Thursday, October 6, 2016

Game Crazy

This is kind of a different article, more of a blog than an article or discussion or anything but I'll try not to be super personal. Anyways, growing up I never played board games. I had a few friends but we mostly played outside, games like Tag & Red Light, Green Light and (my favorite, much to the chagrin of everyone else) charades, but board games was a thing that eluded my brother and I. Sure, we had an occasional Uno games here and there somewhere with someone at one point in time, and despite everything I adore Chess and will always play if there's a board around but that was about it. We didn't have an aversion to them, that's for sure just I don't think of my friends back in the day owned any board games. Anyway, fast forward to now where, now married, my wife's family has a healthy collection of board games and I've learned to enjoy such games a Skip-Bo, Clue, Payday (and my personal favorite) Monopoly Deal (I loathe actual Monopoly with a passion!)

But now I've come to my own in terms of board games and such. Ever since I got 100% serious on making Blue Mist a reality, I've become more interested in games. I have a decent Poke'Mon card collection but I have never actually played Poke'Mon the card game, nor have I played Yu-gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering. I set out to correct this issue and these days, I can do fairly decent with Magic: The Gathering on an extremely casual level but I know enough to know what I'm looking at and how to play. But lately, I've branched out into Social Deduction games, games of secret identities and hidden agendas but I face one pretty horrifying dilemma...I haven't a party to play with.

My games of choice are The Resistance & One Night Ultimate Werewolf, incredibly fun, very simple games that unfortunately require 6 to 10 players. I've tried a few times to get people to come over the house to play but scheduling and such makes it difficult to get that many people over and my main concern is that I'll find that they're not as into it or enthused about it as I am. My first experience playing Resistance was less than enjoyable, certain individuals made their alliance obvious and others just didn't understand the strategy behind it all enough to make game play compelling. This didn't tarnish my enjoyment of Resistance but rather sullied my view of playing it with those individuals. Another concern I have is when others are hosting a game night and their game takes up the majority of the time, hence why I always make an attempt to host.

You thing you gotta understand about me is that when I do something I'm in 100%, I try not to carry on side conversations or anything, I'm directing my attention towards the task at hand. There is a comic book shop here that allows you to play games at their establishment but sadly they have so many events going on this month that finding any time soon to play with a group of people would be impossible. Going this route however, will at least allow me to know who's actually 100% interested in those games as I am. But I digress. Anyway, this lack of people to play with is really grating on my mood as I keep discovering cool and new and interesting games to play only to again remember "I HAVE NO ONE TO PLAY THESE WITH!". It's really frustrating.

Back in my high school days I didn't do the hang out. I can hang out with anyone as long as there is something we're doing, as an example "Hey, you wanna go bowlin?", I'll more than likely (given my financial circumstances) say "Yes." to such a request as opposed to "Hey, you wanna hang out?", my natural mental reply is always "And do what?". But if I had games people could play at my house, perhaps I would be more apt to hang out with people and be more social. But alas, such things were not available to me at the time. Now that they are, I've discovered a pathway to make new friends and I'm coming to the realization that my friends are adults and they're EXTREMELY busy people. Oh well, we'll see what happens next, until then, wish me luck in finding a group of people to play with or hosting my own game night. Catch you guys later!

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