Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S06E10 "Game Over, Charles" Review

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Here we go, here we go...the moment we've all been waiting for, the moment I. Marlene King has advertised, "The 100% No Fooling, Undeniable REVEAL OF "A" a.k.a Charles DiLaurentis. So today is July. 17th and at the moment I'm writing this we're 3 episodes away from this episode but I'm writing my thoughts now so that you all can see the train of thought I have going into this. Whether or not we want to believe Shana as the "A" of Seasons Three & Four is another story completely (which will never make much sense, unless Charles befriended Shana, but even then,,,) but Charles has been "A" for Season Five & Six and has managed to capture The Liars and hold them for 3 weeks in a bunker. Needless to say Charles is the most accomplished "A".

This has been advertised as "the summer of answers" and we're coming up on a MAJOR doozie, the most important questions of the series, Who and Why? And the 2nd most important question, "Will any of this make sense?" I'm highly dubious on that question. Is Charles a character we've known and have seen before or is he a completely new character that the writers will have to introduce? I can't think of an episode in this series that has been more important than this one, but with this revelation comes a different series of questions, just what will Season 7 look like? Will The Liars befriend Charles as they did Mona or will someone take "The Game" from Charles? What does this all mean and I hope by the end of this review I'll have some idea of how some of those questions will be answered. And with all that out of the way, let's dive into "Game Over, Charles"...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Copyright Hell!!

So as many of you probably noticed my Hannibal review for episode 9 is missing the pictures that I usually couple with my reviews. That's because a few days ago I received an e-mail from Google telling me that that particular review was in violation of copyright infringement. As such, I've been reluctant to write a review for Hannibal and I've been uninspired because this is the kind crap that'd happen to me on Youtube. I've seen people and other websites use videos, production stills, clips, trailers the whole nine yards without a single thing happening to them, meanwhile I damn near lost my entire channel for a song THAT I MADE MYSELF! This frustrates the crap outta me and is pretty much why I've consigned myself to the blog, less regulation, I'm more eloquent when I write and despite the fact that you people don't read, I actually enjoy writing and unlike Youtube, I don't have to wait for a blog to upload.

But now this Copyright bullsh*t is following me here! HERE! Of all places! How exactly are screenshots copy-written? Full disclosure, I do indeed download episodes online, the reason why is because we do not have digital TV here and digital TV has SUCKED ever since the conversion and I haven't been able to watch a single TV show on TV since then, not kidding. As such I have started downloading all the shows that I want to watch sans commercials. As such I will be getting DVD boxsets of all of them, the reason why I choose to download  them is for future potential review purposes and the ability to get screenshots. Even if I COULD watch them on TV, I'd still download the episode for the review, so this changes nothing.

People, I have looked into fair use, I have appealed to The Powers That Be and somehow, EVERYONE ELSE is able to show a trailer, clips, production still etc. EXCEPT FOR ME! So, I doubt I'll be finishing my reviews of "Hannibal", MAYBE I'll write a review for episode 10, sans pictures but as it stands now I'm just kinda pissed off about it and nervous. Until next time, catch ya later.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Strange Review: It Follows

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So a few weeks ago, my wife and I had the pleasure to sit down and watch the much ballyhooed new cult classic "It Follows". I've heard Chris Stuckman and Jeremy Jahns review this film and they both claimed that despite not being scared, they enjoyed it. There's something to be said when a reviewers declare a movie to be the "Scariest film ever!" and other hyperbolic things like that. I'm gonna come right out and say it, much like "The Babadook", "It Follows" didn't scare me AT ALL, not in the slightest bit. That's not me being macho or putting on a facade, the film just wasn't scary and declaring this to be a scary movie in my humble opinion is mismarketing, it's actually a Thriller.

For those of you who don't know, "It Follows" tells the story of Jamie (or Jay, as she's called in the film) who is cursed to be followed by "It". "It" can take the shape of anyone and will do anything It needs to get close to It's victims. "It Follows" Jay as she tries to escape this curse.

This paragraph will be no spoiler as there is no way to talk about the film in depth without spoiling it. "It Follows" gets some brownie points for being filmed in my home town of Detroit, Michigan and actually making a reference to it in the film, but ultimately, it's not scary and my overall thoughts on the film is "It's not bad." and that's not entirely good. Saying "It's not bad." for me is like going to a restaurant, ordering a turkey sandwich and getting ham sandwich instead; Sure, the ham sandwich will do the same thing as the turkey sandwich, but it ain't what you ordered. This isn't to be entirely negative either, parts of the film worked, just the parts that REALLY needed to work unfortunately didn't. So if you're interested in an interesting movie that won't exactly scare you but entertain you for awhile, "It Follows" is entertaining, but nothing else really. And now for the REAL meat and potatoes...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S06E09 "Last Dance" Review

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The penultimate episode before all is revealed and we find The Liars barred from prom and breadcrumbs laid down for the 2nd half of this season which will leap 5 years after the reveal of "A" which will be an episode titled "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood". Not a lot happened in this episode but enough happened to warrant a review. So let's dive in.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hannibal S03E09 "...and The Woman Clothed in Sun" Review

Sorry for the tardiness everyone, I'll be saying that a lot so get used to it. Unfortunately a lot of stuff was going down yesterday and I didn't quite get the time to sit down and really watch this episode, but I am here now and that's all that matters. A lot and yet not much happened last episode, we got introduced to Francis Dolarhyde and he's begun his transformation into The Red Dragon, Hannibal has been behind (what is it with putting lunatics in glass prisons?) for 3 years per the time skip and Will Graham is married with a step son, Walter (not Josh), and Alana has taken over for Dr. Chilton while the latter makes money as a true crimes novelist. Anyways, let's dive into this episode and see what we get.