The Strangeverse: Good Guys and Bad Guys

So I know I have a Facebook Page for this but I figured I'd post it here in order to help people keep track of the many things & characters that exist in The Strangeverse, ENJOY!


FIRST APPEARANCE: "The Strange Review #1: Paranormal Activity"
Ugo Strange is an internet reviewer currently living in Tumwater,WA. He's known for his insightful reviews and general loathing of all things Joss Whedon. Ugo lives in a house that is augmented to be a virtual fortress, however people seem to be able to break in with little to no effort at all. Ugo is a skilled fighter, possessing the Falcon Punch and has an impressive arsenal of fantasy weapons and alien technology ranging from The Colt from "Supernatural", to The Z Sword from "Dragonball Z".

The Don, as he likes to be called, is Ugo's mafia connected friend. He is always seen in a pin-striped suit and often carries a toothpick with him. He speaks in a low-raspy voice and usually shows up every now and then to supply Ugo with weapons or advice. The Don's full name has NOT been said, although KATIRA did call him Don Mauricio at one point in time. The Don has been involved in 2 major scuffles, helping Ugo take down Diabolos and an unseen fight with Graven, which resulted in The Don going to the hospital.

STATUS: Functioning
KATIRA is Ugo's artificial intelligent security system. She is also fully equipped to access Ugo's combat morpher with a wide range of combat modes (including First Person Shooter Mode & Spirit Mode). She mostly tends to Ugo's video schedule.

FIRST APPEARANCE: The Best Of The Worst #6: I Know Who Killed Me 02/02
Stoner is another housemate of Ugo's home, although very static in his involvement in daily affairs. He speaks in a very slow California Surfer drawl and consistently appears to be unaware of things going on. Despite being very scatter brained, Stoner has shown himself useful by taking The Don to the hospital after an offscreen fight with Caris. Ugo doesn't regard Stoner with any special tasks and doesn't rely on him much. 

FIRST APPEARANCE: "Alcatraz Preview Review"
A mysterious being from the "Fringe" universe, he bears the likeness of Ugo but acts nothing like him. He is often seen observing Ugo from a distance and speaking to an unknown person on the phone. He warned Ugo of a disruption in the timeline, but since then hasn't interacted with Ugo. He appears to know more than he's saying but has yet to reveal anything.

STATUS: Unborn
She is the daughter of Inglip and the brother of Lakorta. She is prophesied as being the future empress of Trathira. She also plays a pivotal role in preventing the End Times due to her ability to control time herself. She uses this ability to pull Ugo into the future and augments his morpher with the ability to time travel. Ugo uses this ability to stop himself from reviewing "2012: Doomsday" thus preventing The End Times.


LAST APPEARANCE: "Persons Unknown The Review: The Conclusion"
STATUS: Deceased
Diabolos is the physical embodiment of bad movies. He appears as a being clad in a black coat and hood, it is unknown what is beneath the hood, however he does remove his hood when talking to Jekko. It's hinted that something awful is beneath the hood. He is physically composed of celluloid and hails from another universe. He has a wide range of abilities which allow him to utilize movies and their characters as agents to do his bidding. He also shown being able to teleport. He is killed by Ugo Strange.

LAST APPEARANCE: "The Return Of Ogu Egnarts"
STATUS: Deceased
Previously a servant of The Dark Troll Lord, Ogu escaped and kidnapped Ugo. He replaced Ugo for awhile and eventually found himself in service of Diabolos. Unlike Ugo, he doesn't wear glasses and he speaks in a deep voice. He is apparently a reviewer in his own universe as he is briefly seen reviewing "Inglourious Basterds" and declaring his hatred for it. Ogu is also a mercenary and hold no alliances with anyone directly. When Diabolos was defeated, Ogu then teamed up with Gropagas Caris & Graven and attempted to aide them in defeating Ugo. When he failed to do, he was executed. Ogu is noted as being an apt warrior, having defeated several of The Gropagas's best men. But his cockiness is almost always his undoing.

CARIS (Right) & GRAVEN (Left)
FIRST APPEARANCE: Season Three Premier
STATUS: Alive (Caris)/ Deceased (Graven)
They are Gropaga acolytes of The Dectrip Faith, a religious order in service to an entity known as Inglip. Their primary goal is to stop the End Times. They are called into order when Ogu steals their holy scriptures. Upon arriving at the asylum, they discovered that Diabolos had been defeated and set their sights on Ugo. They have never interacted directly with Ugo, however Graven did attack The Don and put him in the hospital. Caris & Graven are also responsible for killing Ogu after he failed to kill Ugo Strange. It's assumed after Doomsday was stopped they returned to Trathira.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Season Three Premier
Lakorta is the son of Inglip, called into battle to kill Ugo Strange and retriever The Book of Dectrip. Lakorta did not kill Ugo Strange, nor did he retrieve The Book Of Dectrip, however he was able to obtain The Weapon before it Ugo reviewed it, therefore achieving the Gropagas goal of preventing The End Times. Lakorta left Ugo alone.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Season Four Premier
Julie is the alleged daughter of Jeff The Killer and Jane. Her exact nature is unknown, but considering her mother had demonic blood in her at the time of her pregnancy, it might suggest that Julie is somewhat demonic in nature. Unlike her father, Julie is not malevolent and isn't outwardly evil, however her methodology in serving the "greater good" is VERY questionable. She is rather cavalier about taking lives or destroying them although in some instances this knowledge is known to drive her somewhat insane. It maybe suggested that Julie suffers from a form of multiple personality disorder and deep seeded father issues. Julie is a dedicated seeker and unyielding to anything in her path. In the finale, Julie tricks Ugo into opening the door, revealing Ugo to be The Holder Of the Jacket. Julie then steals Ugo's weapons along with The Book Of Dectrip and leaves him to his fate. Her current whereabouts are unknown...

FIRST APPEARANCE: Season Four Premier
The Holder Of The Story is a mysterious entity tied to The Holder's Mythos. The Holder Of The Story is a nameless, genderless being who's only existence is consumed by obtaining the stories of Seekers and Holders alike. He is callous and careless about the plights and joys of his subjects, he merely desires their stories. Although not malevolent, he can be seen as antagonistically neutral. He only cares about The Story and will do whatever he must to get it.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Episode 03: First Contact
LAST APPEARANCE: Episode 10: Finale
STATUS: Deceased
Daniss is a Fallen Angel of Inglip who sought to claim Inglip's throne and was exiled. Despite only appearing in the 5th Season, Daniss' influence is far reaching in The Strangeverse as he is revealed as to have hired Diabolos to steal The Book Of Dectrip and used him to launch a potential war against Trathira. He appears in the 5th Season as the force who saved Ugo from being The Holder Of The Jacket. By far, Daniss is the most powerful villain Ugo has ever faced.