Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Song Of Image & Sexism

And so we're back to this old topic of Feminism and The MRM. As most of you reading this know I've recently taken the Red Pill and well I'm starting to see a lot of crap going on, especially in my own backyard. This little gem found it's way on Facebook a month ago and I wanted to say something then BUT I didn't feel like getting into a comment war on Facebook...and I've been in quite a few of those. This isn't anything alarming BUT it is an amusing microcosm of a larger issue. So let's dive in;

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fan Rage & The Right To B*tch

In light of the recent "Iron Man 3" Mandarin Controversy (That I'm officially calling "Mandargate"), I watched several videos and read a few articles detailing the polarizing reactions from fans and laymen alike which lead me to write this article, Do fans have the right to bitch? The short answer is Yes, and I'll give you the long answer after the break;

Friday, May 3, 2013

Can We Talk About "Iron Man 3" Now ?

So unlike most you cats, I got to see "Iron Man 3" earlier than some of you so I was sitting on quite a bombshell for a few days. Now that "Iron Man 3" has been released to the general public, I can discuss my thoughts in greater detail and discuss some spoilers. So if you haven't seen "Iron Man 3" and want to stay away from spoilers, DO NOT READ BELOW THE BREAK! However if you don't care about spoilers please continue on;