Who Is Ugo Strange ?

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Ugo Strange

U-Gizzle, The King Of The Universe, The Monkey, King Of The Monkeys, The Emperor & Ruler Of The Common Wealth Of Kahndaq, The C.E.O Of Merkahba'Rynthos Industries, The Dudman, Grand Inquisitor Margulis, Dr. Sellers, U-TIC Commander Margulis, Jo Nah Of Rimbor, Superboy...PRIME!, Logan J. Markov, Crew, The Spliza, Logan Jack of Markovia, The First One, En Sabah Nur, Nur Mirkos, That Green Gentlemen, Knuckles Montana, Beastboy, Adam Beastboy, Garfield Logan, Doctor Huxtable's Illegitimate Son, Adam Huxtable, Dennis Breaker, Easton McSorely, Brainiac 5, Mr. Accurate All Day, The Mystic Gohan!

I'm Ugo Strange, the writer and owner of this blog. I'm a film school graduate, movie reviewer, amateur film maker, a writer's writer, avid TV watcher, comic book reader, anime watcher, anime music video maker, musician, Battle Rap aficionado and Hardcore Wrestling gamer. Ask at your own risk! I won't bite...unless you ask.

Twitter: @Ugostrange

Youtube: UgoStrange

Anime Music Videos: Logan J. Markov

Ask Me Anything: UgoStrange

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The Flag Of The Common Wealth Of Kahndaq

 photo Ormus_zps7b634a47.jpg
Grand Inquisitor Of Ormus

 photo Utic_zps1d4e324c.jpg
Commander Of The U-TIC Organization

 photo hyams_zps9745be77.jpg
Regional Director of Hyams Heavy Industries

 photo OZlogo_zps05a74a3d.jpg
Commander Of The OZ Faction

 photo a71_zps9578e03c.jpg
Certified Brony

 photo Weedaula2_zpsa5a1f536.png
Gropaga Acolyte of The Dectrip Faith of The Church Of Inglip

 photo ShiraiRyu_zps52ea25bd.jpg
A Member Of The Shirai Ryu

 photo LK-Symbol3_zps5dd1693c.jpg
A Member of Lin Kuei

 photo CTU_zpsbd8fc106.jpg
Regional Director of C.T.U

 photo The_Hydra_logo_red_zpsd6bc3098.png
Director Of Hydra Island

 photo TheTemple1_zpse94836c2.jpg
Head Of Observation At The Pearl Station

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