Who Is Ugo Strange ?

Ugo Strange

U-Gizzle, The King Of The Universe, The Monkey, King Of The Monkeys, The Emperor & Ruler Of The Common Wealth Of Kahndaq, The C.E.O Of Merkahba'Rynthos Industries, The Dudman, Grand Inquisitor Margulis, Dr. Sellers, U-TIC Commander Margulis, Jo Nah Of Rimbor, Superboy...PRIME!, Logan J. Markov, Crew, The Spliza, Logan Jack of Markovia, The First One, En Sabah Nur, Nur Mirkos, That Green Gentlemen, Knuckles Montana, Beastboy, Adam Beastboy, Garfield Logan, Doctor Huxtable's Illegitimate Son, Adam Huxtable, Dennis Breaker, Easton McSorely, Brainiac 5, Mr. Accurate All Day, The Mystic Gohan!

So who is Ugo Strange? Well I'm a writer's writer, artist, game developer, amatuer filmmaker, movie reviewer, avid TV watcher, comic book reader, anime watcher, hardcore wrestling gamer, Battle Rap aficionado and budding board gamer. But those are just hobbies, who am I? Well, Ugo Strange is a nickname I got in the 5th grade that just stuck and despite me being a comic book fan, the nick name did NOT come from Dr. Hugo Strange from the Batman comicbooks (oddly enough). So no, Ugo Strange is not my real name and no I won't tell you my real name, I do believe I said it somewhere in one of my Youtube videos and I'll leave that to you to search for if you're that curious.

Let's get the serious stuff out of the way first. So I am a Christian (I run a Christian blog called Copious Christian), Politically, I consider myself a Conservative (although the current Conservative Party isn't conservative enough for me...) and no, I won't bite you. That being said, I'm a husband to an amazing and wonderful wife and father to an equally amazing and wonderful boy (at the time I'm writing this 8/8/2017 he is 3 Months old) and enjoying Fatherhood very much. I'm 30 at the time of writing this, a former Michigander from Detroit currently living in Washington (the state, not D.C....never D.C.).

Now on to the silly stuff. As far as comicbooks go I'm very much a DC guy than I am a Marvel guy but as of the writing of this profile I haven't read a comicbook in awhile...I read "Batman: Court Of Owls" and boy was that a mistake...Anyway, I love talking about movies and TV shows and just about anything written. Writing/creating is truly my passion and when the writing is exceptionally good, I'm over the moon. Recently, I've gushed about the amazing writing of "Breaking Bad", "Hannibal" & "The Sopranos" as being some of the best written shows to ever grace TV (with "Cult" and "Awake" tagging along as unappreciated gems). Aside from that I love telling stories, I believe God put me on Earth to tell stories and that's what I'm going to do. I will tell a story anyway I possibly can. 

Not much else to me, I have the tendency to quote movies or integrate phrases from songs or movies into my everyday speech that (much to the dismay of my wife) I have nothing original to say but that's not true, all my original quips I save for my writing. I'm a product of the 90s and therefore to me there will always be 151 (counting Mewtwo & Missingno.) Poke'Mon, despite everything Batman from "Batman: The Animated Series" will always be the best Batman, no discussion. That being said, I'm an introvert by nature and am generally silent unless directly spoken to and asked a none "yes" or "no" question. Philosophically, I consider myself an amalgam of Jung, Skinner and a few others. Aside from that I'm a pretty average dude just sharing my opinion about stuff online, hope you enjoy.

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