Sunday, November 17, 2013

STRANGE LOG: 11-17-2013

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And so it happened. The Strangeverse is officially dead (for the time being) thanks to Blip. I attempted to move several of my videos to Dailymotion but they were rejected almost immediately. That means unfortunately, my professional, written reviews are on hiatus until I can find a way to bring you that content once again. As you will note, SEVERAL of my videos are missing. I did not delete them but reverted them to drafts, so once I find a suitable home for them, those videos will once again be available for your viewing pleasure. I know I flaked on the "Grimm" reviews and the video "Ravenswood" reviews. I will be doing a blog collecting my thoughts on them as they get settled into their respective seasons and perhaps maybe a review of the finales. Anyway, The TV Round Up will NOW officially be an article based video WITH the trailer embedded for viewing pleasure. That's all for now. I'm very frustrated about all of this but, we suffer for the arts, do we not ? We do.

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