Saturday, December 22, 2012

The (Female) Character Controversy: Appearance Isn't Everything

Welcome back to The Female Character Controversy, where I handle the topic of appearance. What do I have to say about it and how can we fix it, well let's dive in. So I remember awhile back I was reading or was it watching...not really sure, either way I remember a very interesting argument being made regarding the character She-Hulk. The argument basically asked, Why is it that She Hulk looks like...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The (Female) Character Controversy: Stereotypes

So we're back and it's time once again for The Female Character Controversy! In this article I'm going to talk about the various stereo-type roles Female characters fall into and how writers can avoid or manipulate these stereo-types. I should start off by saying that not ALL stereo-types are bad. After all certain tropes exist for a reason, most tropes exist as an exaggerated reflection of reality and therefore are just re-affirming things we already know. Prime example, Men are physically stronger than women, that is a statement supported by fact, the trope however leads us to images like...

Monday, December 17, 2012

The (Female) Character Controversy: Introduction

"Women should be owners of their own bodies and should be able to dress slutty do they want, women shouldn’t be sluts be respected business women, women should be treated equal with men, women should have special attention because stuff is harder for them, women shouldn’t accept the extra help because they should be self-sufficient and independent, women shouldn’t be portrayed as clothes crazy cause that’s a stereo-type, women should be allowed to be clothe crazy as that shows they are proud to be women WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"- Sofie

I saw this posted on a blog by a Danish reviewer named Sofie and I thought it summed up A LOT of my reasons for not completely feeding into the "Feminist" movement. After reading her post (which is linked above) and agreeing with some (not all) of her points I decided that it was high time I added my 2 cents in this discussion as a writer and artist myself, so this one is for you ladies..All two of you...