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Pretty Little Liars S06E09 "Last Dance" Review

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The penultimate episode before all is revealed and we find The Liars barred from prom and breadcrumbs laid down for the 2nd half of this season which will leap 5 years after the reveal of "A" which will be an episode titled "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood". Not a lot happened in this episode but enough happened to warrant a review. So let's dive in.

So about those breadcrumbs, obviously the writers are establishing where The Liars will be Post "A" and after the 5 years time skip. This is almost similar to the beginning of the series, with Aria coming back from Iceland and essentially reconnecting with her friends, except in that case we didn't have much of an idea of what life was like with Allison and all of this didn't happen, plus we didn't get to see Aria leave, we had only heard about it. So the breadcrumbs, looks like Ezra's going to Thailand to build homes for awhile, but this is just a summer thing. Caleb is more than likely working for the FBI or something but it looks like he and Hanna are headed off to New York, Aria's on her way to L.A. to work for a photography company and such. Not quite sure what will become of Spencer & Emily, their breadcrumbs have yet to be revealed.

Also in this episode the Moms of Rosewood gotta slight taste of what its like to be The Liars, of course, "A" did put bees in Ella's car and a couple of other things a car being driven through Emily's living room (that was pretty awesome). At anyrate seeing how the moms cope was interesting because despite how close The Liars are, their mothers aren't really that close and haven't really spent any considerable time together. Also I'm very glad that Ashley Marin of all people finally realized the strength of The Liars by asking the simple question, "How'd they do it?". If The Moms are losing their minds by being locked in a room, try being locked in a room where'd you'd be a literal popsicle if not rescued within a matter of seconds.

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I thought Peter was the drinker of the family...

Also, Spencer's Mom let it slip that Jason wasn't Kenneth's son and Pamela brought up an interesting point, Kenneth does indeed have a motive for killing Mrs. DiLaurentis and framing Peter, not to mention burying hoes alive seems to be a trend with the Hastings Family (Melissa, I'm looking at you, Sweetheart). Anyways leaving that subject alone, let's address Clark, and THANK GOD, he wasn't planned to be Aria's new lover interest, Dude just wasn't bringing anything to that role, but its revealed he's an undercover cop...which begs the question as to why he was assigned to Aria and none of the other Liars got undercover cops to cover them...

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That Face You Make When You Have To Tell Someone You're Protecting Them Because They're Stupid...

Anyway, his meeting with Rhys Matthews now appears to be less sinister, despite the fact that Rhys looks like Jason and is a dead ringer for who Charles SHOULD be, but of course, we KNOW he's not Charles because despite this show's leaps and bounds in logic (and Shana's incredible coordinated "A" Clones in the playground) "A" hasn't shown the ability to be in the same place at once (that's omnipresence, Kyle!...Random Tenacious D reference...whatever...). So whoever "A" a.k.a Charles is, it has to be a character we've known for awhile. Which brings me to the conclusion of this review.

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I suppose the biggest disappointment of this episode is that we never heard Donna Summer's "Last Dance", which...c'mon this'd be a PERFECT episode for that, Hell, it's titled "Last Dance", so as a favor to all of you, here it is:

Can't take the Motown outta me! So any guesses on who "A" is, I read a VERY awesome Tumblr post that explained why Wren Kingston is Charles, but I'm not 100% sure, but it was very compelling. The floor is open and the sky's the limit! Anyone can be Charles and does this mean Red Coat will be revealed as well? So many questions, let's hope there's answers! Take us home, game is almost over, Charles!

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