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Gotham S01E09 "Harvey Dent" Review

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And there we go, another "Gotham" under our belts this time introducing Gotham's World Heavyweight White Knight and Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent played by Nicholas D'Agosto, gotta say, I like him as Harvey. Nicholas is good looking and handsome enough to be clean cut but he also has a darker edge to him, seeing him become Two-Face will be a treat, that's for sure. Anyways, let's get to the episode proper.

I'm afraid this episode is unfortunately filler, "Gotham" seems to be content with moving at a snails pace, and while it's good for TV shows to pace themselves, the episodic nature of "Gotham" isn't doing this show any favors. This episode featured a bomber being broken out of Blackgate and forced to make bombs for the Russian Mob as revenge for Falcone having Nikolai killed, not exactly the most interesting thing for an episode, especially since the plan was devised by Fish Mooney...who still thinks that some how some girl dressed up as Falcone's mom is going to do anything substantial...yeah.

The main focus of this episode isn't the bomber and for damn sure isn't the stupidity of Fish Mooney, it is the somewhat cringeworthy by-play between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. Carmen Bicondiva is a titan compared to David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne as if he's some kind of alien. I'm having a hard time liking him because all of his lines sound like...well, lines. They don't sound like they're coming from a real place. Basically it's like this, David acts like any kid would act when the director says "Okay, now you're upset.". Carmen plays Selina Kyle with all the sass she should have at that age and still has the ability to be humorlessly amused by Bruce Wayne's innocence. While I don't grudge them the food fight scene, the less these two are on the screen the better off we'll be, however that's more of a critique on David not being able to hold is own against Carmen.

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I'm gonna steal everything starting with this bagel!

Speaking of holding one's own, Oswald makes an appearances and manages to link Liza to Fish Mooney, after killing Fish's new umbrella holder (she never asked happened to him), and is now playing Liza for himself. Liza already expressed doubts about Fish's plan and she has intimate details about Fish's plans so why didn't Liza just use Oswald as an out? After all, she should be aware that Oswald is apparently working for Maroni and not Falcone so according to her why should she care if Oswald knows she's working for Fish? According to Liza, Falcone has no clue Fish is double-crossing him. So if Oswald were to call Falcone and say "Hey, Falcone guess what, Liza's working for Fish Mooney!", Falcone should say "Yeah and Fish works for me, what's your point? Also, don't you work for Maroni?". See what I'm saying? No? Whatever.

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You're a special kinda stupid, eh Fish?

I want this show to turn it around but so far they're giving me nothing and the less said about Barbra getting back together with Renee the better. However, I will say this, so her logic is to leave Jim Gordon who's a cop because she feels in danger (danger that she put herself in by coming back) and to date another cop...who's involved with the same sh*t that Jim's involved with...SHE DIDN'T EVEN LEAVE THE CITY! BARBRA IS STILL IN GOTHAM! SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DATING JIM TO HAVE ZSASZ SHOW UP AGAIN! JUST BECAUSE SHE'S DATING RENEE DOESN'T MEAN SHE'S IN ANY LESS DANGER! Good Gravy, this woman is stupid! But I digress. Until next week, see you guys later.

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