Saturday, March 19, 2016

STRANGE LOG: 3-19-2016

So it's been awhile since I've updated...well...anything that wasn't my Facebook and it's high time I talk to you lot and tell you all what's going on. Lots and oddly enough not a lot to get and we'll address all that and more below the cut.

It's March! Officially "Batman vs. Superman" month, no doubt the biggest movie that'll be released this month and man that's gonna be insane. The DC Extended Universe (as they're not calling it a Cinematic Universe) is getting off to an interesting start with "Batman vs. Superman" coming out this month and (the misbegotten) "Suicide Squad" kicking off the Summer (something seems VERY wrong about you might wanna put your best foot forward in the Summer time...and the "Suicide Squad" ain't gonna be your best foot, but I digress). No doubt I'll have some words about what's going on but as it stands now, we'll see. I'm hoping that I'll have good things to say (specifically about Jesse Eisenberg, who I am VERY much looking forward to see), we'll see. But enough about movies...for now anyways.

Meanwhile, I haven't been reviewing anything lately only because of my job. I've got one of those jobs where I have to take crap home with me, I'm hoping to get a job at a movie theatre (which would be AWESOME!) but for now my current job is eating my time like it just got out. But as it stands, this current season of "Pretty Little Liars"...GOOD GRAVY, IT'S AWFUL!! It seems like all the characters regressed back to the first season, Hanna's a dumb ass and not with Caleb anymore and dating some English guy named Jordan, Caleb is with Spencer, Ezra's a drunk and Aria's dating some douche named Liam, Allison's....and Emily...well who honestly cares about Emily at this point? After having such a well...unstructured finale, you'd think they'd put this show out of its misery, BUT NO! The show goes on and the mystery of "Who killed Cece "Charles DiLaurentis" Drake?" isn't compelling enough for me to give a damn. I'm dropping this show like a BAD habit.

Speaking of putting stuff out of its misery, "Gotham" may get the chopping block from me as well. "Why?" you ask? Because according to the grape vine a one Mercedes "Fish" Mooney is on her way back and GOOD GRAVY this is a horrible idea. "Fish" Mooney was undeniably the WORST character on that show. Jada Pinkett Smith chewed so much of the scenery I'm surprised she didn't gag in between takes. My only hope is that she comes back for the sole purpose of Oswald putting a bullet in her head, heart, and setting her ablaze just to make sure she was dead. "Gotham" has been a hit and miss show for awhile now and I'm shocked we're in the 2nd Season...if this lives to see a 3rd, I doubt "Fish" Mooney will be around and if she is...I'm done!

Since we're on TV, I have been checking out the new Hulu series "11.22.63". If you've been following this blog (Yeah, I know, you haven't), you'd know that I've read the book and I thought it was pretty cool. I've been working my way through the majority of Stephen King's works and despite a few "Ehs...", I've been enjoying them. The Hulu series is close enough to the books but far enough to be it's own thing and some of the changes were just needless and I'll get into that once the series concludes where (HOPEFULLY!) I can review the entire series as a whole and compare it to the book because I'm one of those people. Look forward to that.

Personally, not much has been going on, still working on "Project Blue", but I gotta get my money in order for that to happen. But I have been working on something else, something really cool and hopefully it'll be ready in April. Really, looking forward to that. Because of my job, I haven't really been able to make my return to Youtube and believe you me, I want to. I haven't really had much time to work on a lot of things, haven't updated my blog, haven't worked on any of my writing, I haven't even made a "Chainsaws & Vicodin" in awhile. My time has just been going, going and gone and hopefully getting a new job with different hours, doing different (less mentally draining) work will be exactly what I need to get back to doing things. Anyways, that does it for this update, here's a gif of Lesnar taking out Shawn Michaels Amuka Style, why? No reason.

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  1. I hope the job does not make you disappear completely... I got one of those and could never start my own blog. Watching 11.22.63 too :)