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Gotham S01E02 "Selina Kyle" Review

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I am still unsure how I feel about "Gotham" at times it comes off generic and at other times it's hard and gritty and everything a show like this should be, still there are some issues I'm having connecting with the material. James Gordon and Aswald Cobblepot continue to steal every scene they're in but that's about it. And it looks the series is gonna run episodic as opposed to serial. I'd prefer a serial format because then they could build up the up-coming mob war between Maroni and Falcone with Cobblepot swooping in and taking the spoils. Anyways, let's review the episode.

This episode primarily focused on Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman, a character we were first introduced to in the pilot as more of a distant observer to the Wayne murder, which I liked and the girl playing Selina Kyle has all the sass she needs to carry this role and make it believable, I still have my doubts about the boy playing Bruce Wayne...he sound more whiny than he does the eventual Batman. Jada Pinkett's Fish Mooney continues to make me roll my eyes, but what else is new? This episode showcased James Gordon as being that honest cop when even the mayor played sociopathically calm by Richard Kind (which is AWESOME) revealed himself as probably the most corrupt.

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It's the face, he can look crazy and happy at the same time

The Dollmaker is a new character introduced in 2011, rather interesting mofo if you ask me and he could've made for a very interesting serial killer angle (lord knows how much I love serial killers), not that it matters as he doesn't make an appearance in this episode and THERE IN lies the problem once again. "Gotham" is basically becoming The Batman Easter Egg Hunt, where each episode a well known or obscure figure will be mentioned in passing almost like sitcoms when they give a nod and wink to the screen whenever a well known actor shows up playing themselves. They could turn people like The Dollmaker into a season long villain and each season can deal with a new bad guy, so maybe Season 1 is The Dollmaker, Season 2, Victor Zasz, ect. ect. and while those seasons are going, episodes here and there can include other Batman villains that are obscure. And I supposes that's what's so disillusioning about this show, we wanna see what we KNOW we're NOT gonna see.

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She kinda looks Jude Law in that one scene in "Closer", basically what I'm saying is, she's a really pretty girl.

Aswald Cobblepot continues to be the most interesting character in the series, he comes off as this timid, very dapper young man who speaks softly and is EXTREMELY well mannered but inside is a RAGING lunatic and I love it to death! He plays the character with the right kind of harmless menace that you just can't help but smile at, and the fact that no one takes him seriously just makes him that much more dangerous. I can't wait till Aswald kills Fish Mooney, that'll be the highlight for me.

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"Oh, I just may have to kill you, unfortunately."

The episode by in large wasn't bad, but it's still not the game changer that a serious likes this NEEDS if it's going to last beyond one season. Selina Kyle revealing she knows who killed the Waynes is an afterthought, we need a "OH SNAP!" moment, and the man hunt for Joe Chill isn't interesting enough to keep people tuning in every Monday. I'm still not confident this series is gonna last, maybe episode 3 will change my tune, but I imagine once Penguin gets going, I'll be tuning in...just to see him kill Fish Mooney. Until then, meh, it's a nice show but I won't go out of my way to watch it.

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