Monday, December 19, 2011


So recently I've had the pleasure of tracking down a golden oldie from the year of yester, back when The CW was still called UPN (Under Paid Negros, yes, we all know and made that joke). What's this golden oldie I'm talking about ?


YES! "Special Unit 2" was a TV show back in that day that was more or less a precursor for "Supernatural" and post "Men In Black" era, when aliens and supernatural creatures were all the rage for gritty detective stories and super secret agencies that dealt with things that went bump in the night. I don't remember much of the series but I DID remember a particular episode that REALLY stuck with me. It was an episode in their Second Season called "The Invisible", the main villain of the episode was (brace yourself for it) THE BOOGEYMAN! Not this guy...

Sorry player...

The thing that stuck out in my mind was their depiction of The Boogeyman, as not just some random monster that lingers in the closets of young boys BUT rather a Predator-esque hunter who murders babysitters and mothers and steals their heads as trophies. Not to mention that when you finally DO see The Boogeyman he looks pretty bad ass, like a cross between a member of Slipknot & Mushroomhead. He doesn't speak but I imagine him to be WAY more awesome than the Boogeyman depicted in his titular movie..

Which is on my "Best Of The Worst" list...

At any rate, the series is NOT without it's flaws and I was informed that it ran re-runs on The Sci-Fi channel (which makes me wish I had Cable) BUT it was a nifty little series back in it's hayday of 2001 & 2002 and I encourage everyone to give it a shot and check it out as it certainly was one of the pioneering shows for this genre. And as a side note it seems I have an unconscious attraction to certain producers because this show was created by Evan Katz, who served as producer of one of my favorite shows "24"...then again he did produce "The Event"...and we all know how I feel about that...but just as a side note does that happen to anyone else ? Anyway, YEAH! "SPECIAL UNIT 2" give it a shot find it where you can and let me know what you think. PEACE!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Autobiography Of Ugo Strange

HOWDY! Here's a special treat for everyone in case you all missed the awesomeness that is my Autobiography, I encourage you to check it out over here and be sure to check out Theo Warner's series that started it all and gave me the idea. ENJOY!!





Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Album Review: "Soul Punk" by. Patrick Stump

Okay so this is gonna be VERY rare considering I don't buy much music these days (I'M NOT DOWNLOADING IT!! I DO MY SH*T LEGAL!!) but there just isn't much music that catches my interest. That being said when this little cherry was signaled to drop, I started drooling. Like many other people I fell in love with Patrick Stump through Fall Out Boy (and for the hater, and by haters I'm not talking about people who don't like Fall Out Boy, I'm talking about the elitist assholes who bitch about Fall Out Boy being emo, I like what I like so kindly FUCK OFF!!). Anyways, as much as I love Fall Out Boy, I think I love Patrick's soulful vocals and his ability to pour some REAL passion into the lyrics he sings. When I heard he was striking out on his own with a solo album I was like "HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT?!"

Then the first single came out "Spotlight (New Regrets)" and "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)", I KNEW that the album was gonna be EXPENSIVE HEAT! As much as I enjoyed those tracks, I, like MANY others wanted more and Patrick dropped "Explode" on us...which, much to my everlasting nerdom, I had to make a music video to. Those were 2 tastes of the upcoming "Soul Punk" and I was hungry for a 3rd. The 3rd came in the form of a woman named "Allie" who apparently could've taught Pat some naughty things. "Allie" was INSANELY good.

"You said you were protected, I thought you meant you had a gun!"

For some reason that's my favorite line of that song. With 3 tastes of "Soul Punk" I was now thoroughly convinced that it was gonna be unadulterated ear-candy and I was NOT disappointed. BUT, this is NOT a dick-ridding session and the album is NOT without it's flaws but it's flaws are minor and if you're a fan of Fall Out Boy and a fan of Patrick's soulful singing style THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU! While I won't review the album song by song, I WILL review the tracks that I like (which is pretty much all of them BUT there are some prime cuts).

"The "I" In Lie" is BY FAR my favorite track. I have to say I was honestly NOT ready for this one. The thing that makes this song so good because of how it smooth it starts off and with the subject matter of cheating it's VERY personal and yet not so much that it becomes hamfisted. It's almost as if Patrick is saying "I messed up but I don't have to stay that way." it's almost confessional and that's what I love about it. BUT the music behind and the choice of lyrics are absolutely genius! And even though Patrick only demands the hands of the unfaithful to be raised in the air, I found myself with my hands above my head for some reason. My favorite line from this song echos back to my favorite line in "It's Hard To Say "I Do" When "I Don't"", which goes like this:

"Put your hands in the air and don't make a sound but don't get the wrong idea, we're gonna shoot you, we're gonna shoot you! And there's nothing in your hand, pocket, throat or wallet that can change just how this goes."
-"It's Hard To Say "I Do" When "I Don't""

My favorite line from "The "I" In Lie" is:
"Put your hands in the air like you're under arrest with a guilty conscious."

What is it with Patrick and putting hands in air ? For that matter, he was shooting us before but apparently we're getting arrested. Interesting.

The next track I must address is "Run Dry (X Heart, X Fingers)". This song is so damn funky, I don't drink myself but I appreciate the verbal recap of alcoholism. I don't know if Patrick is an alcoholic or if he even drinks for that matter but the song has some very nice passion and humor in it. It's like he's saying "I get drunk, I know but I can laugh at it and I admit it.". As they say admitting it is the first step and this is one hell of a first step. If I had to say ONE bad thing about the song is that it goes on for too long in it's 2nd half. Sometimes that can be a good thing and other times I really don't mind (in those cases it reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'") in other cases it feels like it should be a song in it's own right. But he keeps it interesting with his style of vocals and choices of music, keeping things funky and I really can't hate him for that.

"Coast (It's Gonna Get Better)" was a sleeper for me. I have a HUGE problem with being negative (ask my girlfriend, she'll tell you). So something like this sings directly to me with a positive message of things getting better. Patrick even sings the most honest lyrics I've ever heard "I keep makin' mistakes but it takes sometime to get anything right!" I KNOW Patrick wasn't the first person to say that BUT it sounds good coming from him. In all seriousness this song is great with background harmony and just very soulful ("Soul" Punk...duh).

"Greed" is another one of those Michael Jacksonsque tracks, I can honestly see him singing something akin to this. But the tracks sounds like some kind church sermon that some how turned into a jam session. Picture this if you will, Patrick Stump dressed in a preacher's robe with a choir behind him as he waves a Bible and sings about Greed to a clapping congregation. He really gets his funk on in this track with rapid fire singing in the chorus and the crescendo of the music to emphasis his vocals just meshes perfectly. Not to mention the organ and his announcements in the song's break it just keeps raising that churchy vibe. BUT this song is NOT preachy to any stretch of the imagination, it's a VERY incredible and fun listen. My only complaint is that it doesn't go on long enough for me. Especially with the way it goes into the instrumental at the end. It kinda left me going "Wait, that's it ?"

Finally we come to "Dance Miserable" which sounds like it's a song that escaped right from "Sonic's" "Spring Yard Zone" soundtrack. Being a fan of "Sonic" I LOVE anything that sounds "Sonic-y" and this does the job VERY well. Not to mention that the song does indeed make me wanna dance (then again this entire album makes me wanna dance). I LOVE the music but I love Patrick's singing in this, it's very FUNKY and he's trying to get people dance in the face of misery and it's FUN. All In all, not the best track BUT worth a listen.

Overall I will say that "Soul Punk" BLEW away my expectations and dare I say it I'm almost worried about a sophomore effort if Patrick is swinging THIS hard out the gate. But he's a humble lad with a good head on his shoulders and a HELL of a LOT of talent. Is he more grounded with Fall Out Boy or without? His next solo effort will tell BUT for now just sit back and enjoy the groove while it lasts. 2 thumbs WAY UP!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ideas For Future Seasons Of "Dexter" and Villains

Okay, so it's no secret that I love "Dexter" and if you aren't aware of this. WAKE UP ALREADY! I did a full on review and analysis of EACH season in a series called "DEXTER-ity" which you can watch on this blog. Anyways, I figured that in the meantime while you guys are hungrily awaiting the next episode of "DEXTER-ity" I would share my hopes for future villains of "Dexter". So here's a list of actors who should be bad guys and their roles in the Season.

NAME: Alex Ray Crayson
REGULAR EMPLOYMENT: Photographic Journalist
M.O.: Killing People in public places and yet doing so inconspicuously via hypodermic needles. Photographing the body and sending them to the police.
TARGETS: Families (Specifically Mothers)
REASON: Alex was abandoned by his mother at a young age in a public place. Alex was then thrown in the system where he was not adopted and became an emancipated minor. Alex soon learned that his mother was presumed dead and was allegedly responsible for the deaths of several individuals. Upon getting this revelation Alex becomes angry at the police for not finding the person responsible for his mother's death and blaming her for other deaths instead. Alex sends the photos to the police to remind them that anything can happen to anyone anywhere.
CONNECTION TO DEXTER: Dexter is the one who killed Alex's mother and snatched her during one of her drop offs. Alex was asleep in the car and Dexter was unaware she had a son, because Alex was being raised by a boyfriend of her's. Essentially Dexter inadvertently created Alex.

Despite how you may feel about "Spider-Man 3", Topher Grace is still a pretty bad ass actor and C'MON how hard would it be to believe Topher Grace as an insane killer with abandonment issues? Plus it'd be a nice contrast to see Dexter deal with a killer that he accidentally caused. Dexter has not dealt with that problem (other than Miguel) who wasn't a serial killer. Having Dexter tackle someone who's younger than he is and able to kill people with NO blood, and no real effort would greatly impress Dexter.I imagine their final confrontation being Dexter surrounding Alex with the photographs of his victims and Dexter revealing that he is (in some form) Alex's father because he killed his mother and caused Alex to lose his innocents. Dexter shares how he lost his mother The ending revelation would be Dexter wondering if Santos Jimenez is his "REAL" father so to speak because he is responsible for how Dexter is now. Ultimately this will make Dexter wonder if he'll be different or if he's gonna remain how he is. I think this would be a bad guy worth Dexter's time. PLUS IT'S TOPHER GRACE PLAYING A SERIAL KILLER!! C'MON!!

NAME: Mikhail Rustaloff/Michael Ruoston
REGULAR EMPLOYMENT: Corporate Sharecropper
M.O.: Kidnapping victims, keeping them locked in cages, feeding them regularly and eating them when they are ready. Often times sharing with his dogs.
TARGETS: Any (mostly single women)
REASON: Mikahil was actually a Russian enforcer for the mob who had an affinity for torture. One day a rival gang captured Mikahil and tortured him, however Mikahil wasn't having it, he broke free from them. Months later they found their leader dead in a Scott Tennermen-esque twist Mikahil cooked and ate their leader. Afterwards Mikahil became obsessed with eating human flesh.

C'MON, sooner or later Dexter is GONNA have to take on a cannibal! SERIOUSLY! And we can't revisit the trope of Hannibal Lecter, no instead we need a REAL, RAW, SERIOUS, cannibal, someone who keeps people locked up like veal, waiting for them to get nice and tender. Can you imagine just HOW CREEPY that would be? Seeing a person in a cage being fed like a hamster? I see this season starting off VERY closely to Season 5, except for the victim manages to escape and seeks Miami Metro. I imagine Mikhail having several "farms" and the final confrontation between Mikhail and Dexter would be on one of these farms where Mikhail attempts to "hunt" Dexter. With Mikhail owning dogs, I'm picturing the final kill as Dexter mortally wounding Mikhail and leaving him for his dogs to eat. Also, PETER STORMARE PLAYING A CANNIBAL!! C'MON! If he hasn't done it already you KNOW he's gonna do it eventually. Why not put him up against Dexter. Not too sure what the ending revelation would be but it'd be TOTALLY worth it.


NAMES: Amy Walker, Kyle Usher, Max Schuller, Tabitha Hamilton
REGULAR EMPLOYMENT: High school students
M.O.: Committing murders in very graphic ways and recording their murders to be sent to the tabloids.
TARGETS: Anyone.
REASON: Because they can.
CONNECTION TO DEXTER: The Leader of the group is Astor's friend!!

So what's creepier than a killer who simply wants to kill you just because you're there? NOTHING! That's what! Let's face it, we're living in a generation where apathy seems to be the general train of thought amongst most people. What about absolute apathy for human lives? I'm taking a page out of Season 5's book and make this a group of killers, WITH A TWIST, they're YOUNG! High school aged kids who take it upon themselves to gain notoriety by brutally murdering people on camera and sending it to the tabloids BECAUSE THEY'RE THAT BAD ASS! Because they don't give a F*CK and they want EVERYONE to know it. PLUS, they can get away with it. The big twist here would be that Amy Walker, high school aged girl is actually the ring leader of the group. 

Upper class, privileged and a scholar to boot. How can Dexter make HER disappear without anyone noticing, LET ALONE how can he keep Astor away from her? In the books Astor and Cody are already budding sociopaths and Dexter looks forward to teaching them, BUT for this storyline and the TV series Dexter's Dark Passenger is something he wants to keep FAR away from Astor, Cody and Harrison as possible. This season would hold a mirror up to Dexter and make him see himself as he was at Amy's age, a budding sociopath unable to feel anything UNLESS they were killing someone. I'm not sure if the producers have the brass ones to pull off a story like this BUT DAMN, tell me that wouldn't be awesome? Plus the ending revelation writes it's self.

Also, the actors I have pegs for the roles have shown themselves to have some legit acting chops for the kind of stuff that would go on in "Dexter". ESPECIALLY Chloe (if you haven't seen her in "Let Me In" go do that NOW!!), which is why I have her pegged as the ring leader. Kenton Duty played the role of Young Jacob and I think he can manage a teenage sociopath, Kyle Gallner has as well. Jeanette McCurdy...well, she's just awesome and having her play the timid "Virgin" killer who has yet to "pop her cheery" as it were would fit.

ANYWAYS, Those are some of MY ideas for future seasons of "Dexter" let me know what you think and share some of your own and BE SURE to check out "DEXTER-ity" if you haven't already! PEACE!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Strange Review: Let Me In

Normally I'd do a video review BUT I just haven't had the time to sit down and do it plus, considering circumstances I can't do it. BUT that won't stop me from sharing my thoughts. I should warn you there will be spoilers SO just in case you haven't seen "Let Me In", 


If you're reading this I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've seen the movie or just don't care about spoilers either way, enjoy.  EGADS how do I start this one off ? Well, I guess I should start off with the plot. "Let Me In" tells the story of Owen, a 12 year old, strange lookin' boy who's bullied at school and lives with his sheltering mother. Nothing too remarkable there until Abbey moves in, a mysterious girl who Owen becomes friends with. I GREATLY enjoyed this movie for the sole purpose that it gave us something VERY different in the realm of vampire stories. Keep in mind that I HATE Vampire related things, if you wanna know why, watch:

Long story short, "Let Me In" doesn't dwell too much in the realm of Vampire lore. Basically you discover the rules of her vampirism along with Owen. The movie doesn't cater to you how or why or when she became a vampire, She's a vampire and that's all you really need to know. Furthermore "Let Me In" doesn't try to pass it's self off as a supernatural thriller, rather it's a VERY warped coming of age story. Now let's get into specifics. The movie is actually VERY erotic but not in a pornographic sense (after all these are children we're dealing with) but it's erotic in a sense where the sexual nature of the relationship between Owen and Abbey is always on the surface but as children they're unable to fully engage in those actions so they're left with hugs and kisses, but behind those hugs and kisses are VERY passionate feelings.

I feel like I'm all over the place so let me to try slow down and figure out just what it is I'm trying to say about this movie. It's a lot like looking at an adult relationship through the eyes of a child. In the movie Owen realizes that Abbey is a creature of evil and when the police officer finally finds Abbey, Owen makes a conscious choice to close the door on him and allow Abbey to feed then to pull her off of him. That small action officially made Owen Abbey's new servant (similar to the man she was with at the beginning of the movie). Owen made a choice to allow Abbey to commit murder, he did so because he's in love with Abbey. And outside of sex, that unflinching loyalty to her is the only way he can prove his love for her. In a similar fashion Abbey slaughtering the bullies was her only way of proving her love for Owen. I would say they both committed evil acts for relatively good cause (but Abbey is a vampire, morals don't really apply to her) Abbey needed blood to live and Owen wasn't going to let his "girlfriend" be harmed by The Police Officer or let her die from lack of blood and Abbey wasn't going to allow her "boyfriend" to be mutilated by bullies.

Actually the movie reminds me quite a bit of "Peanuts", in the respect that you hardly ever see a Parent Figure, they're only heard and not seen. I don't recall seeing much of Owen's mom, and the adults in the building don't interact much with Owen or anyone else so in all truth this is the second time where children have been the main stars of a movie and didn't disappoint me (the first was "Super 8"..."The Goonies" Yeah, but it's been a LONG time since I saw "The Goonies"....okay and "E.T." too, what do you want from me ?!). But with this kind of subject matter of Love and the Moral Ambiguity of Love, this was a VERY DAMN good movie ONLY made more perfect by the ending of the characters simply running away together, Owen's mother be damned! The question left at the end is, is this an improvement for Owen or is he going to be worse off than he was ? It seemed like Abbey's previous "boyfriend" was getting tired of doing her dirty work and I can't imagine that'd be a good life for anyone (especially Owen who started off timid and weak at the beginning of the movie...and really didn't change exactly...hrm...). One day Owen's gonna get old and Abbey's going to move on and get another "boyfriend" and the cycle will continue.

This movie reminded me quite a bit of "Lament Of The Lamb" undeniably my favorite Vampire story, because the vampirism is an afterthought to the more pressing questions of how do you react to being a vampire, family, loyalty, love, relationships and struggling with your vampiric urges. Granted, the vampires in "Lament Of The Lamb" aren't supernatural beings they are people with a rare disease that is very much akin to an advanced case of anemia (it's actually very interesting). All in all, I give "Let Me In" a 10 out of 10. GREAT story, STRONG performances and a REALLY well executed movie. CHEERS!

Friday, July 22, 2011

DC Reboot ?

I've been thinkin' long and hard about this one. I was wondering if I was gonna comment on it or even bring it up because I'm pretty sure that everything that has needed to be said, has been said and there wasn't anything more I could add to the discussion. I wanted to make a Youtube video about it but I figured I'd just end up rambling and missing a few points that NEED to be addressed. So I figured a blog was the best medium. Not too long ago DC released this interview with Dan DiDio about the new Action Comics and Superman titles. After reading this I can say with full confidence that DC Comics has lost their f*ckin' minds.

Before I start ranting about my displeasure with this whole ordeal I need to get a few things out of the way.

  1. I AM NOT SAYING THESE NEW TITLES ARE GOING TO SUCK! It's no doubt that DC has some VERY competent writers among them and some of these reboot titles may actually turn out to be pretty bad ass. So I'm NOT going to say that these titles are gonna be horrible or anything of the sort.
  2. I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO ANY OF THESE TITLES! Yes, I said they may or may not suck, but I'm not gonna read any of them. At least not any time soon. Because frankly I fee jaded and I REFUSE to accept something that DIDN'T NEED TO HAPPEN AND NO ONE ASKED FOR!
With that being said, let's dive in;

There's this guy at a bookstore. He's walking along and suddenly something catches his eye. It's a Trade paperback collection titled: "Crisis On Infinite Earths". The cover looks AMAZING! Two Supermans, a BUTT-LOAD of other superheroes and Two Earths. This Guy is FLOORED by the sheer awesomeness of this cover. But he doesn't buy it. Because he doesn't know anything about what's going on. He can only name a few of the characters on the cover and he backs away, but that cover sticks with him. Some days pass and this guy is talking with someone about "Crisis On Infinite Earths" and learns about the events and what's going on.
We join this same guy a few days later at the same bookstore and something catches his eye. It's another trade paper back graphic novel, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES and on the cover there's a BIG WHITE #1. The Guy nods and thinks to himself "This must be the first in the series. This looks interesting enough, I'll start here!." and he buys it, goes home and enjoys it. Enjoys it so much that he does research on the characters and eventually he buys the entire Crisis Trilogy.

That guy was me, WAY back in 2006 I think when I officially started reading comic books religiously.  If you can relate to that story then you know what it's like to be a First Time Reader. I LOVED comic books for awhile but never quite knew where to begin, and often times the knowledge I got about certain characters and plot details were all second hand. But after reading Crisis On Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis and several other titles I was WELL informed about the present state of DC Universe continuity. With the way things have been going AFTER Final Crisis I was intrigued to see just exactly what was gonna happen with The New Gods, what was gonna happen with Barry Allen (who's been gone for SO long). I was REALLY excited about these things. AND THEN DC Comics decides to BACK PEDAL and restart ALL of their titles from #1 and create a BRAND NEW CONTINUITY!

They say it's to appeal to new readers, BUT the VAST majority of comic book readers are people like me! Who were ALWAYS interested in comic books but didn't know where to begin and asked for recommendations from people who did. Those people would recommend a story and FROM that story you get your own taste for what you liked and didn't like and then you go exploring on your own. You suddenly become a pilgrim breaking new ground, discovering places and people you've never knew before. Running into characters with histories and stories that's just waiting for you to check out. That's how I felt. And when Dreamgirl was killed in battle and Brainiac 5 was brought to tears I was right there with him like "Oh snap !". When The Shadowpact DAMN NEAR defeated THE SPECTRE I was cheering like crazy and I STILL consider that to be one of the greatest battles ever.

All this stuffed happened before I started reading comic books and discovering it was fun for me. I gotta feel for who the characters are, their universe and everything. WHY CHANGE THIS?! New Readers what to discover. Being a comic book reader is like joining a secret club where once you gain that knowledge you suddenly wanna know more.
  • When did Superman get married ?
  • When did Batman get his back broken ?
  • When did Hal Jordan become The Spectre ?
  • Who was Robin after Dick Grayson ?
  • Why is Beastboy green ?
And the information all RIGHT there WAITING for you to discover. NOT ANYMORE! NO! For some reason DC Comics wants to restart EVERYTHING for the sake of...accessibility ? They're forgetting that the ONLY WAY THEY'RE GONNA GET NEW READERS IS TO PLEASE THE READERS THEY ALREADY HAVE!! Is it just me or is that becoming a staple of EVERY creative company? "Trying to appeal to a new and fresher audience." The NEW and FRESHER audience isn't gonna come IF THERE IS NO AUDIENCE! I'm alienated now because ALL of the stuff I've learned about these characters means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I might as well burn every comic book on my shelf and say it never happened.

Let me recant for a bit. DC has rebooted their universe before. The aforementioned "Crisis On Infinite Earths". I ADORE that story because the origins of the story was ACTUALLY a company problem (ie, with the acquisition of several comic book companies and their respective characters) DC had it's hands full trying to manage all of these characters and THUS created A WONDERFULLY entertaining story built around the SOLE PURPOSE OF CLEANING THEIR UNIVERSE UP. AND IT WORKED! It was only logical with such a story that things would be changed and a reboot took place. Several years later DC Comics did it once again with it's sequel event "Infinite Crisis" which once again changed the status quo, BUT again MADE A WONDERFUL story as the reason for the change, AND IT WORKED!

"Final Crisis" was the end all, be all of crisis books. (If you didn't understand Final Crisis, here's a podcast that explains it in GREAT detail. WORTH LISTENING TO). Final Crisis didn't change continuity as the other crisis did but it did change the status quo. The New Gods were reborn, Darkseid and his men were destroyed and all of the Earths were now aware of the other universes. It was a pretty radical ending. Unfortunately DC didn't do anything with it...and it just became a footnote. But it was a GREAT story that didn't result in a dramatic continuity change. But if DC chose AFTER this to announce it's Reboot, it would have been perfectly understandable since it's usually after a Crisis Event that something HUGE gets changed.

So why now? Why change these characters ? Why PISS on everything we've learned about these characters? Why tell us that everything we've read up until this point doesn't matter? And DON'T say you're not. That's EXACTLY what you're doing. When Barbra Gordon is NO LONGER ORACLE DON'T YOU TELL ME IT STILL MATTERS! YOU Crapped on everything we've come to know and love about these characters. AND WHAT'S WORSE is that you guys actually think this is a good idea!

SUPERMAN DOES NOT NEED TO BE ALIENATED! The point of Superman is that he is the IDEAL Human. Superman is the guy who despite having the powers of a God is the MOST down to earth, accessible character DC HAS! Superman is inoffensive BECAUSE he's such a moral, upstanding person. Superman will NEVER surprise us because we KNOW Superman (and I'm not saying that in a bad way).

"It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then... he shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him. "-- Batman


"Marriage brings about a certain degree of comfort and security in one's life," Lee said. "If you have a life partner, you always have someone to rely on. So from a story conflict point of view, it makes for a less dramatic story. I think a lot of writers can agree that one of the most dynamic periods of Superman's history was that period where there was a love triangle between Clark Kent, Superman and Lois Lane. There's a lot of tension and interest you create in the characters by having that kind of dynamic."


And how does being married make for a LESS dramatic story? I'd say Superman keeping his wife Lois alive via his heat vision is pretty damn dramatic (oh wait...THAT NEVER HAPPENED! -_- ). I'd say Superman concerned about the well being of his wife and being unable to leave her side while the world is falling apart around him is pretty damn dramatic (oh wait...that didn't happen either >_> ). If they wanted to change the status quo for Superman GIVE HIM A CHILD! That only raises the stakes! Now Superman would be a father. He'd have to teach that child about his Kryptonian ancestry, it'd basically be restarting the Superman mythos over with Superman playing the role of mentor to a young child adapting to his new powers. Is it just me or does that sound like a dramatic story?

But instead we get an alienated Superman without the guidance of Ma and Pa Kent. Instead of a married Superman with a child on the way, we have Lois with a new boyfriend (BEHOLD CLARK KENT'S ANSWER TO "Flash" Thompson) and a Clark Parker or Peter Kent. Look, I liked "Smallville" for exploring that aspect of the series, but even Tom Welling's Clark Kent was a VERY moral and upstanding Superman who was ONLY alienated by his OWN abilities, but he considered himself HUMAN before ANYTHING ELSE, as does the actual Superman.

I'm gonna bring this to a close because I've ranted ad naseum about this topic and I don't think I've covered much ground. I'm just distraught and frustrated now because my discoveries don't matter anymore. All the books on my shelf are now just apocryphal writings of these characters that are no longer in canon. At least with Crisis on Infinite Earths all the stuff that happened before DID happen and IS in canon but the Multiverse was reset and therefore events were changed. But here...nope, none of it matters, no one cares, Barbra Gordon is Batgirl, everyone's young again (it's not like they ever f*ckin' aged in the first place) and all is right with the world. Thank you DC, Thank you SO damn much for caring about people WHO AREN'T GONNA READ COMIC BOOKS IN THE FIRST PLACE more than the people who WERE reading and enjoying them...up until now. Thank you very much.

"Oh what, this ? Yeah, not important anymore."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

So It's Come To This...: Reality Television

So having a broken camera is a bit of a mixed blessing because now I get to tend to my blog a bit more. Normally I'd make a video on this topic BUT then I'd end up rambling and my point would NEVER be made. So I've decided to blog about this topic. I have gone on record as saying "Reality Television is the work of The Devil." and I stand by and support that statement, and given the current state of affairs do I REALLY have to address WHY I think so ?

Well apparently I do, if not just for the sake of having some documentation of my ABSOLUTE HATRED of Reality Television. BUT before I go on I'd like to explain what EXACTLY I mean by Reality Television, because people tend to label things that AREN'T Reality Television AS reality television. I know this whole trend started with "Survivor" BUT "Survivor" is ACTUALLY a game show NOT Reality Television. "Survivor" has a set of contestants, challenges, eliminations and an ultimate goal all of the contestants are trying to achieve.

Just because it's filmed in a different location and chronicles the contestant's struggles DOES NOT MAKE IT A REALITY SHOW! In a like manner, "America's Next Top Model" & "Project Runway" aren't reality shows either for the same reason "Survivor" is not. THEY ARE GAMES! And as much as I hate to say it even "American Idol" doesn't directly qualify as a reality show because ONCE AGAIN there's an ultimate goal that all of the CONTESTANTS are trying to achieve. I don't watch "American Idol" but I understand it's merit as a valid TV show that gives people a chance in the spotlight (and I can't hate on that). ALTHOUGH I CAN however hate on the fact that they PURPOSEFULLY set up the awful singers to get mocked (and that's REALLY uncalled for). 

Shows like "American Idol", "America's Next Top Model" & "Project Runway" are all hosted and produced by people who know the in's and out's of the profession the contestants are hoping to enter into. "America's Next Top Model" is personally my favorite of the bunch and I have NO shame whatsoever for watching it for as long as I have. I applaud Tyra Banks for not becoming a shill and whoring herself out to the masses as a washed-up model. Granted she's FAR from washed-up BUT she's still a good person because she's passing on her knowledge of the industry to help other girls get to where she is. Plus old contestants on the show come back and share some of their experience and it's ALWAYS constructive criticism.

But enough of patting Tyra on the back. ACTUAL reality television are TV shows THAT HAVE NO VALIDITY TO THEM WHATSOEVER! Shows like "The Jersey Shore", "The Simple Life","Keeping Up With The Kardashians", "Kate Plus 8". Why are we watching shows like this ? (Granted I don't have cable so I've NEVER seen an episode of any of these but I am still aware of them). Keep in mind I'm a writer so my gripe with reality TV is a bit different BUT nonetheless valid. But back to my question:


What the hell are they teaching us ? Granted I know all the other ones I mentioned above aren't exactly teaching us anything BUT the contestants DO learn things and get educated by people in the profession they seek to enter, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE LEARNING FROM "THE JERSEY SHORE" How to hold your liquor while shouting at your one night stand to get out of the house ? What are we learning from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" ? That rich snobby chicks spend money and argue about trivial stuff ? What are we learning about "Kate Plus 8"...I'm not even gonna touch that. I HATE to get on my "OH SOCIETY!" soap-box but SERIOUSLY, THIS is what passes for entertainment? Watching some stupid drunken chick with a bad tan make a complete ass of herself at a club?

I'll concede and say that if you're entertained by that THEN BY ALL MEANS. Heck, I enjoy watching morons get their just deserved as much as the next person, BUT you DO have to stop and consider just how much money these talentless morons are making from these shows  and if you don't know I DOUBLE DARE you to Google the numbers...if it doesn't piss you off then I feel EXTREMELY sorry for you and question your mental capabilities.

No, I'm serious. What the hell ? Why are we pandering to these people when there are EXTREMELY talented people on Youtube and elsewhere who RIGHTLY deserve a shot at the big time. BUT INSTEAD our society says that drunken HORRIFIC Italian stereo-types, Slutty Rich Women, and a chick with 8 babies is something that we all REALLY need to be interested in. Is it just me or is that backwards as F*CK?! I'm NOT saying Reality TV is bad, I'm just saying if they're gonna make Reality Shows THEY SHOULD BE Competitions or Helping Other People by either improving their lives or their homes or For Fun Charity ("America's Next Top Model", "Extreme Home Make-Over", "The Biggest Loser", having celebrities on Game Shows competing to raise money for various charities). One of my gripes with "Dancing With The Stars" is that they're dancing for no reason. Sure it's fun but why the Hell should I give a f*ck if Scott Baio is dancing The Waltz ?

Shows like "America's Next Top Model" and "The Biggest Loser" inspire people to go after their goals and that ANYONE can make it. Sometimes the people on the shows are relate-able and their stories strike a cord with the viewer. Hell I remember when Niama won "America's Next Top Model" and my brother and I were ECSTATIC, because not only was she well deserving BUT she was from my hometown DETROIT! What since of relation can you get with Snooki ? (Anyone who can relate to her is probably too drunk to read this anyway). So it's come to this...reality television is SLOWLY becoming more and more relevant to our society while GOOD scripted TV shows are getting pushed to the way-side. How can we remedy this ? 


This is Ugo Strange and this is So It's Come To This...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Supernatural ?

So it's time we had a little chat about our mutual friend "Supernatural", who has just been renewed for a 7th Season...for better or worse (worse in my opinion, but I digress). So I've mentioned on and off that I started to have MAJOR problems with "Supernatural" during it's 5th Season (a bit before then) but I have never went into detail as to what those problems were exactly, so instead of making a lengthy Youtube video about it, that I'd undoubtedly have to script and record and do take after take after and probably end up ranting...I figured the best medium to get my thoughts out would be to write as a blog. So here it is, MY PROBLEMS WITH SUPERNATURAL!

Now before I continue I have to get a few things out of the way: 

  1. I'm a Christian, NO, I will NOT get into a religious debate with you on the validity of Christianity...that is NOT the topic of this blog and I have a blog dedicated to that topic already PLEASE argue with me over there, NOT HERE!
  2. Despite my Christianity I VERY MUCH enjoyed "Supernatural" for all of 4 Seasons, and YES, my religious faith DID play a part in reducing my enjoyment of the series, but hopefully you'll see that I'm not just complaining.
  3. The only reason I'm not watching any of the Seasons after 5 is because to me the story is OVER. Sam & Dean avenged their mother, killed Yellow Eyes and stopped The Apocalypse...WHO CARES WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT, BECAUSE I SURE AS HELL DON'T!
So with all the being said, let's dive in.

For starters I'd like to address Dean's disbelief in Angels. I'm NOT gonna sit here and say that Sam and Dean should be Christians, No. Instead I'm going to point out that in Season One, Episode Four "Phantom Traveler", Sam and Dean had to locate a demon on an airplane. The only problem is, that it's an airplane and everyone would be looking at them if Sam and Dean busted out their equipment and started demon hunting. So how did Dean locate the demon? Well he said "Christo" and waited for a Demon to react to it.

"Christo" is Greek for "Christ" and by using that Dean is acknowledging that the name "Christo" has power. If Dean is aware of that...then likewise he'd have to acknowledge that such a person actually existed in order to cause a demon to react to it. Likewise if he acknowledges that, then he'd have to acknowledge the entire package...which includes Angels. Inconsistent much ?

But let's say for the sake of argument that Dean doesn't believe in Angels because he's never seen one (as said himself in episode 2.13 "Houses Of The Holy"). Okay, fair enough...BUT, he didn't know monsters were real prior to his dad revealing it to him. Also, if you're aware that demons exists, WHERE EXACTLY does he think demons come from? I know in "Supernatural" Lore Demons were once humans. Okay, I'll give them that...but what about Azazel a.k.a Yellow Eyes? In "Supernatural" Lore, regular Ruby were once humans, but Azazel and Alastair...they were once Angels (although the series makes no note of this but it wouldn't be too much of a stretch because Azazel & Alastair have exhibited powers beyond that of the regular demons Sam & Dean have faced).

Okay, but let's just say that Azazel & Alastair were once human as well...okay, that still leaves The Devil. Now you have to ask yourself the question, "How did The Devil get in Hell ?"...didn't put himself there, if he did then why is he trying to get out ? Dean has NO problem accepting The Devil's existence...BUT The Devil doesn't make much sense without the rest of the package. Also, HOW is Dean going to use the name of Christ and HOLY water against Demons and then turn around and say:

"There's no higher power, there's no God. There's just chaos and violence, random unpredictable evil, that comes outta nowhere, rips you to shreds." -Dean Winchester "Houses Of The Holy", Season Two, Episode Thirteen.

I have a question, HOW CAN YOU MAKE HOLY WATER IF THERE IS NO GOD TO MAKE IT HOLY?! Holy Water is Water that is prayed over and purified, the ONLY PROBLEM IS WHO ARE THEY PRAYING TO PURIFY IT?! If there is no God according to Dean, then why is it that he CONSTANTLY uses Him to combat demons ? AND DON'T TELL ME HE ISN'T! In Season Four, Episode Sixteen "On The Head Of A Pin", A cross is CLEARLY seen attached to The Holy Water while Dean is torturing Alastair. How can Dean use Holy Water when it ultimately means nothing ? (according to him that is).

I can see if Dean just didn't WORSHIP God, that'd be two different things entirely. In one respect Dean can acknowledge that God exists but just not want to have anything to do with Him, thus making Dean a Deist. But to FLAT OUT DENY HE EXISTS WHEN YOU'RE CONSTANTLY USING DEVICES DIRECTLY RELATED TO HIM is just PAINFULLY STUPID, am I making any sense here?

(Side Note: I could ALSO get into the theological argument that since Dean does not believe in God using His name would ultimately do nothing for him...but I'm not going to because this isn't the place and I promised not to get TOO Biblical and TRUST ME I COULD!!)

Let's move on. The Angels in "Supernatural" are ALSO one of the MOST IRRITATING thing about the later Seasons. Let's start with their overall personality. THEY'RE EMOTIONLESS?! WHAT?! The Bible makes MANY references to Angels rejoicing and worshiping God (NOTE: the ability to worship IS emotional.) I wouldn't have MUCH of a problem with portraying Angels as emotionless jerks IF "SUPERNATURAL" DIDN'T GO OUT OF IT'S WAY TO PORTRAY EVERY OTHER MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE ACCURATELY!!

Keep in mind, I am a HUGE connoisseur of mythology. I knew what a Rugaru was, a Wendigo, Skinwalker, Doppleganger, YOU NAME IT! One of the things that impressed with "Supernatural" was the fact that it portrayed a LONG list of obscure mythological creatures ACCURATELY for the most part. So when an Angel was introduced I was EXCITED! Only to discover that these guys weren't Angels but rather Knock-Off Vulcans who tortured humans in order to get their way (ie, Zachariah). Ummm, NO! That's NOT HOW ANGELS ACT! How do I know that ? BECAUSE THE SOURCE MATERIAL FROM WHICH ANGELS COME FROM PORTRAYS THEM IN AN EXTREMELY DIFFERENT MANNER!

Read The Bible, SURE Angels are smiting here and there, but they're also helping, rejoicing, being kind, and are actually interested in and AWARE of the things mankind does. (There should be NO REASON why Castiel didn't understand Dean's "Back To The Future" or "Fatal Attraction" reference in Season Five, Episode Thirteen "The Song Remains The Same"). I mean after watching "Supernatural" can ANYONE tell me ONE distinguishing trait between The Angels & Demons ? ANYONE ?! ANYONE?! THAT'S RIGHT, YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THEY ACTED THE SAME!! In The Bible Angels are actually VERY COOL.  I am VERY doubtful that an Angel would appear to you and FORCE you to do something by giving you stomach cancer (Season Five, Episode One "Sympathy For The Devil"). 

Case in point, Luke 1:28-38 when an Angel appeared to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby even though she was a virgin, Mary didn't lament the fact that it'd ruin her reputation and people would consider her a whore (Which they did and still do), she just asked how such a thing was possible and then after getting the explanation, she agreed. If she had said "No." I doubt it would have resorted to physical violence...then again we'll never know that because no one back in those days was stupid enough to say "No." to an angel.

Another issue. Dean's gonna say "No.". So you seriously have a SURE FIRE way to stop Lucifer and you say "No.". Keep in mind that they DIDN'T STOP LUCIFER, they just put him back in the cage...he CAN break out again...what are they gonna do then ? Lucifer would have been DEAD AND GONE, Humanity would have been saved and that would have been the end of it all. The Angels made it sound like people were just going to die and that'd be it. NO, I read The Bible, I'm well aware of how the apocalypse is supposed to go and it ends with a New Earth and New Heaven not just random death for no purpose. And after all isn't that what Sam & Dean are working towards ? A World with no monsters where everyone is safe and secure ? Apparently not...

(SIDE NOTE: Keep in mind we're ALMOST finished with this, THANKS for reading this far.)

This NEXT tidbit is the 2nd from the DUMBEST THING EVER said on "Supernatural", and I ONLY say Second because my LAST gripe with this series is a DOZY!. In Season Five, Episode Six "I Believe The Children Are Our Future", Sam & Dean encounter a young boy who is revealed to be The Anti-Christ. This revelations leads to this exchange between Sam and Castiel:

Anyway, I don't get it. Jesse is the devil's son? 

No, of course not. Your Bible gets more wrong than it does right. The antichrist is not Lucifer's child. It's just demon spawn. But it is one of the devil's greatest weapons in the war against heaven. 

 Geez, That's interesting BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THE ANTI-CHRIST BEING THE DEVIL'S SON!! THAT'S "THE OMEN". You wanna know what The Bible says about The Anti-Christ read Rev 13 I can assure you that you will NOT FIND ANYTHING IN THERE ABOUT HIM BEING SATAN'S SON! Furthermore how can it be WRONG when it doesn't even say anything to that effect ? How is it that Castiel (being an Angel remember) IS UNAWARE OF WHAT'S IN THE BIBLE?! I understand "Supernatural" is a work of fiction but it's making a reference to a book that exists and people are able to fact check things when something is said about that book.

It'd be the same way if I said that Superman ALWAYS had his power. NO we can fact check and say Superman ONLY has his powers under a Yellow sun, under a Red Sun he loses them. Or RATHER that'd be like Superman HIMSELF saying he's ALWAYS had his powers DESPITE BEING FULLY AWARE THAT HE GETS THEM FROM THE YELLOW SUN. So basically Castiel is denying a bit of information that ISN'T IN THE BOOK HE'S REFERENCING AND CLAIMING IT'S WRONG DESPITE GETTING THE ENTIRE REFERENCE WRONG DESPITE BEING A BEING IN WHICH THE BOOK MAKES NUMEROUS REFERENCE TO AND DESPITE BEING A DIRECT CREATION FROM THE PERSON WHO CREATED THE BOOK AND YET NOT HAVING KNOWLEDGE OF IT?! 



And now we come to my BIGGEST problem with this series and the MAIN reason why I considered it to be one of THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS EVER!

Why is Anna Milton the CATALYST for my frustration with this series? Because in my LONG standing history of watching TV (and trust me, it's a LONG history) I have YET to encounter a character as UNFATHOMABLY, UNFLINCHINGLY, IMMEASURABLY STUPID AS ANNA MILTON! Just so we're on the same page and you remember this ABSOLUTE idiot, I'm going to give you Anna's back story.

Anna was an Angel (Castiel's superior actually) who got tired of being an angel and ripped out her "Grace", fell to Earth and was reborn as a human.

So how is she THE DUMBEST CHARACTER EVER you ask ? Well in the aforementioned episode "On The Head Of A Pin"Uriel (another angel) is revealed to be the killer and he fights Castiel. Several statements are said:

You can't win, Uriel. I still serve God.

You haven't even met the man. There is no will. No wrath. No God.

Maybe. Or maybe not. But there's still me.




*clears throat*

I rest my case. Granted I could have ripped this entire series to shreds BUT I didn't. I just pointed a few logical inconsistencies that BUGGED me to the point where I could no longer ignore them. I won't deny that "Supernatural" is still one of the BEST shows ever written about this particular subject BUT once they included Christianity they messed up COMPLETELY. I COULD have addressed the FACT that if The Christian God DOES exists in The "Supernatural" universe than EVERY other god they've encountered was just a demon posing as a god since in Christianity God is THE ONLY GOD (Isa 44:6, 43:10, 46:9). But I'm not going to. "Supernatural" would STILL be a great show if it hadn't attempted to write in Christianity as there are a GREAT multitude of various demonic entities that aren't directly related to Hell and Christianity that "Supernatural" could have exploited. The Japanese have onis, The Greeks have various lore about evil spirits ect. ect. 

In one of my favorite episodes of the later seasons Season Five, Episode Nineteen "Hammer Of The Gods" THAT could have been a GREAT path of the series to go AFTER killing Azazel, Sam & Dean dealing with a bunch of Pagans Gods who are trying to take the world over as their own by sending their various minions to take them out. Instead, Eric Kripke made a horrible attempt to include Christianity and it just mucked things up for a series that was going WELL WITHOUT IT! I would have ENJOYED the story arc of Eve (SIDE NOTE: Why is her name Eve ? Why not just make her The Goddess Echidna ? Because guess what ? SHE ACTUALLY IS THE MOTHER OF ALL MONSTERS!) IF she was a character that was involved from the BEGINNING...but now she's just playing second fiddle to The DAMN APOCALYPSE!! 

Anyway, that'll do it for me. I HOPE I've answered that question definitively and laid this matter to rest. Now I gotta go make some pizza rolls my stomach is killing me!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Power Rangers Theme Songs

So thanks to Linkara's "History Of The Power Rangers" Series (and if you haven't seen it and you're a Power Rangers fan, I suggest you watch it NOW) I've been doing a LOT of thinking about The Power Rangers and reviewing their theme songs. I'm not THAT up to date on the newer series, I frankly don't have time to watch them all, BUT I have heard their theme songs and I gotta post a list of my favorites. So Enjoy!

Sometimes you just CAN'T beat the original. I remember as a kid whenever I heard the opening riffs I'd come RUSHING to the TV! This was my Sh*t back in the day, and ANY kid who grew up with The Power Rangers KNOWS that when this song starts playing "SH*T IS ABOUT TO GET REAL!" Despite ALL the great themes out there, NONE of them can match the majesty of the original.

The Zeo Opening is SO awesome. It plays the original notes of The Power Rangers theme on a minor key with a bit MORE majesty. This to me plays up the AWESOME powers of the Zeo Crystals. I LOVE this thing and the opening choir singing "ZEO!" all at once. Just really adds some awe to it.

BEST SEASON, BEST ENDING theme song. If this HAD been the LAST opening theme I heard for the Power Ranges I'd be happy. Ron Wasserman just goes ALL out here with excellent guitar riffs and lyrics that REALLY play up the awesomeness of the Power Rangers. "LONG LIVE THE POWER RANGERS!"

I LOVE the opening to this. SADLY this was the ONLY embeddable version of this song I could find. I love The "TURN ON THE POWER" parts, that's when it REALLY starts to rock. But Seriously the opening of this is the BEST part. Bring in the majesty (I'm using that word a lot) of the new series and REALLY ringing in a NEW series after "In Space". 

Not a BAD series, easily my favorite of the Non-Zordon Era Rangers but This theme kicks SO MUCH ass with it's collective harmony parts of "TIME, TIME, TIME (FOR POWER RANGERS TIM FORCE)" Seriously, I LOVE that in music and having it in a Power Rangers theme is just AWESOME!

Catchy and has some REALLY fun parts to it. Plus it kinda old school, bringing back themes of protecting the environment and teamwork, all of these things are present in the theme as well as the show and it's VERY reflective of the show. I like this theme VERY much!

 I have NOT seen a SINGLE episode of RPM but based on this theme ALONE, I am SUPER excited. Of ALL the themes I've heard of the Non-Zordon Era, this one is EASILY the best. Energetic, intense and REALLY sounds like as the lyrics state "THIS IS THE LAST STAND FOR HUMANITY!". I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the AHHHHH parts of it. It sounds REALLY triumphant and battle ready. This intro is an honest to God WAR cry and THE BEST theme I've heard in a LONG TIME. It's VERY forthright about the stakes and what The Power Rangers are all about, "You'll never break us or erase us !" HOT DAMN this song rocks. I REALLY hope this Season rocks as much as it's theme.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Movies I'm Looking Forward To In 2011!

So let's face it! Everyone has their list of movies that are coming out this year that they ALL have decided they're gonna see NO MATTER WHAT! So I decided to share with you all my INCREDIBLY short (I'm being facetious) list of movies that are coming out THIS year that I'm gonna make DAMN SURE I see.

#1 SUCKER PUNCH (March. 25, 2011)
Zack Snyder has given us an EXCELLENT "Dawn Of The Dead" remake,"300", and "Watchmen" plus with an upcoming "Superman" movie that has everyone's attention, it's not hard to see why Zack Snyder is quickly becoming an infamous name among comicbook fans and movie-goers alike. Me personally, I like Zack Snyder and I'm probably one of the FEW people who can forgive him for "Watchmen" (after all, he didn't WRITE IT). So when I saw the trailer for "Sucker Punch" was hooked INSTANTLY, hot chicks, an insane asylum, murder weapons, and disorganized changes of location! SIGN ME UP! Seriously though, "Sucker Punch" looks like it's gonna an extremely visual and badass movie of digital lunacy that we probably haven't seen since the "Star Wars" prequels, however the REASON I can forgive it here and not in the "Star Wars" prequels is because "Sucker Punch" is NOT a franchise and considering Zack Snyder's track record, MADDENINGLY INSANE are kinda his thing. Check out the trailer below!

#2  BATTLE: LOS ANGELES (March. 11, 2011)
What is it with South Africans and Aliens? After Neill Blomkamp' "District 9"  it seemed like South Africans were the go-to guys for realistic sci-fi movies. Jonathan Liebesman certainly has an interesting track record as far as hard and gritty goes. "Darkness Falls", "Rings", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" and "The Killing Room", quite an interesting jump from horror to sci-fi, but those worlds aren't too far apart (see "Alien" for proof of that). Considering this a balls to the wall war movie with aliens, I can say that this looks BAD ASS. How could you NOT wanna see this movie after seeing a trailer like this?!

I really like Matt Damon and I can pretty much say that almost any movie he signs on is probably going to be pretty good. After seeing this trailer, I know I'm gonna end up watching some love story unfold with slim to no-chances of Matt Damon kicking random ass BUT, this just so happens to be a Philip K. Dick story...and if you don't know who Philip K. Dick is then I feel unbelievably sorry for you. Being a fan of Dick and Damon, I figured I can't lose and after seeing the trailer this looks like it's gonna be a pretty fun movie. Plus, I've always been a face of otherworldy forces controlling or monitoring the fate of man.

#4 GREEN LANTERN (June 17, 2011)
How LONG have we been waiting for this movie?! Honestly, I thought we were all convinced that a Green Lantern movie should've happened SOONER than LATER...and that Ryan Reynolds should play Wally West and NOT Hal Jordan...but that's another topic...Anyways, after hearing that they were going to make a Green Lantern movie (FINALLY!) I was like well this could go one of two ways, either it's going to be EXTREMELY offensive to fans OR it's going to EXTREMELY offensive as a movie in general. Needless to say I don't have incredibly high hopes for this movie (nothing against Ryan Reynolds, he's actually one of my favorite actors) but my hopes lie in the direction and well...just the over all look of it. The costume looks AWFUL and OBVIOUSLY fake and I can already tell I'm going to be distracted by it the entire movie. But, nonetheless, I'm still gonna try to see this movie because I like Green Lantern AND I'm HOPING Guy Gardener shows up AT LEAST once! Trailer is below!

#5 SUPER 8 (June 10, 2011)
J.J. Abrams has been a MAD HOUSE of viral marketing and probably the guru of the viral market.  "Cloverfield", "L O S T", you name it, he's done it. So when J.J. Abrams hooks up with his more evolved self Steven Spielberg, the name combo SPELLS BIG BUCKS for studios. So far the story of "Super 8" looks like a re-imagining of "E.T." but a bit more action packed (if that makes any sense). I am VERY much so looking forward to this movie and enjoying another of J.J.'s self-spun tales. I'll gladly sit out "Star Trek" and any other franchise he sticks his hand in, but when it comes to his own original work, J.J. Abrams is a BEAST! Trailer Below !

#6 TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PT. 1 (Nov. 18, 2011)
YES! "Twilight"  and NO, I am NOT kidding, I AM VERY MUCH SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS MOVIE! Confused ?! Here's why, ever since I started my Twilight Review Series on Youtube, I have found it to be BY FAR the MOST fun I've EVER had reviewing a movie. The "Twilight" films are SO awful they have allowed me to go on rants the likes of which could only be achieved by The Angry Video Game Nerd!! *sigh* I can already hear myself laughing my ass off at horrendous dialogue and Edward's "I have a stick up my ass!" Vampire face. BRING IT ON TWILIGHT! Honestly, it's been awhile since I've complained about anything and I've been waiting for this vial of awfulness to RANT and RAVE about how awful it is! PLUS, having seen the movies I am immune from "Just Being One Of Those Guys Who Hates Twilight." I'm telling you, these movies are awful...and while I WON'T pay any money to see it, I WILL REVIEW THE F*CK outta this movie. Trailer Unavailable...