Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Song Of Image & Sexism

And so we're back to this old topic of Feminism and The MRM. As most of you reading this know I've recently taken the Red Pill and well I'm starting to see a lot of crap going on, especially in my own backyard. This little gem found it's way on Facebook a month ago and I wanted to say something then BUT I didn't feel like getting into a comment war on Facebook...and I've been in quite a few of those. This isn't anything alarming BUT it is an amusing microcosm of a larger issue. So let's dive in;

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So awhile ago this image was posted on Facebook, it's a common image that I've seen before so I didn't think anything of it. I just chuckled and moved on like most people would. After all the image isn't offensive, it's basically showcasing the differences in entertainment of Men & Women. Nothing to see here folks. That is of course...until feminists get wind of it...then suddenly it becomes a form of sexism against women;

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So this image is sexist because it's not taking into account The many girls who DO watch "Dragonball Z". Okay. First of all this image, like MOST humorous images are based on a little thing called The Majority. Let's be honest here ladies, what's the leading demographic that purchases Barbie dolls and Barbie related paraphernalia? What's the leading demographic that watched "High School Musical" it ain't men and boys. I can say that for a FACT considering where I work. What's the leading demographic that read and watch "Twilight"? Yeah, once again you rule that too ladies. Let's not kid ourselves ladies, things like Barbie, "Twilight" & "High School Music" are made for the consumption of women and girls, just like Playboy & Girls Gone Wild are solely aimed at men, it's called "That's The Way Things Are."

Now is this image denying the female fans of "Dragonball Z" ? No. It's basically saying on average, the people most likely to discuss and watch "Dragonball Z" are male (no brainer since it's a show about martial arts and fighting, which isn't exactly known to garner much attention from women). However since these women want to insert sexism into the picture, well 2 can play at that game and I'll assert that the image isn't sexist against women but against men!

Look at the image. While the girl is constantly growing in her tastes of entertainment the boy to man remains stagnant in his youth and still finds a show he watched at 7 years old entertaining even well into his early 20's. Essentially the image is telling us that while Women mature, Men will forever remain in their childhood and won't explore other options in terms of entertainment. Long story short, it's the old "Men are immature." Stereotype.

Not buying it are you? OF COURSE you're not, because it's a ridiculous argument. Why is it a ridiculous argument? BECAUSE THE IMAGE IS TELLING THE TRUTH! I'm 26 and I still love me some "Dragonball Z", as a man, I can openly admit that and see the image for what it is. Unfortunately, this group of women can't see the image for what it is, and rather than taking it as an honest representation of the demographic and generational difference between what the sexes consider entertainment, they take it personally and cry "SEXISM!". A guy could have just as EASILY inserted "I DON'T WATCH DRAGONBALL Z!" the image is CLEARLY saying that ALL MEN WATCH "DRAGONBALL Z". Yeah...

So what's their beef here? Are they offended that they're not counted among the fans of "Dragonball Z", once again they need to understand that they're in the minority of the demographic, so they're counted but not in large numbers as the male demographic. Are they angry because the choices in entertainment on the female side are considered pretty lame. Understandable, but unfortunately you'll find more girls who can name the entire cast of "High School Musical" and give you Edward Cullen's entire back story before they'd recognize Vegeta and Gohan or tell you what event caused Goku to finally hit Super Saiyajin and that's the honest to God truth, and you KNOW IT IS! I wouldn't be upset if someone posted an image showing African Americans who didn't know much about "Star Wars". Honestly speaking African Americans are still a small demographic in the sci-fi community. Why do you think Billy D. Williams and Samuel L. Jackson were put in a "Star Wars" movie? It's because their presence opens up the market for the African American demographic.

The thing to take away from this is that Feminists are humorless and are pretty much unable to face reality. Honestly, Feminists need to face facts. This isn't sexism! This is an exaggerated humorous image of a demographic reality, there is NOTHING dishonest or sexist about it, and to insert sexism in the discussion is to give the image more thought than it took going into it, and I just proved that looking at it from a sexism against men point of view the image is actually much worse than it is for women. So wanna cry sexism over this...ya sure? Okay. In conclusion, I'll leave you with this little comment a Woman posted on Facebook that made me laugh, and I'll leave to you the rest of you to cry "SEXISM!" about it. But stop for minute and think who it's sexist against.

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