Saturday, December 22, 2012

The (Female) Character Controversy: Appearance Isn't Everything

Welcome back to The Female Character Controversy, where I handle the topic of appearance. What do I have to say about it and how can we fix it, well let's dive in. So I remember awhile back I was reading or was it watching...not really sure, either way I remember a very interesting argument being made regarding the character She-Hulk. The argument basically asked, Why is it that She Hulk looks like...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dexter Season 7: The Season That Wasn't...

So in the midst of the ass that was Season 7 of "Dexter", I decided to express my thoughts on the way I would have done this season! As a preamble, I am foregoing the addition of sub-plots and so on just so I can make things go much faster as this is a LONG article as it is. Some of the same plot points happen here, such as Speltzer (The Minotaur Dude) and so on, but I'm changing a LOT of stuff. So join me if you will for "Dexter: Season Seven"...Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The (Female) Character Controversy: Stereotypes

So we're back and it's time once again for The Female Character Controversy! In this article I'm going to talk about the various stereo-type roles Female characters fall into and how writers can avoid or manipulate these stereo-types. I should start off by saying that not ALL stereo-types are bad. After all certain tropes exist for a reason, most tropes exist as an exaggerated reflection of reality and therefore are just re-affirming things we already know. Prime example, Men are physically stronger than women, that is a statement supported by fact, the trope however leads us to images like...

Monday, December 17, 2012

The (Female) Character Controversy: Introduction

"Women should be owners of their own bodies and should be able to dress slutty do they want, women shouldn’t be sluts be respected business women, women should be treated equal with men, women should have special attention because stuff is harder for them, women shouldn’t accept the extra help because they should be self-sufficient and independent, women shouldn’t be portrayed as clothes crazy cause that’s a stereo-type, women should be allowed to be clothe crazy as that shows they are proud to be women WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"- Sofie

I saw this posted on a blog by a Danish reviewer named Sofie and I thought it summed up A LOT of my reasons for not completely feeding into the "Feminist" movement. After reading her post (which is linked above) and agreeing with some (not all) of her points I decided that it was high time I added my 2 cents in this discussion as a writer and artist myself, so this one is for you ladies..All two of you...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Strange Review SPECIAL: The Twilight Zone Movie


"Halloween Horror" Month continues with "The Twilight Zone Movie". This episode was rendered and re-rendered SO MANY times because I just couldn't get the masking to remain hidden, hopefully I did the best job I could with it and I'm happy about it, so ENJOY!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wonder Woman Gets The "Smallville" Treatment and Lobo Might Get A Movie ?

So not too long ago it was announced that Warner Bros./DC Entertainment was in talks of doing a Lobo movie with The Rock starring as the titular character. This announcement left MANY of us stunned and at a loss for words because...out of the MANY DC characters who should have gotten movies LONG time ago (Wonder Woman aside) The Flash, Captain Marvel, Aquaman (just to name a few) Warner Bros./DC decided that Lobo is what the fans want...

Oh yeah, I smell dollar signs.

There are a multitude of reasons why this is a HORRIBLE idea but allow me to list just a few (I know, ONLY A FEW?!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Strange Review SPECIAL: Take Shelter

For those of you who've been reading this blog, you know that I have a list of movies that I MUST see! Well today I finally got to check one of those off this list, so today on this SPECIAL edition of "The Strange Review" we're gonna take a look at "Take Shelter"! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Dream "Dark Tower" Cast


For those of you who have been following this blog, you should know that I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, and have been reading his his books for awhile (via audiobooks) and I am all set and ready for the "Dark Tower" movie...unfortunately that movie was scrapped (once again) but anyways I'm gearing up to read "Carrie" so I can be prepared for the reboot starring Chloe Grace Moretz. Yes, I have seen the original but it's been a LONG time since then. At any rate, since "Dark Tower" was cancelled I decided to come up with MY CAST for a "Dark Tower" movie.

Honestly Javier Bardem is an excellent choice, but in all honesty Sean Bean is an INCREDIBLE actor and a beast of a man. His British accent would add mystique to Roland's already otherworldly being. Sean Bean looks like a man whose been rode hard and hung up wet, much like Roland. Plus this would be one of the very few roles where he doesn't die! Honestly, Sean Bean gets killed in EVERYTHING...then again, so does Samuel L. Jackson.

JGL playing a heroin addict ? The boy is already rocking some serious Billy Kidman swag so HELL YEAH! But lately, JGL has proven that he is an actor of all trades, he can do comedy, drama, action, and all points in between. A joke telling, foul mouthed, heroin user like Eddie Dean would be a proper challenge for JGL that I think he'd tackle with the same gusto and bravado that got him where he is today.

Zoe Saldana come on the scene in the 2009 "Star Trek" and "Avatar", so she's quickly becoming the go to girl for an African American female in Sci-Fi stories, and honestly, can you blame them, the chick is hot. But I digress. Zoe got chops and I'm pretty sure she can handle the psychotic and Foul mouthed Southern wisdom of Susannah Dean. It'd be interested to see how she interacts with the character of Susannah since she has not legs, and the split personality will add a whole new level of depth to Ms. Saldana's acting, but I'm sure she can handle it. Rumor had it that Jennifer Carpenter was discussed in playing Susannah, I love Jennifer Carpenter BUT Susannah being African American is a PLOT POINT in the books and therefore having her played by a White Actress would be very insulting, not only to the author's intentions for the character BUT to the many Black actresses that are able to play her character.

This is upsetting because I REALLY liked him in "Super 8", but by the time a "Dark Tower" movie is made, he'll be 1,000 and too old to play the part. Sure, Jake is supposed to be much younger (roughly 11), but considering how mature Jake acts, having a 14 year old act 11 while still maintaining their maturity isn't too far-fetched. Jake is supposed to be blonde haired with blue eyes, unfortunately not too many child actors fit that description these days and besides, Hollywood has gotten around hair and eye color issues before. Personally, if a dark haired boy ends up playing Jake, you won't hear a peep out of me.

I can't tell you all how much I love Jeremy Sisto. I can't remember where I saw him but even since then I have been a huge fan of his. Jeremy Sisto is the embodiment of menacing. It's his off-center grin and his low-hanging brow that adds expression to his face. Not to mention his voice is smooth as silk and yet rough like sliding gravel. He looks like a man who can charm the pants off you one minute and murder you the next, and that's the kinda person I think of when I imagine Randall Flagg. Randall Flagg has a much larger role in "The Stand" but here in "The Dark Tower", Randall Flagg is more of an elusive douche bag who taunts Roland at every turn. Thankfully Jeremy Sisto can do that too. I have an on going joke that David Draiman has The Voice of God and Jeremy Sisto has The Voice of Satan.

He did it once and he can do it again! In all seriousness, when I was reading the book, James Cromwell is IMMEDIATELY who I thought of, because I saw him in "24" playing Jack Bauer's dad. All in all James Cromwell has that look of a hardcore, disillusioned priest. Not much I can say about him, except if James Cromwell won't do it again, John Lithgow is the man to see, that man can do anything.

Michael C. Hall providing the voice for an artificial intelligent homicidal monorail with a god has this NOT happened yet? Michael C. Hall's deadpan, Dexter voice overs would fit perfectly with the riddle loving monorail. Michael C. Hall's voice over work is impressive, as he can remain monotone and still retain all the emotional intensity of a screaming baby. Providing this skill for a machine would be PERFECT! I REALLY hope they make this happen.

Anyways these are MY picks for a Dark Tower cast, lemme know yours! =D

4 Actors Who Should Play Serial Killers

So as you all know I LOVE "Dexter", looking forward to Season 7 and I love me a good serial killer story. Not too long ago, I watched an episode of "Criminal Minds" (which I haven't seen before, but I knew about), anyways the episode in question was titled "Masterpiece" and it starred the ALWAYS excellent Jason Alexander as a hyper intelligent serial killer. I have ALWAYS said that comedic actors usually make the BEST dramatic actors, most notably Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx and a few others. So I got to thinking about a few actors that I'd like to see transition into playing serial killers. Which is weird but none the less, here's my list!

Isn't it time David Spade made his transition into being a dramatic actor, after all, he's starting to look like Gary Oldman in "The 5th Element" nowadays and his sarcastic snark can only be tolerable for a few more years before it starts to look very awkward. In all seriousness, I love David Spade and I think beneath all that sarcasm is some dead eyed Norman Bates type mofo lurking in there. Hopefully, a director will get ambitious enough and see it. Think about it, David Spade running after someone naked with a chainsaw...worked for Christian Bale.

This was attempted in "Predators" and I appreciate it, but he should have been the star of the show. I make it no secret that I absolutely love Topher Grace (SHUT UP!! I FIND HIM RELATE-ABLE!) and personally thanks to his character on "That 70's Show" I was convinced that Topher Grace could play a REAL bastard if he wanted to. Quite frankly after watching "Pathology", the role of Dr. Jake Gallo would have been the best place for Topher to reveal his inner psychopath. Unfortunately, until someone sees the potential of this young man I'll just have to settle for "Predators". Damnit.

Can you honestly say there's something creepier than a physically imposing, ghostly white, balding man looming over you? Yeah, didn't think so. Jim Gaffigan would be PERFECT for a Buffalo Bill-esque type serial killer or even better, Trinity. John Lithgow no doubt made that role what it is because of his size and expressions, Jim Gaffigan has both and could work very easily into something like that. Not to mention his dead-pan yet oddly expressive voice could add extra skin-crawl to his creepiness. But that's only if they find a director who'd be willing to look past the "Ha-Ha" and go deeper.

This is kinda of a personal one because I have ALWAYS been a fan of female serial killers (fictional, not real) As it stands The Miniature Killer is still my favorite (and the only one I can think of for that matter)...although her being hot certainly helps her keep that spot. Brit Marling has proven that not only is she an incredible actress, but she's an amazing writer. It'd be my dream come true for her to play some kinda deranged psychopath, something along the lines of "Funny Games" meets "The Strangers". Brit Marling has the acting range to be EXTREMELY horrifying by doing very little, and if she ends up in a movie like that, you bet your ass I'd watch it !!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movies I MUST See!!

Somewhere in the beginning of the year, I usually post a list of movies coming out that year that I wanna see and make it my resolution to see those movies. BUT more recently Indie flicks have been coming at me with a vengeance and I've discovered 3 indie flicks that I MUST see VERY soon. Check'em out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Response To The Spoony One Re: The Cabin In The Woods

So this is quite a different article for me, I am writing this article as a response to another reviewer, namely The Spoony One of The Spoony Experiments. So this article is more or less a direct letter to him, HOWEVER it also is worthy of discussion and I figured I'd share it with the rest of you. Before I start I'd like to preamble this by saying I have the utmost respect for Spoony and his opinion. The mark of a true critic is to be able to accept a critique of their criticism. And as a critic myself I'd hope that anyone with an opposing view would be more than willing to discuss it with me. That's what we call mutual respect in our field when our disagreements is what bring us together. And with all that being said let's dive in...


I am NOT a Joss Whedon fan by ANY stretch of the imagination, quite frankly I LOATHE the whole of his work from "Buffy", to "Angel" (except for the last 5 episodes), and yes, I even dislike "Firefly", I didn't give "Dollhouse" a shot at ALL, and I am more than less inclined to read any of his runs on ANY comic book yes, I am NOT coming at this from the perspective of some Doe eyed Joss Whedon fanboy who thinks the man craps gold nuggets. I'm saying all of this to say that the irony of my coming to his defense isn't lost on me and it really shows my dedication to my opinion and my somewhat unbiased way of looking at things.

I was present during your Livestream broadcast when you were discussing the movie because you were the first person who expressed a dislike of the movie, so that had me very interested in what you had to say, and while I understand and accept that you dislike the movie (which I don't care if you like it or hate it), I think you dislike it for the wrong reasons and I'm here to explain why I think that and where I think you're wrong.

For starters, I don't think you were aware of what exactly it was you were watching. This is NOT that old argument of "You expected too much.", No, what I'm saying has proof based on something you tweeted that prove my point.

 Those tweets above prove my point and I'll explain why. I think you took the movie WAY more seriously than the movie took it's self. "The Cabin In The Woods" is essentially the "Austin Powers" of scary movies. There's a scene in "Austin Powers" where Dr. Evil reveals he has a Time Machine and plans to steal Austin's mojo to which Scott replies "Why don't you just shoot him?" and Dr. Evil IMMEDIATELY dismisses the suggestion. That is the PERFECT summary of "The Cabin In The Woods". Basically what I'm saying is it's supposed to be EXTREMELY convenient in a way that real life wouldn't be.

The humor in "Austin Powers" was the fact that Dr. Evil COULD have killed Austin Power EASILY but didn't based on COMPLETELY illogical reasons, which in turn is based on the convenience of James Bond villains having NUMEROUS opportunities to kill James Bond only for him to escape by luck or the villain's own hubris. Dr. Evil was merely an exaggeration of that. Because think about it, in no SERIOUS movie would a bad guy NOT kill his mortal enemy in the past IF they had the ability to do so. In the same way, "The Cabin In The Woods" no SERIOUS movie would have a Purge Button just conveniently laying around for ANYONE to press on accident or purposefully, it'd be too stupid...but I'm telling you "The Cabin In The Woods" is NOT a serious movie. It's a parody.

Of course you'd expect me to bring up the "SCREAM" series, since "SCREAM" is also a parody, however let's first examine what a parody is:


parody (plural parodies)
  1. A work or performance that imitates another work or performance with ridicule or irony.

The irony found in "SCREAM" was the meta-fictional references made by the character of Randy Meeks and his understanding of "The Rules", which the movie disregarded, Sidney lost her virginity and managed to survive all 4 movies. And there are plenty more ways "SCREAM" was ironic, as noted in my "SCREAM" retrospective video. I know you think "SCREAM" is over rated and I respect that but you can't deny that it works as a parody. Simply because it takes it's self seriously enough to know exactly WHAT it's parodying and how to be it's own movie in and of it's self. BUT let's be 100% clear here, "SCREAM" and "The Cabin In The Woods" are HORROR movies, despite being parodies they have to adhere to the formula of horror movies, which means people have to die is pretty gorey ways.

"Your core audience expects it" 
-Randy Meeks "Scream 2"

Imagine if you were watching "Austin Powers" and it suddenly shoe-horned a reference to "Sixteen Candles" in it...that'd be strange because "Austin Powers" is a parody of the spy genre, so you'd expect Spy things to be going on: Evil organization, Espionage, Government organizations, some kind of MacGuffin, ect. ect. You would NOT expect a random reference to "Juno" or some Dancing movie. In the same way with a horror parody you'd expect something that's in the genre of horror to appear.

Secondly the only way to successfully pull off a parody to call attention to moments where the logic breaks down and mock it by use of elaborating on why it fails. There's an AMAZING scene in "Goldmember" when Nigel Powers fights off Dr. Evil's guards and finally when faced with the last man standing Nigel Powers began to ridicule the guard, pointing out that he doesn't even have a name tag and he should merely lay down and play dead, which the guard did so. You know what we call that ? PLOT CONVENIENCE!!

In a SERIOUS movie Plot Convenience is a BIG NO-NO! Because in a Serious movie the plot has to logically follow with the choices and intelligence of the characters. However in a Parody this can be skewed in order to create an effect where humor is derived. In the case of "The Cabin In The Woods" (which is a horror movie) the effect wasn't to create humor but was rather to create MORE blood, guts and gore. Think about it, can you think of ANY reason why that scene was in the movie other than showcasing the many monsters they had in their showcase ? The Elevator Scene was supposed to be a blood, guts and gore fest of epic proportions and the effect was achieved, all through the device of parody plot convenience. 

In a SERIOUS movie, no such scene and button would exist, and the stoner wouldn't survive. Which brings me to your next objection, that the movie had no consistent tone. Once again, if this were a serious movie you'd be 100% correct but since this is a parody, you're 100% wrong. The movie, in my opinion didn't shift in tone at all, it maintained the steady of concept of misdirection and impending dread, all of which are offered with winks and nods. By that I mean we knew EXACTLY what we were paying for the second we sat down to watch the movie, these characters are gonna get slaughtered viciously so sit back and enjoy the show. That was the tone. 

I hate to use this example because I have nothing but loathing for pornography, but when the pizza boy shows up at the door you know eventually he's gonna be banging the chick he delivered to, all you have to do is sit back and wait for what you KNOW is gonna happen. If you expect something different to happen, then that's really your fault, not the fault of the movie. Because the movie never pretended to be anything else, after all the opening scene explained EVERYTHING and the movie NEVER attempted to deny what was going on. So how could it NOT have a consistent tone when the tone is set in the opening scene and maintained throughout the film?

Finally, you mentioned that movie attempted to do a "Banality of Evil" thing, which I think you're wrong on that regard, the movie wasn't about the "Banality of Evil" but rather the "Evil of Banality". Meaning, our view of what constitutes horror has become SO cliche, SO simple, SO average, SO watered down that there has been NOTHING in the way or revitalizing it. Just about ALL horror movies fit the blueprint laid out in "The Cabin In The Woods", so much so that we IMMEDIATELY know which characters gonna die, which character's gonna live. Let's face it, horror movies haven't been interesting because of that simple fact. The Control Room characters essentially represent us and our own callousness to the situations, we've become desensitized to scary movies because we know what to expect, in the same way they did. The characters were gonna get killed one by one, their job was to make it happen and our job was to simply watch and enjoy.

It was much like watching a writer write a horror movie and witnessing it all come together. But let's face it, this is an old and tired "ritual" that hasn't changed since it's inception. Which is what "The Cabin In The Woods" was about. "The Cabin In The Woods" was MADE a cliche on purpose to point out the fact that the horror genre hasn't changed. The reason being is because writers want to play it safe and gives us the tried and true method that has always worked, HOWEVER in reason inside the movie was because if they didn't follow the "ritual" the world would end.


"In The Mouth Of Madness" was a serious movie. Deconstructions are observations and poignant commentaries like "Watchmen" was a deconstruction of the Superhero genre. "In The Mouth Of Madness"  (at least to me) was more of a psychological thriller as opposed to a horror movie, to me it felt more like a commentary on reality, madness and what's real and what's not, all of which are valid questions for a SERIOUS movie. "The Cabin In The Woods" was one BIG FAT JOKE. Joss Whedon wasn't saying "There are cliche's in horror movies, isn't that clever?!" No, instead he was saying "There are cliche's in horror movies and here's why.".


And that to me is the clever part of the movie, the fact that it acknowledge that it was appealing to cliches BUT it gave us a REASON why these cliches were happening. It explained WHY Jules wanted to f*ck everything in sight, it explained WHY the characters wanted to split up despite that being the DUMBEST idea ever in a situation like that. Furthermore, like ALL parodies, the voice of reason is essentially ignored and silenced for most of the film (ie, The Stoner) as a parallel to Scott Evil who could only suggest what his father should do with his Time Machine but could not take action himself. "The Cabin In The Woods" provided us with an in story reason WHY the characters were acting so stupidly, which is more than what ANY horror has done, hence why I applaud it.

Spoony, I understand that you don't like this movie and I'm not here to persuade you to like it, however I am hoping that I at least provided some sound rebuttals to your points made about the movie and at least explained why I think you're wrong. Once again I greatly respect you and you're opinion and am very much so looking forward to your final "Ultima 9" video. 

-Strange Out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Power Rangers: RPM Review

Okay, so I know I've toggled back and forth on doing a video or text review of this series, but I ultimately decided on doing a text review (yes, you have to read, SUCK IT UP!). With all that being said, let's dive into this series. "Power Rangers: RPM".

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Continuing Fail Of DC Comics

Words cannot express how frustrated I am with the current state of affairs at DC comics. But more perplexing is that Warner Bros. is somehow under the impression that they can get a Justice League movie going.

Give it up, it won't happen.

The focus on this article is the fact that Warner Bros. is ONCE AGAIN attempting to come out with a Wonder Woman movie. I should note that for all of you people saying Joss Whedon should do it (which despite my issues with him I completely agree) Whedon was already offered the project a LONG time and backed out due to creative differences, so I doubt if DC came crawling to Joss Whedon now he'd jump on the project, they had their chance...and I doubt he'd be able to hear them over the sound of his own ego...but I digress.

It turns out that the moron who gave us "Green Lantern" is going to write the Wonder Woman, which leads me to bring up that awful "Wonder Woman" TV show pilot that was SO awful it didn't see the light of day. I should also note that the TV show was written by the same guy who gave us "Ally McBeal" so OF COURSE he'd be able writing a believable story  about an Amazonian warrior princess...

Words cannot express the epic FAIL this pilot was.

But even still I have to ask the question JUST WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE?! Are studio executives SO dense that they think we can't see how transparent of a ploy this is? I suppose I answered my own question, "YES! They are that dense." But even still they'd have to know that a Justice League movie WITH NO build up MIGHT do okay in the box office BUT to do as well as The Avengers THEY'D HAVE TO GET THE BASICS RIGHT and unfortunately DC/Warner Bros. HAS NOT.

"Green Lantern" was DC's first attempt at branching out with a different character, they had a GREAT director Martin Campbell who gave us The new James Bond films, writers who didn't seem bad on paper, but the cast was AWFUL, the script was terrible and rushed and the film was unfocused. What I'm saying is it wasn't a bad movie on it's own merit, it was a bad movie because nobody involved in the project knew what they were dealing with. Marvel's strategy has ALWAYS been putting the fans first and the general audience second and "Avengers" proved that.

I haven't seen "Thor" or "Iron-Man 2" and I barely remember either "Hulk" movies BUT I was able to keep up with the movie perfectly (granted I am a comic book fan so that helped) but I am 100% sure that the general public wasn't scratching their heads and going "Huh? Who's that ? What's going on ?" every 5 seconds, because "Avengers" took it's time to build up certain aspects of the movie and why not, they had 5 MOVIES TO DO IT IN! A "Justice League" movie coming out of left-field is probably the dumbest thing DC/Warner Bros. can do, because there is NO build up, NO continuity, and NO pre-established characters. This has all been said but I need to say it because this is seriously Financial suicide.

Marvel took a MAJOR calculated risk and was rewarded, DC/Warners Bros. just wants to go from Zero to 60 without doing due diligence. On other fronts however DC is cranking out TV shows, namely, "Arrow", CW's answer to filling the "Smallville" void. However, Green Arrow had to ride on the coat tails of Superman in order to gain popularity, I love Green Arrow, but I doubt he'll be able to gain popularity by himself.

I'd like to say you look promising but...

Only time will tell but unfortunately NO one at DC/Warner Bros. have their heads on straight in regards on how to execute their films properly. EVERYONE can tell that they're quickly trying to crank out a "Justice League" movie in order to compete with Marvel and that's their FIRST problem. They have to accept the fact that they lost and pay attention to the fans. The opportunity to do a Justice League movie has sailed away A LONG time ago, and with the prospect of this upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie being pretty awful, it looks like that opportunity won't return anytime soon. DC maybe it's time you guys hung it up and stuck to animated films. Because in terms of a "Justice League" movie I'll probably have the following reaction:

Monday, June 4, 2012


DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Every time I open my heart!! I try not to throw fits of rage on my blog, mostly because I don't feel like constantly re-pasting The "F" Word over and over. And believe me, I was having myself a fine fit of nerd rage when I received this bit of news. It was officially stated that NBC's newest show "Awake" has been cancelled. This has effectively turned me off of NBC for awhile. I tried to rock with NBC, but they just haven't been in the way of picking winners as far as TV shows are concerned, "Awake" was an exception.

You have a're on NBC

But honestly, NBC has been dropping one load after another in the drama department. It made a MAJOR attempt with "Heroes" which overstayed it's welcome for 3 Seasons..."The Event" was getting dumber and dumber by the episode, plus with the apparently lame Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde wanna-be "Do No Harm", cheap ass un-welcomed "Dexter" rip-off that will be "Hannibal" The TV series and "Infamous" a murder mystery with Megan Good as the lead actress doesn't bode well for NBC's "Must-See TV" Hour.


"Awake" was a show that was just too smart for NBC and frankly I blame NBC's promotion, or lack thereof. "Awake" was a VERY smart and new series that was borderline "Inception" awesome and didn't dumb it's self down for the viewer and it only got better with each episode...much like another show that NBC unfortunately knifed in the back...

We hardly knew ye...

It just makes me wonder what else is NBC gonna screw up and frankly, I'm over NBC, I'll still watch their shows but any show of theirs that look remotely good I'll do my best not to get attached...because I know how it'll end. Thankfully, "Awake's" series finale ended VERY well and I think for the most part gave us good closure on the series as well as what's going to happen next, which I have a few guesses. Either way, I raise my glass to you "Awake", You were the best new show this year and your reign ended too soon, however I'd rather see you end now than become stupid in the long run. May your Boxset sales be OFF the charts!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Power Rangers: Mystic Force Review

Howdy ya'll, it's me with another blog, this time a positive one (for a change). For those of you who don't know I am a HUGE Power Rangers Fan. I, like many of you, was a Power Rangers Pure-ist (which means that I think ALL other teams pale in comparison to the first team).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rita & Lord Zedd Theory...

So for those of you who don't know I'm a HUGE "Power Rangers" fan. I've recently gotten into the latter series thanks to Linkara's History Of The Power Rangers series and if you haven't checked it out, I strongly recommend that you do. I myself am currently watching and enjoying "Mystic Force". But this is NOT the purpose of this blog, for my Power Rangers fans out there you all will remember that in the exciting conclusion of The Zordon Era, "Countdown To Destruction", The Z-Wave destroyed ALL of the Power Ranger bad guys, except for Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Divatox. This has left many fans wondering just WHY they were transformed into humans instead of destroyed. Well allow me to share my theory!

If you all remember Astronema, the hot villain of "Power Rangers: In Space" You'll remember that she is from a space colony of humanoid beings called KO-35, also the home of Red Ranger Andros. Considering that Power Rangers has a multitude of humanoid characters (Zordon, Rita, Divatox, Andros...ect.ect..) it would only be logical to assume that these characters have similar origins. This isn't without in-series support considering Andros tells the rangers that Earth is NOT the only planet with human life.  So we have a planet of humanoids KO-35 and not to mention Dimitria's home world of Inquiris.

Now keeping all of that in mind, both Astronema and Divatox were victims of kidnappings. Dimitria said that she had a twin sister who was kidnapped (and considering Divatox was transformed into a being similar to Dimitria is "Countdown To Destruction", it would only be logical to assume that Divatox is the aforementioned sister).
Twin sisters...both equally annoying...

Astronema, in a like manner was kidnapped by Darkonda and given to Ecliptor to raise. Astronema is the sister of the Red Ranger Andros. Keep all of that in mind. Now considering the appearance of Master Vile and Rito Revolto, it'd only be logical to question just HOW exactly is Rita related to them when she is in fact humanoid, furthermore why is it that THEY were destroyed when Rita was merely transformed?
Oh yeah, they're totally related...

The logical conclusion would be that Rita was NOT actually related to them and was a victim of kidnapping herself (again this is NOT without precedent). What I'm getting at is that possibly Rita was from KO-35 or Eltar herself. Considering Zordon is a wizard, I'd imagine Eltar is a place where magic reigns. And Zordon has been known to travel the galaxy (hence why KO-35 knows about him).
Original form possibly ?

As for Lord Zedd, I'm assuming that Zedd was once an Eltarian or KO-35 being as well and eventually fell prey to dark magic which altered his form completely (hence why Zedd requires tubes and potions to recharge his energy).
Original form possibly...but why he's dressed like Mr. Rogers is anyone's guess...

Either way this seems to be a more than logical explanation why Lord Zedd & Rita were transformed rather than destroyed. Let me know what you guys think and I'll catch you all later!! PEACE!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Foolishness Of Remakes

So I gotta go to work in a bit but I felt the need to write this blog now because it was on my mind and apparently I'm at my most analytical and eloquent in the wee hours of the morning. What's on the docket today? Why it's our old pal Reboots...but this time in the form of Remakes. Haven't I already hammered this topic to the ground? Well obviously not well enough if I feel like I have to address it again. So let's get to why I'm talking about this topic once again.

So as we all know, "21 Jump Street" just came out and I think it's receiving positive reviews (I haven't bothered to check the stats). Now, being a 90's kid I vaguely remember the original "21 Jump Street" TV show, so when I heard that Hollywood was bringing this idea to the big screen, I was interested. After all it's quite a novel concept, youthful undercover police officers bringing down young criminals.

Kinda like a combination of these two movies.

When Channing Tatum was announced as being apart of the cast, I was apprehensive BUT dude was in enough fighting movies and he was in G.I. Joe, so having Channing Tatum playing an undercover cop was something that'd be right up his alley. But when Jonah Hill was announced I raised an eyebrow, I was thinking to myself "Holy crap, Jonah Hill doing some serious acting?! This could be awesome.". And when I heard Jonah was slimming down for the role, I was 100% sure this was going to be Jonah Hill transition into being a dramatic actor. After all, I'm a firm believer that comedians make some of the best dramatic actors (but that's neither here or there). The point is I was expecting this movie to be a very serious drama...and why wouldn't I? BECAUSE THE ACTUAL SERIES WAS A DRAMA! So when I saw the trailer I faceplam'd HARD!

Overused BUT for good reason...

Now, let me preamble this by saying that I am NOT saying the movie sucks, I have not (nor do I have any interest in seeing) seen the movie and therefore cannot judge it as a movie. But I'm not judging it as a movie, I'm judging it by the work it shares it's name with and compared to that it fails miserably! Oh but Ugo, aren't you being too harsh ? After all it should be able to stand on it's own merits. If that were the case then why not just make this an original movie instead of attaching it to a series it has nothing to do with other than sharing it's name.

Let me spell it for you guys, basically what I'm saying is, why call this "21 Jump Street" if it doesn't match the tone of the work it's based on? "21 Jump Street" was NOT a comedy (sure it had it's comedic moments, most series do) but it was a drama...however "21 Jump Street" the movie is a straight-up comedy through and through. And there's nothing wrong with comedy...but "21 Jump Street" was NEVER a why turn it into one?

I'm waiting for answers...

I mean pardon me for expecting them to at least try and match the source material, it's only IN THE FRIGGIN' TITLE! I don't mind them having new characters and all that jazz, but I DO care about staying true to the source material. "21 Jump Street" the movie could have EASILY been a drama. They could have stuck with the premise of trying to bring down a high school drug dealer and at the same time addressed some REAL teenage issues like: Suicide, Depression, Bullying and many others. I'm not saying it has to be a big screen P.S.A but I mean SOMETHING that'd link it to the seriousness of the series.  My idea is that you have the 2 cops, one of them WAS a bully back in his high school days but has long since grew out of his bullying ways, and when he sees a bully picking on a kid, he takes no time in stepping in and setting things right. A gesture as simple as that goes a long way. Or maybe one of the cop was picked on a lot, and notices a kid who looks as if he's possibly carrying a weapon and discovers that this kid plans to shoot up the school.

Instead we get Beer kegs and "put your tongue back in your mouth"...Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Again, I'm not saying this movie sucks, I'm just saying why call it "21 Jump Street"...why not call it "High school Undercover" or something along those lines. Because aside from having the "21 Jump Street" name attached to's nothing like it. So again...why do this?

In alike manner I must address Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's recent love affair, "Dark Shadows". My brother and I used to watch "Dark Shadows" back in the day. Not religiously, we were very young at the time and I hardly remember an episode BUT I do remember Barnabas Collins and I do remember watching it frequently enough to be familiar with the gist of the show. This used to come on early mornings before "The Addams Family" (it was some kinda monster marathon thing they had goin'). Anyways, I remember "Dark Shadows" being serious in tone. Of course it was a soap opera in the 60's, it was cheesy and over the top at times BUT it nonetheless took it's material seriously enough to maintain it's drama .

I DO remember this though...this was pretty awesome.

"Dark Shadows" was like old school Gothic novella in the vein of Bram Stoker and things of the like. So when Tim Burton was announced to handle such material, I was thinking "Match made in Heaven.", and Johnny Depp playing Barnabas Collins ?! Forget about it! SLAM DUNK!!...and then the trailer came...

Overused...but for a good reason...

I don't understand this idea of taking old ideas and making them if funny is better or something. "Dark Shadows" COULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING if they stuck to the dark and Gothic nature of the source material...instead we get a pale faced Johnny Depp in weird clothing acting goofy...and there was a time and place for was called "Edward Scissorhands". This is NOT rocket science! Why call this "Dark Shadows" if the ONLY thing that connects it to "Dark Shadows" is Barnabas Collins? Why not call this "Out Of Date Vampire" or something that fits the over all comedic nature of the movie. Don't call this "Dark Shadows" and give us a vampire tearing open a TV set and constantly saying out of date things for humorous effect.

I'm not saying there shouldn't be any comedy at all but for F*CK'S SAKE "Dark Shadows" was a DARK, GOTHIC DRAMA and the ONE time I was relying on Tim Burton to do what he's good at he completely screws me over. What happen to the Tim Burton that gave us "Sleepy Hollow" ?

a.k.a The Movie That Insured Christopher Walken would terrorize the nightmares of children everywhere.

All of this is to ask a very important question that I asked in my previous post, "WHO ARE THESE REBOOTS/REMAKES FOR?". Because the very reason WHY these things are being remade is because a fanbase made them popular. So why take something popular and then crap on the very reason WHY you're taking it? It makes no sense, because I doubt hardcore "Dark Shadows" fans are gonna stand for this, and although I'm not a "Dark Shadows" fan, I still hate to see any fandom get raped.

This made me VERY sympathetic to raped fandoms EVERYWHERE...

In conclusion, I'd like to leave you all with an exchange I had with a Youtuber who agreed with my assessment.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

The DC Reboot Revisited...

Like the gift that keeps on giving (sorta like Cancer is that disease that may or may not come back and bite you in the ass) it's time for me to once again address our old pal The DC Reboot...correction The NEEDLESS DC Reboot. After the snafu of The Starfire Controversy (Starfiregate ?) as figured below:
Starfire: Extraterrestrial Sex Prop...

That pretty much sums it up...

I figured things would settle down and The DC reboot would eventually hit it's stride and start producing quality work again. However I'm hearing thus is not the case...but that's not the topic exactly. Either way the thing that's rising the bile to my throat is the current incarnation of one of my (and I'm pretty sure many others) animated crushes Harley Quinn. Now Harley was a COMPLETELY original creation made just for "Batman: The Animated Series" (still one of the best cartoons ever) and ever since her conception Harley has been a MAJOR break out character, generating fandoms and cosplayers and long list of geeks drawn in by her cutesy, sadistic charm. What was Harley's magic you ask? Was she some hyper-sexualized slut? Was she merely fan service? NO! Harley was a breakout character because she was enjoyable to watch, and despite being insane, she was cute, misguided, lovable, and we loved her because of her hopeful and optimistic outlook on everything (even crime...hrm...).

C'mon, who can hate THIS face! =D

Harley broke her way into the mainstream comic books and was WELL received as a Batman rogue. Not only that but the translation from animated to comic book didn't mar her character at all, she still maintained all the traits and charms that made us love her. Harley's involvement in the comic books even made the catastrophe that is "Countdown" slightly enjoyable...(and that ain't easy considering...)

Trust me, it only LOOKS cool...

Anyway, when a NEW Batman series was announced on The WB (later the The CWKids) Harley was going to be a featured character, and I don't know about everyone else but I liked "The Batman", it took the right amount of liberties with characters without raping them completely. So when Harley made her debut, she was just as perky and cute as her previous incarnation.

C'mon look how happy she is! You honestly can't hate this face!!

But then something happened...something very, very horrible happened...not only in the world of comic books, but in the entertainment industry at large. The word "reboot" no longer applied to that KICK ass 3D animated series about computers that was ironically better than "The Matrix Trilogy".

The industry just rebooted your title Yo !

Reboots, swept the land like a massive plague, claiming franchises and rendering them meaningless shadows of their former selves. and for reasons I can only assume prove the whole 2012 thing...the Reboot Plague hit DC Comics. Like magic all of DC's brightest and best were overhauled, for reasons that are still outside of our understanding, and suddenly the Reboot Plague hit some people I cared about.

We have reason to believe that Harley was tipped off about The Reboot Plague and went into hiding...

Harley was hit in the crossfire and instead of being the bubbly, cute, misguided criminal chick, some jack ass who probably didn't know jack squat about Harley's character got it in his head to turn her into some NOT CUTE, NOT BUBBLY, NOT MISGUIDED, criminal chick who ends up banging Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) in a bathroom...

I feel disgusted even posting this. Keep in mind that the part of this that REALLY makes me sick is that it's Floyd Lawton banging Harley...and I hate Deadshot...I hate Deadshot so much.

Let's go back and state what made Harley a great character, she was cute (like kittens), bubbly (like a child), cheery (like someone who has the world on a string) and every now and then she was just plain old goofy, but it worked for her because it was all for the sake of getting a laugh out of The Joker. Harley was NOT a hardcore murderer like The Joker, Harley was a petty criminal who sure, would hurt people but no more than she had to and would usually avoid it altogether if possible. If The Joker represented the dark side of humor, Harley was definitely the light side of dark humor.


This new Harley however...okay I'm gonna be 100% fair and say that I have NOT read any of The "Suicide Squad" AT ALL. Everything I'm saying is based solely off of observations, reading summaries, and looking over the comments of the people who ARE reading these books...and as you'll see below, they ain't happy:

MAJOR Kudos for her mentioning "Mad Love", GREAT episode for Harley's backstory !!

She gets it !

Unhappiness abounds...
"Where everything you love dies." DAMN!

Keep in mind that the MAJORITY of these commentator ARE NOT horny fanboys complaining about minor details, these are WOMEN expressing their disappointment in the handling of a character they loved. I wanna close with this guy who'll bring me to my final point.

You just lost a loyal 20 year comic book reader...think about that for a minutes DC...20 YEARS!

I LOVE the character of Harley, and I still do...the previous incarnations of her. Harley was a rare treat because she was sexy without being sexualized, she was complex, bubbly, cute, fun and we all wanted her to one day turn it around and get her life back on track...that and all us guys secretly (who am I kidding, not secretly) wanted a girlfriend who was just as devoted to us as Harley was to The Joker (thankfully I already found my Harley). Either way, this Harley is NOT my Harley and will never be MY Harley or accepted as the REAL Harley. And ultimately what's the point of ENTIRELY changing Harley? The only thing it accomplished is alienating fans you already had.

Was this Harley supposed to appeal to the generation of tits and ass, generic, faceless, scantly clad, women who look more like strippers than they do superheroes/villains? If that's the case then I shudder to think what they'll do to Zatanna and the other women of The DCU who, despite their choice of dress weren't sluts or anything of the sort. Ultimately we're all left with the question of "Just who in the hell was this reboot intended for?". I think I can agree with The Joker's assessment on the new...I won't call her Harley...

Oh...yeah...and they made Beastboy red.
Fuck you DC Comics, I'm done and we're so over.

Honestly DC Comics...get your shit together.