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What If...?: DC Extended Universe Pt. 1

Okay, so I started down this path of reconstructing The DC Extended Universe starting with this article I wrote long before I bore witness to the atrocity that was and is "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice". Now that "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" has been unleashed upon theatres and the masses like Darkseid unleashing The Anti-Life Equation, I took to Youtube & The Strangeverse to pose a re-write of The DC Extended Universe starting from re-writing "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" as "Man Of Steel II: Dawn Of Justice" (which you can Watch or Read HERE). In this article I'm gonna basically sum up each DC Universe movie in a paragraph or two so that we can get to the "Justice League" movie and what I'd like to do with that. Anyways, enjoy!

Before we begin, I'd like to start off with a few caveats. If you read my "Man Of Steel II: Dawn Of Justice" then you know the villain for the Justice League movie will be Maxwell Lord and The O.M.A.Cs. So for my outline of The DC Extended Universe, The Flash will be Wally West. Yes, I know everyone loves Barry Allen but we already have Barry Allen on TV and The DC Movies need a much more light-hearted character and Wally West fits the bill perfectly for that. Also, no solo Batman movie, that'll come later, trust me. So here's my line up for the DC Extended Universe:

Man Of Steel II: Dawn Of Justice
(Treatment already written)

Wonder Woman
For the most part whatever they do with Wonder Woman will more than likely be fine, however, all of the action will take place outside of Themyscira (Ares will be the main villain of the sequel). Much of the action in "Wonder Woman" will take place elsewhere and detail Wonder Woman's arrival, Steve Trevor. The main villain of this movie will be Baroness Paula Von Gunther. The reason why is because she fits in that old age time period, she's a Nazi and Steve Trevor is a soldier and World War II is a conflict big enough for Wonder Woman to want to mount up and save the world of men. Also, Baroness Gunther is a malleable enough character to play with. Plus with all the conspiracy theories of Nazi experiments and trying to create super-soldiers and all that She-Wolf of The S.S. , you could even squeeze Cheetah in there IF you wanted to (just sayin'). The end of the movie would take place in present day with Batman & Superman meeting Wonder Woman and telling her that he's creating a team and would love for her to join. The epilogue would feature Maxwell Lord looking through old Nazi files and finding a picture of Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor and then comparing it to a picture of Diana Prince U.N. Ambassador.

The Flash
As I said before The Flash will be Wally West. The main villain of this film will be  The Trickster, sure everyone wants Captain Cold and I'll probably be crucified if I didn't at least attempt to cast Mark Hamil as The Trickster but I'm going for a much younger cast and a much light film. And yes, I'd LOVE to use Captain Cold but again, he's already on TV. This Trickster will be The Axel Walker incarnation, however I'll make him much more of a hacker/tech wizard. The contrast of the characters will be Wally West's youthful optimism against The Trickster's cold, pessimism. The Trickster will only be a Screen Name (I'm gonna catch hate for that, but c'mon). The Trickster's motives will be fueled revenge against The Central City Police Force. Axel's father was a petty criminal but he was framed fro a much larger crime and sentenced to death. Since then Axel's mother became distance and abusive and Axel found solace in the only thing he could, computers, gadgets and gizmos. From a young age Axel has always been by himself and cut off, in contrast to Wally being very open and personable.

Largely, The Flash needs to be constantly on the go, so having a villain with remote access to the world is interesting and it gives The Flash someone he can't punch in the face and has to fight using his speed. Lois Lane & Clark Kent will make an appearance in this movie. The reason being is that Lois is contracted by The Daily Planet to write a story on "The Central City Flash". It stands to reason that Lois would be the person to do this simply because she was the first person to catch on to Superman, and Clark would be tagging along as a junior reporter to aide Lois in the field. At the end of the movie Superman meets The Flash and offers him a position on the team, The Flash agrees to join on one condition, that they race, as they start, the credits roll. The epilogue will feature Maxwell Lord greeting The Trickster and asking him to tell him everything he can about The Flash.

For "Aquaman", the main villain of this film will be Black Manta. Black Manta is a character that has several origin stories but none of them are good and I really like Black Manta. So Black Manta's father was an anthropologist who (through uncovering evidence) discovered the possible existence of Atlantis and set out to find it. On an expedition to find Atlantis, Black Manta's father and all but one of his crewmates ended up dead. The surviving crew mate returns and tells Black Manta (who's real name is David [no last name given] so I'll call him David Melville) about his father and what he saw (which was a man under the water who he believes attacked them to keep them from finding Atlantis). Black Manta creates a suit of armor to survive deep sea diving to find Aquaman and avenge his father's death. This will give the film a Moby Dick vibe with Black Manta playing the role of Ahab and Aquaman playing the role of Moby Dick.

This Aquaman will be a combination of Orin & Arthur Curry. This Aquaman's backstory is this: Tom Curry was an Oceanographer who was saved by Queen Atlana, they fell in love and had Orin. Tom Curry eventually died and Atlana married an Atlantean and had Orum (Ocean Master, who will be the main villain of the sequel). Orum became jealous of Orin (because despite being only a half-blooded Atlantean, Orin is 1st in line for the throne) and tried to murder him, thus Orum was spared execution by his mother and only expelled from Atlantis. In this movie, the films begins with Queen Atlana dying and Aquaman having to take on the role of becoming King Of Atlantis. Queen Hypolytia will be making a cameo in the film to meet with Aquaman and refortify the treaty between the Atlanteans and Amazonians. The treaty being that the Atlanteans will protect Themyscira from outside forces (how else do you think Themyscira has never been found) and the Amazonians will protect Atlantis. Tula will be in this movie and she'll be Aquaman's adopted daughter/sister. She'll be plucky and have a strong desire to be just like Orin.

In the film's climax, Black Manta manages to capture Tula and plans to put her on display at an aquatic museum. Aquaman enters and frees her, while revealing that Black Manta's father crew sailed into a violent storm and Aquaman attempted to save them but failed and managed to only save one. Hence why Black Manta's friend can't recall how he survived the ordeal. Black Manta, however, still blames Aquaman for failing to save him. Aquaman saves Tula and returns to Atlantis, leaving Black Manta at the bottom of the sea, his fate unknown. The epilogue has Maxwell Lord retrieving Black Manta from the ocean and sits him in a room, Maxwell tells him that he's a huge fan of his father and that he wants to know everything about "this Aquaman." (this will be the first and ONLY time Aquaman is called "Aquaman").

Victor Stone will be mentioned in "Man Of Steel II: Dawn Of Justice" so the film will start with the carnage in Metropolis but it will be featured again from a different perspective. S.T.A.R Labs is evacuating personnel and Victor manages to save a group of employees from an explosion whilst taking the blast himself. The film will feature Lex's speech about Victor and the rebuilding of S.T.A.R Labs. Vic will be rebuilt by his father and will struggle to cope with his appearance. While Cyborg is recovering from his injuries and rehabilitating from being put back together, he'll share a room with Maxwell Lord who's been outfitted with a cybernetic hand.

Victor will move back home to his neighborhood and find that the streets are terrorized with gang activity. Enraged, Victor will take to the streets with his strength and work towards cleaning the streets. The main villain of the film will be Gizmo. Gizmo will be played by Peter Dinklage (if possible) and will essentially be a tech-wizard arms dealer, selling inner city gangs high tech weapons in order to convince the police force to buy is military grade weapons, thus becoming the Black Market and The Free Market. "Gizmo" will be his underground persona. "Cyborg" will explore themes on what it means to be a hero and the themes of over coming struggles with appearance. Cyborg will have to struggle with his appearance as a cyborg and Gizmo will over come his dwarfism.  Lois Lane will also make a cameo in this film getting the inside scoop on the weapons bust and giving Victor Stone his moniker of "Cyborg", thus making Victor feel like a superhero.

Justice League
I will be posting "Justice League" Part One as it's own post as the movie would take VERY long to outline but I'd like to share a few caveats. In The Justice League I'm going to borrow largely from The O.M.A.C Project and all the events that occurred therein. When I write the "Justice League" treatment I'll be writing with the assumption that you've read this. Anyways, let me know what you guys think and I'll hit you back later with "Justice League" & "DC Extended Universe" Part 2, later!

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