Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Movies I'm Looking Forward To In 2017

Better late than never. Here is my list of movies I'm looking forward to. Many obvious ones on this list. Here we go.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Last Of Us Part II: The Story That Could Be

So incase you live under a rock or could careless about the latest video game news, Naughty Dog's 2013 MASSIVE hit game "The Last Of Us" is getting a sequel. This is news to me as I thought I wasn't going to happen and this is news to everyone else since they were waiting for it. However, while I'm excited for the sequel in a small dose (after all I refuse to purchase a PS4 for one game) my apprehension in regards to "The Last Of Us part II" is the return of Joel & Ellie as main characters. Why? Here's why.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

What's Up With Gail Simone ?

Comic Books have been dying a slow death for a LONG time now, ever since The New 52 and the insanity of turning Beast Boy red (they've turned him Green again but still...). But now Comic Books are just becoming another platform infested with the eyeball rolling worldview of Modern Day Feminism. If it's not She-Thor (whom I've dubbed Thorina) punching Absorbing-Man in the face (not for robbery but for using "Feminism as a four letter word", actual quote), to Odin's Father offering "Red Pill MRA Menninist casual racism Unsolicited opinions on Israel" (again direct quote) and Wonder Woman at long last FINALLY coming out as bisexual after YEARS of speculation, we finally get these gems from Gail Simone once again showcasing what's wrong with comic books these days and entertainment as a whole.

Friday, January 13, 2017

What's Going On?

This is going to be a strange article (very apt, considering the name of the blog) but I digress. I've been feeling a tiring out of sorts. Entertainment has hit an INCREDIBLE high! We got comic book movies coming out of every orifice, we got "Star Wars" movies coming out every year, we got Netflix shows blowing up like crazy: "Stranger Things", "Iron Fist", "The Defenders", "House Of Cards" and we got brand new video games breaking out. We're truly living in an era where entertainment is ruling the roost, so what's going on?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Did 2K Sell Us The Same Game ?

I'm a HUGE wrestling gamer. I loved wrestling games ever since the days of "WWF: Warzone" (so you know I got cred). The main reason why was because of Create A Wrestler Mode. A function of the game where you get to create your own wrestler with their own moves, entrances and so on. Then "WWF: Attitude" upped the ante in allowing you to create an arena and create a PPV and introduced a Career Mode. Now I was a Nintendo64 for guy so unfortunately I never got to play any of the SMACKDOWN series for Playstation that I hear were actually REALLY good, but when I gotta Playstation 2 "SMACKDOWN!: Shut Your Mouth" & "SMACKDOWN: Here Comes The Pain" were my go to games and I also did partake of the awesomeness that was "WrestleMania 2000" & "WWF: No Mercy". Then the "SMACKDOWN vs. Raw" series came out and more creative ability came with it. I gotta PS3 VERY late in the game so my last wrestling game purchase was "WWE2K14" and at long last I got what I've finally been missing in wrestling games all my life, the ability to add custom music. With, the ability to create a story, a title, an arena, a whole show and 100 create a wrestler slots I had finally gotten everything I had ever wanted in a wrestling game...but alas, my victory was a hollow one, here's why after the break;