Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Following: Season Two Review

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I've been saying I've done myself a serious disservice by NOT reviewing the first season of "The Following" and now I'm saying I've done myself a disservice by not continuing to review the second season; to make up for that, I decided to review the entire Second as a whole and explain where this show went off the rails and how it got it's self relatively back on track. So if you haven't seen the Second season of "The Following", you have been warned, SPOILERS ABOUND!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Public Rape Experiment

So recently I've been watching a butt-load of prank videos and things of the like because I really enjoy things like that and among the many pranksters on Youtube is Fouseytube. Aside from doing pranks, he also engages in experimental videos to gauge people's reaction to things such as bullying and so on, much like ABC's much acclaimed "What Would You Do?", also a show a very much enjoy. A few days back, Fousey posted a teaser for something he called "The Public Rape Experiment" which posited the question of if you heard someone getting raped in the bathroom, would you get involved or would you run?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Season Four Reference Guide

HOWDY YA'LL so by now Season Four has been more than wrapped up and WHAT a Season it was eh ? In order to help you guys understand this Season more clearly I decided to put together this nifty little reference guide. Much like Season Three, Season Four was LARGELY adapted from internet folklore. While Season Three was adapted from The Inglip Mythos, Season Four was adapted from the world of Creepy Pasta, more specifically Ritual Pastas. Don't know what I'm talking about ? Well here's the reference guide after the break...