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So It's Come To This...: The People vs. Justin Bieber

This is another one of those articles where I wasn't sure if I was going to do a video or a blog about it, as you can tell I chose to do a blog because making a video would cause me to rant I feel like I should stay on topic for this particular subject. The upsetting thing is that this is an off shoot of a my previous "So It's Come To This..." article. Like all things that angry my blood I have to set up the scenario and explain just why this particular subject frustrates the living crap outta me.

So a few months ago I was browsing Youtube back when the 6 minute "The Dark Knight Rises" preview came out and I managed to track it down before Warner Brothers yanked it. I thought it was FREAKIN' awesome however I too was concerned about Bane's voice and I (stupidly) browsed the comments to see what they had to say about it. After sifting through a few comments I found one that struck a cord with me that caused me to write this article.

"This is way better than Justin Bieber"

Unfortunately I couldn't locate the comment to take a screenshot of it but that's what it said. So this is what caused me to write this article and to address a few things that bug me about the intense Justin Bieber hatred. For starters, here I am watching a video about Batman and suddenly a COMPLETELY UNRELATED TOPIC just randomly pops up.

But that's not the most troubling thing here, the troubling thing is that there are people who believe that this is a valid comparison. Let me preamble this by saying that I am NOT a Justin Bieber fan (given where I work I am constantly exposed to his music and despite the fact that I don't exactly care for it, I fail to see the difference between him and EVERY OTHER TEENAGE SINGER THAT CAME BEFORE HIM) so the hatred that he's been getting lately has got me curious about what's so unlikable about him...and thus far I haven't found anything.

Justin Bieber is NOT the main focus of this article but he is a part of a larger point I'm going to make. I have NO problem with criticizing various media as it is our right as a people to shun the things that suck and praise the things that don't. But there's a line when criticizing becomes hating...and hating has NEVER been cool!


Understand something here people, I am NOT saying Justin Bieber is above criticism (NO ONE is above criticism) what I am saying is that a good 99.99% of the criticism he's gotten is completely invalid. Why ?! Because the people who criticize him were already against him to begin with. If Justin Bieber's music doesn't appeal to you, no problem, but if you bitch and complain about it how his music doesn't appeal to you then there's a VERY valid reason why.


Seriously, it's like comparing "The Wire" to "Sesame Street"!! One is a television show aimed at adults, the other is a television aimed at infants and pre-schoolers! Justin Bieber is a pop-singer aimed at young to teenage girls from middle-school to early high-school. Basically what I'm saying is if you're not a teenage girl in middle school you should kindly shut the f*ck up about Justin Bieber.

This would actually be an AWESOME concept!

But this article isn't about Justin Bieber, it's about HATERS! And as Urban Dictionary defines haters each definition implies one simple factor, HATERS ARE SUBJECTIVE! For the slow crowd what I'm saying is that Haters have no VALID reason why they dislike a person. As I've said, a lot of the hate Justin Bieber gets revolves around his voice (and as a person who's constantly criticized for his voice and told he sounds like a girl, this only makes me more sympathetic to Bieber), they talk about his appearance and how he looks like a girl (I really don't see that.), none of them can provide a valid reason why they dislike HIM (as a person). As I said before I don't care for his music but I'm not saying jack crap about Justin Bieber as a person because I have no beef with the kid.

Justin Bieber's success isn't even dependent on you! He makes his money solely from the people who buy his albums and if you haven't bought his album then you have no right to complain. Furthermore Justin Bieber is a completely avoidable musician. I'll be a prime example. I have NO CLUE what the new Lady Gaga song is...WHY?! Because I don't listen to Lady Gaga. I couldn't tell you the name of Lil' Wayne's new single, WHY?! Because I don't listen to Lil' Wayne! Basically if theres something that you don't wanna listen to;


This brings me to the point of this article, something that STILL infuriates me TO THIS DAY! Why is it that there are people who COMPLETELY HATE a 17 year old boy making legitimate money and music that IS NOT BASED ON YOU, as opposed to an incredibly poor Italian stereo-type whose money is made from being a drunken moron and perpetuating the ideology that one doesn't have to have talent or intelligence to get ahead in life.

I'm talking about this waste of humanity.
I've raised this topic before but HONESTLY, you'd rather talk about how much Justin Bieber's music sucks as opposed to complain about the injustice that there are people out there who aren't making enough money to keep a roof over their heads while Snooki is getting paid more money than any of us will ever see in 10 years and FOR WHAT?! This isn't a matter about whether or not "The Jersey Shore" is in my demographic, this is a matter of legitimate money from working hard at making a product people in your demographic will love (Justin Bieber) and doing something that any slutty sorority girl can do (Snooki). 

Did you know Snooki was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University where she was quoted as saying "Study hard, party harder"...thanks Snooki, that's just what our future generation needs to hear. Seriously, why in the HELL is NO ONE SAYING JACK CRAP ABOUT THIS!? In a perfectly logical world Snooki should be shunned and invoke absolute rage and pity within us.

HITTING WOMEN IS NOT COOL! (but this guy deserves a medal for doing what we all want to!)
The fury about this whole thing isn't how people treat Justin Bieber, rather it's how people ignore VALID complaints about society. If you don't like Justin Bieber's music, NO PROBLEM, but if you're watching "The Jersey Shore" and contributing to the wealth of this stupid waste of air then you SERIOUSLY need to re-think how you view the world. And so it's come to this where I have to defend Justin Bieber for the sake of calling people's attention to an even bigger injustice, PEOPLE WITH NO TALENT MAKING GOOD MONEY OFF THEIR STUPIDITY! And I don't wanna hear any sarcastic ass-hole say "Justin Bieber doesn't have any talent either!" The boy has enough talent to achieve what he needs to (making inoffensive pop music for teenage girl) so that's not a valid argument. 

Anyways, please leave your comments and thoughts below and once again I'm Ugo Strange and this is "So It's Come To This..." .

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