Monday, March 26, 2012

Rita & Lord Zedd Theory...

So for those of you who don't know I'm a HUGE "Power Rangers" fan. I've recently gotten into the latter series thanks to Linkara's History Of The Power Rangers series and if you haven't checked it out, I strongly recommend that you do. I myself am currently watching and enjoying "Mystic Force". But this is NOT the purpose of this blog, for my Power Rangers fans out there you all will remember that in the exciting conclusion of The Zordon Era, "Countdown To Destruction", The Z-Wave destroyed ALL of the Power Ranger bad guys, except for Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Divatox. This has left many fans wondering just WHY they were transformed into humans instead of destroyed. Well allow me to share my theory!

If you all remember Astronema, the hot villain of "Power Rangers: In Space" You'll remember that she is from a space colony of humanoid beings called KO-35, also the home of Red Ranger Andros. Considering that Power Rangers has a multitude of humanoid characters (Zordon, Rita, Divatox, Andros...ect.ect..) it would only be logical to assume that these characters have similar origins. This isn't without in-series support considering Andros tells the rangers that Earth is NOT the only planet with human life.  So we have a planet of humanoids KO-35 and not to mention Dimitria's home world of Inquiris.

Now keeping all of that in mind, both Astronema and Divatox were victims of kidnappings. Dimitria said that she had a twin sister who was kidnapped (and considering Divatox was transformed into a being similar to Dimitria is "Countdown To Destruction", it would only be logical to assume that Divatox is the aforementioned sister).
Twin sisters...both equally annoying...

Astronema, in a like manner was kidnapped by Darkonda and given to Ecliptor to raise. Astronema is the sister of the Red Ranger Andros. Keep all of that in mind. Now considering the appearance of Master Vile and Rito Revolto, it'd only be logical to question just HOW exactly is Rita related to them when she is in fact humanoid, furthermore why is it that THEY were destroyed when Rita was merely transformed?
Oh yeah, they're totally related...

The logical conclusion would be that Rita was NOT actually related to them and was a victim of kidnapping herself (again this is NOT without precedent). What I'm getting at is that possibly Rita was from KO-35 or Eltar herself. Considering Zordon is a wizard, I'd imagine Eltar is a place where magic reigns. And Zordon has been known to travel the galaxy (hence why KO-35 knows about him).
Original form possibly ?

As for Lord Zedd, I'm assuming that Zedd was once an Eltarian or KO-35 being as well and eventually fell prey to dark magic which altered his form completely (hence why Zedd requires tubes and potions to recharge his energy).
Original form possibly...but why he's dressed like Mr. Rogers is anyone's guess...

Either way this seems to be a more than logical explanation why Lord Zedd & Rita were transformed rather than destroyed. Let me know what you guys think and I'll catch you all later!! PEACE!!


  1. Andros was human, not just a humanoid. He was human. Ko35 is a space colony not a race of beings. They were human.

    1. Good point, however Andros isn't from Earth and does exhibit telekinetic powers, this would only mean that his DNA has been altered enough so that he can't be considered 100% Human. But this is all semantics and details. Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply!

  2. Originally Zedd, Rita and Divatox were going to be killed off with only Astronema being spared. But the networks didn't want to air human villians being killed so this was changed.