Saturday, August 27, 2016

Supernatural or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Winchesters And Hate This Show

Can I be completely and perfectly honest? Of course I can, this is my blog, if I can't be honest here than where else? The bathroom, maybe where acts so horrifying are committed I'm 100% certain The Winchesters themselves would shudder to enter. Anyways, with that overshare of information it brings us to our topic, "Supernatural". Can I be...wait, I already asked that, yeah, "Supernatural" sucks.

Find out why after the break;
To naysayers, you're probably going to think that I think "Supernatural" is a show for girls and yada-yada-yada and while it's largely become that, that's not the reason I'm saying it sucks. I'll contend, "Supernatural" doesn't suck in the traditional form of what most people would say something sucks and despite being a Christian I don't think "Supernatural" sucks because of it's (incredibly painful) inaccuracies about Christianity. The reason why "Supernatural" sucks is because it's WAY PAST IT'S PRIME!

To be perfectly blunt, "Supernatural" has no clue what to do with The Winchesters. Can we wind the clocks back when Sam & Dean were completely out of their depth and just scrapping by, hunting various monsters, looking for their dad all the while The Yellow Eyed Demon (Azazel, as we've discovered) was this massive looming threat in the background and we weren't quite sure what plans he had for Sam and his abilities. Back when Sam & Dean were on the run from an FBI agent who had been tracking them for awhile and was planning to arrest them and The Winchesters not only had demons and monsters to worry about but now humans were on their tail. Remember how simple the show used to be? Now all of sudden both Sam and Dean have been to Hell, Heaven (escaped both), Dean went to Purgatory, they've traveled through time, went to The Land Of Oz (Da f*ck?), managed to stop The Apocalypse and (by far the most absurd thing ever) have LITERALLY killed Death...

And with strange aeons, even Death may die...

WHERE THE HELL CAN "SUPERNATURAL" GO?! WHAT CHALLENGE CAN BE PRESENTED TO THE WINCHESTERS THAT WOULD SEEM REALISTIC?! In the Season that just ended (Season Sam & Dean faced off against The Darkness, an ancient being older and more powerful than god (whom she overpowers). Obviously the writers knew Sam & Dean were WOEFULLY outmatched and instead of having them fight Amara a.k.a The Darkness, they had Amara & god kiss and make up. But it stands to reason that Sam & Dean have already bested the worst of the worst to the point where I can't take any villain on the show as a credible threat. But they have encountered credible threats...the only problem is Sam & Dean can't stay dead, so even when they are in danger THEY'RE NOT IN DANGER!

Gone are the days when we wondered "Just how in the hell are they gonna get outta this one?". I remember when Dean died and gone to Hell. What an amazing and downer cliffhanger. I knew he'd be back, I didn't know how or why or what would happen but I was hard pressed to figure out a way Dean could escape Hell. I was happy to discover the reason when the new season premiered and introduced us to Castiel and that seemed logical as an Angel would be the ONLY being capable of such a feat (at least in "Supernatural") and then all of a sudden they kept dying. Sam & Dean died and went to Heaven, Sam went to Hell and his soul got left there, Dean went to purgatory and made  friends, they've been to the afterlife so many times and yet I'm surprised they're not physically and emotionally scarred.

Meh, it's just Hell.

I remember reading "Emperor Joker", it's a DC Comic where Joker gains Mr. Myxptzl powers and essentially has COMPLETE and TOTAL control over everything (and I mean everything, he made 2+2 = fish...seriously) anyways, in the comic, The Joker had Batman's mouth removed and had him torn apart by birds at a certain hour EVERYDAY. When the whole ordeal was over Batman was COMPLETELY psychologically done. He confessed to having wanted to kill The Joker and suffered a complete mental breakdown to the point where Superman BEGGED The Spectre to erase Bruce's memory of it. Now, that was just Batman getting torn apart night after night...Dean LITERALLY went to Hell and according to him, remembers the whole ordeal vividly...and shed a few tears about it...that was about it. He didn't come back emotionally distant or psychologically broken, he came back the same old wise-crackin' Dean.

When are The Winchesters going to be at a loss? When will their backs be against the wall to make me care again about their safety and will being? At this point, that will never happen. "Supernatural" missed it's chance in "Swan Song" which was the perfect finale as it played right into the show's overall theme (before they lost their minds). "Swan Song" was a great finale because in the end it reversed the brother's roles. The series began with Sam wanting a normal life away from being a Hunter and Dean embracing being a Hunter and walking away from a normal life, however in "Swan Song" Sam fully embraced his role as a Hunter and made a sacrifice so that Dean could have what Sam was giving up, a normal life. Sam willingly threw himself into Hell to save everyone after having ran from being a Hunter his whole life.

After that, having stopped The Apocalypse, what more could be done? What other mountain is there left to climb? Eve? Don't make me laugh. Eve was nothing more than a glorified monster and was handled as easily as The Winchesters handled everything else, it was all just a matter of getting the newest magical this or that to subdue her and presto, no more Eve. Same deal with The Leviathans (that was just dumb) The Leviathans were just monsters on steroids but even then, they can't hold a candle to Lucifer and despite everything they weren't even that serious of a threat, unlike the Four Horsemen, Lucifer and Death. How am I supposed to care when A. The threats aren't that big and B. The Winchesters can't die.

Here's the thing? Does anyone remember Episode 19 of Season 5 "Hammer Of The Gods", Sam & Dean find themselves at a motel they find Mercury, Zao Shen, Baron Samedi, Odin, Baldur and a few other gods who are consolidating their power to help prevent The Christian Apocalypse by holding Sam & Dean for ransom. That is ONE of my favorite "Supernatural" episodes for the sole purpose that it presented potential stories for after the apocalypse. Imagine if AFTER Sam & Dean stopped The Christian Apocalypse all The Pagan Gods figured with The Christian Apocalypse wrapped up and the Angels without much to do by try to get Michael back, the world is pretty much there for the taking, and you have an all out WAR OF THE GODS with Sam & Dean caught in the middle of it. That would be much better than Eve the Mother of All Monsters...

Oh yeah...and these losers...

Final thought on this, Billie (The Reaper) mentioned that if Sam & Dean die again, they'll be thrown into "The Empty" apparently a place where nothing and no one can return from...(unless Chuck or Amara decide to bring them back, and don't say she can't because she just brought back Mary Winchester), so am I at all worried that some how, some way, Sam & Dean (Dean more than likely) are gonna find themselves in The Empty and escape in either Season 12's finale or Season 13's? Nope! I'm not saying "Supernatural" has to turn into "Game Of Thrones", what I am saying is that "Supernatural" has gotten passed the point where viewers (any viewer with a shred of honesty) can be shocked or surprised by something happening to The Winchesters. Ultimately, "Supernatural" is beyond saving at this point because they've fresh out of credible threats and fresh out of narrative tension to really make me care what happens. Those are just my thoughts, let me know what you guys think. Latersville!


  1. I guess they still got a challenge: finding half-brother Adam who WASN'T in Lucifer's cage! lol
    ps: watched braindead, have you? Good for the summer

    1. Never heard of "Braindead" and the summer has been EXTREMELY busy, but okay. Hows about you ?