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STRANGE LOG: 9-12-2015

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Yeah it's been a minute, so allow me to enlighten you all on what's been going on here lately and what's been up. So as many of you may or may not know, I've moved from Michigan to Washington (the state, not D.C.). I've finally managed to get a job and the summer was BRUTAL for me as I was working full-time, but now that the school year has begun I'm back to working part-time and while I still get home late, I'm not SUPER tired and frustrated. Anyways, enough about me, let's dive into the updates.

So because the summer was BRUTAL, I haven't gotten around to seeing "Avengers: Age Of Ultron", Blasphemy, I know but if you were dealing with what I was dealing with, you wouldn't wanna leave the house either. But now I have some cash in my pocket and some time on Saturdays and I'm gonna try to turn Saturdays into movie days if/when there is a movie coming out that I want to see and at the moment there will be, "Spectre" anyone? So what does this mean? It means I'm gonna try to make a come back to Youtube eventually, I'll still be doing the movie reviews but I'm hoping to do some more serious videos dealing with recent topics and other things.

Since my "Copyright Hell" article, I haven't reviewed an episode of "Hannibal" and while I'm upset that I wasn't able to give you my immediate review of the final season, I am happy because it's given me time to (all puns intended) digest the final moments of that series and really decide how I feel about it and I will be getting that article out eventually. Speaking of reviews, I have NO clue if I'll be continuing with the "Pretty Little Liars" reviews, considering the mid-summer finale, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it or if there is any mystery left for the show to really dive in. Also with the sudden bait and switch of Season 7 being the final season but now I. Marlene King is talking about an 8th Season or possibly a TV Movie, it's just too much of a commitment. I have already arranged to review the next episode of "Pretty Little Liars" and from there I'll make my decision.

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Like I said, The summer was BRUTAL and previously I had to jump through hoops to use the internet but now I have MY OWN internet which means I can basically write these reviews whenever I please, so be on the look out for my Strange Reviews of the following movies: "Project Almanac", "Exam", and "Coherence".  Just lately, I haven't been watching as many movies as I have been in the past, which really wasn't many to begin with but whatever. Anyways on to other updates.

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Yes, Project Blue is something I've briefly mentioned on Facebook without much information, just informing people that Project Blue is coming soon, I will say it has something to do with my eventual return to Youtube. Let's just say, Project Blue is a HUGE project that I've been working on for awhile and I'm in the stages of making that project become a reality. When it officially launches, I'll let you all know. I think those are all of the updates I can muster. I will have a review of the game "Until Dawn", NO, I haven't played it but I watched the story mode and let's just say the mechanics impress greatly but the story is lacking and I'll explain when I review it. That being said "Until Dawn" has piqued my interest in "Heavy Rain" and with it begin a video game about a Serial Killer and all, SIGN ME UP! So if I get my hands on it, I'll give you lot a review of that as well. Anyways, here's a GIF of The Undertaker mocking Brock Lesnar, why? Cause THAT FACE!
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