Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Following S03E06 "Reunion" Review

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WOW! Wow what an episode! Some stuff I saw coming, some stuff I didn't see coming and of course our man, Joe Carroll is back to his old tricks. I have to say with what happen during Season 2, it's good to finally see this season go in a MUCH better direction. I was curious how they were going to follow up after Joe Carroll's Blood Cult, but this is looking very Dexter Season 4-ish. But we'll get to all that and more! Let's dive in.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S05E25 "Welcome To The Dollhouse" Review

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And here we are kids & kiddos! After 120 episodes, 9 kills, 1 reveal of "A" (Mona) and a MAJOR bullsh*t reveal (Shana), we have come to the moment we've all been waiting for. With The Liars now sporting orange jumpsuits, Big "A" finally reveals themselves to The Liars. Could the stakes BE any higher than now? Was this reveal disappointing, senseless or was it totally worth the wait? All that and more after the break!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Following S03E04 & 05 "Home" & "A Hostile Witness"

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My apologizes for the tardiness of this review, I was playing "Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks" with Kimmy and couldn't really sit down to do this because well...playing video games with the wife or review a TV show isn't much of a contest. But this is likely going to be a long review requiring my full attention because today is a double dose of "The Following", I suppose to make up for the previously announced but then revoked 2 Hour premier it was supposed to have. Anyways, last episode Ryan & Company managed to kill Neil "The Boxman" Perry and my new favorite duo of Daisy & Kyle installed cameras in Max's apartment all the while Mark is none the wiser but his better half, Luke is catching on that there maybe something else afoot with these two. Let's dive in!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Comics & Feminism Pt. 2: Thor WITH BOOBS!!

Switching gears, let's talk about Marvel Comics and it's latest indiscretion. I've been rather lenient with Marvel, mostly because I'm a DC guy (not so much these days, until they turn Beast Boy green again, and while I understand that the "Mortal Kombat X" comic books are under the DC imprint, I am reading those for "Mortal Kombat" and not DC) and I'm a lot harder on what I love than what I also love (in this case, Marvel is like my step-son, sure, I care about him but he's not really mine). That being said, Marvel has wowed us with it's Cinematic Universe but on the page, Marvel's got some problems. One of those problems came in the form of a Norse Goddess with Boobs. Let's get to it;

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S05E24 "I'm A Good Girl, I Am" Review

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Holy crap was this a good episode with an excellent ending! My goodness, where Seasons 6 and 7 are going is anyone's guess, but one thing remains certain, "A" is a BEAST! So much to get too and so little time to discuss it, but we're gonna try to discuss everything we possibly can. Let's dive into "I'm A Good Girl";

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Comics & Feminism Pt.1: Killing The Joke

Let's talk about things Strangeverse. It's been awhile since I've talked about DC & Marvel comics and usually when I bring up my old pals at DC Comics, I have nothing positive to say...I regret that this time won't be any different, but lucky for DC it won't be getting spanked alone, as Marvel will be joining them. Now I'm a DC person which is why I mention DC more often and am a lot harder on them than I am on Marvel. I haven't forgiven DC for making Beastboy red, turning Starfire into a callous whore, turning Wally West & Huntress Black (because diversity) and basically giving it to the DC Universe full on in the ass with no lube. But now Marvel is doing so and while their offense is minor, it's nonetheless glaring. While better people than I have spoken to these issues, I figured I'd best chime in with my 2 cents with 2 articles. So let's get to it;

DLCs & Gaming And Why They Suck

Seems like today was article writing day for me as I have at least 3 articles in the chamber and a 4th coming tomorrow (the "Pretty Little Liars" review). That being said, while my next 2 articles are going to be rather scathing and grumpy, I've decided that to start thing off with a rather lighter article. This one having to do with video games and more specifically DLCs. I've been saying it for awhile that DLCs sucks (and I'm certain no one will disagree with me, after all, who likes spending money?), but I'm going to explain exactly WHY they suck and what can be done about it. So let's get to it;

The Following S03E03 "Exposed" Review

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Things are getting more and more interesting this season as everything is in a slow boil right now. Neil "The Boxman" Perry goes down for the count and we get a brief look into Daisy & Kyle's motives. More after the break!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Strange Review: Gone Girl

This is going to be a spoiler filled reviewed, so if you haven't seen "Gone Girl", GO WATCH IT, it's good! Since this is a spoiler review I'm going to talk about "Gone Girl" under the assumption that you've already seen it, so I won't rehash plot points, just discuss them. The reason I'm writing this is because there are a lot of reviews out there and I have to say one review in particular made me go "Seriously?". While I won't be writing in response to that review, I will be writing my thoughts on "Gone Girl" as a movie and it's overall themes. Please keep in mind that this is a review of the movie, NOT THE BOOK! But considering the screenwriter is the author, I think it's safe to say I'm looking at a pretty reliable adaptation. LAST CHANCE!! And now, "Gone Girl".

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S05E23 "The Melody Lingers On" Review

Sorry for being tardy again, ladies & gentlemen, it's just I had some rather important business to get to yesterday and today that ate up most of my time. Nonetheless, I'm here now so let's gets started. Last week, Hanna's thuggery finally caught up to her and now she's rockin' an orange jumpsuit like Alison. There was some mess about Alison being offered a plea bargain if she named Hanna as her accomplice, Alison didn't take the bait but Hanna's locked up anyway. So let's get to the action.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Following S03E02 "Boxed In" Review

Good news & bad news, Bad news is "Gotham" won't be returning until April. 19th. The good news is "Gotham" won't be returning until April 19th, so that means I won't have to double up on reviews for awhile. Also some more good news, Jada Pinkett Smith isn't returning as Fish Mooney, HURRAH! Anyways, with that outta the way, let's get to "The Following". Man oh man the stakes are getting higher and higher and the psychos, crazier and crazier. Next to Hannibal Lecter, I'll say this Neil guy takes the cake, but I'll get to all that and more after the break.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S05E22 "To Plea Or Not To Plea" Review

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Hello Kids & Kittens, I'm back with yet another "Pretty Little Liars" review, didn't I say I'd be back to a regular schedule? Well, I delivered, didn't I? Anyways, we're now starting to get somewhere with this Season, with the police now building a case against Alison & her (supposed accomplice) Hanna "a.k.a Thuglife" Marrin. This episode was pretty good, but I'll explain all that and more after the break

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The KOTD Title & Judged Battles

In light of the recent title match, I'd like to pose a question to battle rap fans and specifically King Of The Dot fans, Is there a viable contender for the KOTD Title? That's not a snide question and that's not a question to be taken lightly. I'm asking this because for the many battlers that KOTD has, not many of them are interested in or strong enough to garner attention for the chain should they be a considered. But those are just the broad strokes, let me go in depth after the break.

The Following S03E01 "New Blood" Review

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I've said it since Season 1 finished and Season 2 concluded, I've done myself a massive injustice by not reviewing or sticking with the series in it's stop & go 2nd Season but this time I hope to remedy that by reviewing the 3rd Season. And while this season threatens to be Joe Carroll-less (and let's face it, he makes the series), it's still a show about serial killers and that keeps my attention. Thus far the previews looked promising and the panel at comic-con got me interested. So will this season prove to be better than the 1st and 2nd? Will this new chapter be more promising than the previous? Well let's find out as we welcome the "New Blood"!

Gotham S01E18 "Everyone Has A Cobblepot" Review

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My apologizes everyone, lots was going on previously and I was unable to deliver to you the constant "Gotham" reviews on a regular basis that being said, that's all taken care of! So last week and the week before we've established a few things, "Gotham" is laying down bread crumbs for the inevitable arrival of The Joker (for better or worse) and Fish Mooney is held captive by The Dollmaker and is a Mary Sue. Before I continue I'd like to share my thoughts on the previous episode. For starters, Penguin is our main character and is a character right from Batman Mythos, Fish Mooney is a character created for Jada Pinkett to chew the scenery with. Now while Jada is the top billing actress here and that's the ONLY reason her character hasn't bitten the dust, Penguin is the character we actually care about and I find it pretty awful that while Fish's story is moving ahead, Penguin's story is in a death crawl.

For a character who started off geniusly conniving his way to being Falcone's right hand man and saving grace, he's now becoming a punchline, a joke, a character who's barely getting by on the skin of his ass and needs help to run a club. This is getting frustrating as I've been waiting to see The Penguin become truly unhinged. He had a wonderful moment where he set Frankie up and stabbed him, that was great but ever since then he hasn't many moments like that. I'm waiting for the time when we'll see the capable, polite and well mannered but extremely dangerous arch villain come out. With this episode titled "Everyone Has A Cobblepot", I'm hoping the focus will be on The Penguin and less on Fish "Who Gives A Crap" Mooney. So clean up time, Alfred got shivved, Penguin's club is going down the tubes, Fish Mooney..., and Alfred's buddy (Reggie) sold him out to Wayne Corp, and now they're preparing to move on Bruce. All up to speed? Excellent! Let's get to it!

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Strange Thing About Numbers

Here's a strange article but one I just have to write because 1: I want to be the first to say it and 2: I just wanna get it on paper. So what's this article about? Well it's about something I've been thinking about for awhile and that's the nature of numbers, mathematics and things related. Let me start off by saying that this won't be a heady article, and by heady I mean it won't be exactly deep and you won't have to think too hard. Keep in mind, I absolutely suck balls at Math...so there won't be any in here, just a few things to think about. Let's get to it.