but I am here now and that's all that matters. A lot and yet not much happened last episode, we got introduced to Francis Dolarhyde and he's begun his transformation into The Red Dragon, Hannibal has been behind (what is it with putting lunatics in glass prisons?) for 3 years per the time skip and Will Graham is married with a step son, Walter (not Josh), and Alana has taken over for Dr. Chilton while the latter makes money as a true crimes novelist. Anyways, let's dive into this episode and see what we get.

This episode is already setting up some breadcrumbs to what the finale could possibly be, what with it returning to show just how Hannibal "killed" Abigail and how he managed to manipulate her into joining him. I just can't understand what this would be alluding to as these revelations seem out of place for this half of the season. In the latter half we actually had a hallucination of Abigail a reflective Hannibal & Will looking back at their time together. So how exactly do the Abigail flashbacks play into this half of the season? Guess we'll find out, but it was WONDERFUL seeing Kacey Rohl again and the banter she had with Mads was just too much.

I LOVE the inclusion of the memory palace and I love the fact that you're never quite sure who's memory palace you're in, although I think Will & Hannibal share the office, the memory palace quickly became Will's as they walked through the crime scene to recreate The Red Dragon's murders. So far there hasn't been much deviation away from the films and I'm hoping that Bryan Fuller does something interesting with material. Hannibal already indirectly threatened Alana, it'll be interesting to see where The Red Dragon goes. And the dragon's tail of Dolarhyde's just showcases the show's imagery of what we see as opposed to what they see. When Hannibal looked into the mirror he saw The Wendigo, when Will looked into the mirror he saw it cracked. Meaning that Hannibal knows exactly who he is, but Will doesn't.

Hannibal manages to get in some excellent one liners, including referencing Alana's lesbianism by asking how Margot is, who is raising a Verger baby. I doubt any of that will play into the story, but I am 100% certain Alana's a dead woman in some way shape and or form, Alana's gonna bite the dust. Ultimately, this episode was pretty standard and like all Hannibal episodes, its getting the ball rolling to something much larger and much more crazier and I can't wait to see Dolarhyde go full Red Dragon, they need the "You owe me awe.", and if he could give that speech to Freddie Lounds (who is back in all her soulless journalist beauty) that would be AWESOME! Really excited to see where this goes. Until then...

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