Sunday, May 29, 2011

So It's Come To This...: Reality Television

So having a broken camera is a bit of a mixed blessing because now I get to tend to my blog a bit more. Normally I'd make a video on this topic BUT then I'd end up rambling and my point would NEVER be made. So I've decided to blog about this topic. I have gone on record as saying "Reality Television is the work of The Devil." and I stand by and support that statement, and given the current state of affairs do I REALLY have to address WHY I think so ?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Supernatural ?

So it's time we had a little chat about our mutual friend "Supernatural", who has just been renewed for a 7th Season...for better or worse (worse in my opinion, but I digress). So I've mentioned on and off that I started to have MAJOR problems with "Supernatural" during it's 5th Season (a bit before then) but I have never went into detail as to what those problems were exactly, so instead of making a lengthy Youtube video about it, that I'd undoubtedly have to script and record and do take after take after and probably end up ranting...I figured the best medium to get my thoughts out would be to write as a blog. So here it is, MY PROBLEMS WITH SUPERNATURAL!