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My Thoughts On "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens"

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So in my absence (or rather, not having the internet where I currently am, having moved out and all) I'm going to be considerably late on some movie news (the recent casting of the hopefully not unfortunate but let's face it, it'll more than likely suck raw ass "Suicide Squad" movie not withstanding) but in this case with only a teaser trailer released and enough images and things to get some questions out, I think it's high time I addressed the upcoming new "Star Wars" trilogy being manned by "Star Trek" reboot director J.J. Abrams (clearly, someone has managed to get ahold of The Reality Gem...wait a second, I'm mixing Geekdoms). The cast of the new "Star Wars" movie now subtitled "The Force Awakens" has been announced, and along with the return of Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew, and few newbies have been added to the cast and featured in the teaser trailer.

The first person we see is John Boyega (who I've only seen in "24: Live Another Day") and while everyone is discussing (and rightfully so) the canon of a Black Stormtrooper (I know we'd all like to forget the "Star Wars" prequels and write them off as some unfortunate fringe universe but sadly, it's canon and The Stormtroopers have been revealed as Clone of Jango Fett...obviously suffering from the same flaw found in "Multiplicity") I have another and more pressing question...WHY IN THE HELL ARE THERE STILL STORMTROOPERS?!

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Consider this for a second, both Death Stars have been destroyed, The Imperial Base was destroyed and several high ranking members of The Empire has been killed (Grand Moff Tarkan, Darth Vader, and The Emperor himself). I understand a war isn't over when the main guy is killed, but I do know that a war is over when the opposition has been considerably destabilized and their infrastructure dismantled. Considering Luke and the others will be up in age, that'd basically mean that the victory achieved at the end of "Return Of The Jedi" was only a minor victory and not the concluding moments of a longstanding war. It also raises a question of how effective The Rebel Alliance is if even after several decades (and there's no getting around this fact because Luke and the others will be older) The Rebel Alliance still hasn't managed to stop The Empire. If even after taking out their most dangerous weapons and literally dethroning The Emperor himself they haven't managed victory yet, it'd be time to hang it up. I'm hoping this question gets addressed because the fact of the matter is this ultimately makes The Rebel Alliance PAINFULLY ineffective at everything and casts a negative light on the previous films.

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Another question is who is this new Sith Lord and who trained him? While the not-canon "Star Wars" games present a secret apprentice Darth Vader was secretly schooling, the films present no such character, and considering this is MANY years after Darth Vader, the likelihood of Vader or Palpatine being this guy's master is a bit of a leap. Which leads me to ask what will be the main focus of this movie? The original trilogy was mostly about an intergalactic war with the conflict of The Jedi vs. The Sith as something of a side quest, sort of like two soldiers who have animosity for each other meet each other on the battlefield on the opposite side, while it's very dramatic, it's a smaller part of a much larger issue. The "Star Wars" prequels established that Palpatine had planned to assume control over the galaxy as the ultimate revenge for The Sith and in the original trilogy his plans revolved around maintaining that control, but what's this new guy's motives? Is he in anyway tied to the collapse of The Empire? And how will his story factor into what the central conflict is now?

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So my question is, what will Luke's role be? Will he be merely a teacher of other budding Jedi? Or will be The Jedi advisor to Leia and Han as they rule together (because they totally got together). A lot of this film is going to hinge on how well the previous characters mesh with the new characters and hopefully it's organic and not forced. By organic, I mean possibly John Boyega is actually a Rebel spy and Luke is his handler, and by forced, I mean John Boyega is a character who is force sensitive and wants to become a Jedi and Luke manages to find him. Whatever the case maybe, the fact that The Rebel Alliance and The Empire still exists is EXTREMELY eyebrow raising and makes me concerned about where they're going with this particular story.

If I were the one asked to write a new "Star Wars", after suffering a heart attack, quelling fan insecurities and jizzing my pants, I'd go back to what the previous "Star Wars" films successful (watching a young inexperienced farm boy turn into a mature experienced badass) and turn it on it's head. I don't mean entirely doing away with this concept but rather holding up a dark mirror to the original tale. In my "Star Wars" film, Luke and Leia would be the new Empire, NO, they wouldn't be a dictatorship like Palpatine but rather it'd be a time of peace, where things are good...and meanwhile a young man is seduced by the Dark Side and slowly works on becoming a Sith Lord. This changes the dynamic as Luke is now the establishment and The Sith are the rebels, and it also changes the dynamic of power, where previously The Empire had this massive arsenal to destroy The Rebel Alliance, this go around, Luke would have the massive arsenal and The Sith would be the underdogs. Also we'll be able to see what we (laughably) saw in the "Star Wars" prequels (except this time done better) and that's seeing how someone becomes a Sith Lord.

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I'm all for new lightsaber designs but in all honesty, a lightsaber hilt, despite being practical looks absolutely terrible.

Whatever the case maybe, I am certainly interested in where this series is going now with J.J. Abrams, "Chronicle" director Josh Trank & Rian Johnson being the official names confirmed for this new line of "Star Wars" films we'll be seeing for the next few years. At this point in time nothing can ruin "Star Wars" anymore than the prequels already have but who knows, I might stand to be corrected. I'll be watching developments of this very carefully and giving you my opinions as more information becomes available. Until then, I'll catch you guys later and may the force be with you.

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