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STRANGE LOG: 10-13-2016

Here we are again, yet another Strange Log, providing all 1 of my readers (Hi, Guga) with updates in regards to what's going on in the world of Ugo Strange. Not really much, but we'll cover all that and more after the break.

As mentioned before my current employment is rendering me little opportunity to blog or make videos on my much neglected Youtube channel. It would take considerable effort to REALLY get back into the modality of making videos gain, let alone videos worthwhile to watch. I've decided to wait until I'm in my own place and can afford a Green screen before I get back to video making in any serious capacity. That being said, considering my hours have been and I'll be making less money, the desire to find new employment that isn't as emotional and psychologically taxing and ultimately unrewarding is a priority for me but as it stands currently unlikely in the foreseeable future. This vexes me greatly as my job has been giving my personal life The Negan Treatment (Pee-Pee Pants City, anyone?)

Not much else to report on this front, as mentioned in "Game Crazy", I've gone a little Game Crazy with the purchase of "Coup", "The Resistance" and "One Night Ultimate Werewolf", and I plan to purchase more ("Dark Moon" and a few other games come to mind). This steams from my still ongoing project of getting my own card game off the ground, the much ballyhooed "Project Blue" a.k.a Blue Mist (which you can read about here) I've been neglecting to update everything mostly because when I get off work, all I wanna do is sit down and chill out! But rest assured, I shall be providing an update sooner rather than later. But anyways, as it stands if you're off the kind of people who have a large group of friends, I encourage you do check out "The Resistance" and "One Night Ultimate Werewolf". Both are pretty awesome group games.

Yes, I've watched both "Luke Cage" & "Stranger Things" and I have immensely enjoyed both and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Iron Fist" & "The Punisher". Marvel has been doing a lot of amazing things. Since I won't be doing my usual grocery shopping tomorrow, I've decided to do what I said I wouldn't do (or rather what I said I wouldn't pay money for) and that is watch "Suicide Squad". The only reason I am is because a friend said it wasn't as bad as I believe it would be (remains to be seen). But if it is indeed as bad as I believe it to be, you can bet that said friend of mine will get an ear full.

I feel the same way, Deadpool.

That begin said, despite not reviewing them, I do watch quite a few shows regularly and very rarely do I drop shows ("Pretty Little Liars" & "Supernatural" being among the first few shows that I dropped watching all together). But I'm starting to feel that way about "The Blacklist". I know I gushed about the 2nd season finale, but as of late, I'm seriously getting tired of playing footsies with this show. Am I the only one? I can't be. What am I talking about? Let's be honest here, in the beginning we all thought Raymond Reddington was Liz's father, then I was hoping it would be Berlin (wouldn't that have been a better use of Peter Stormare than what we had?) but now with Alexander Kirk (sort of) revealed to Liz's father and his abduction of Agnes and his blood disease, I'm starting to care less and less about what's going.

Not to mention the episodic nature of the series isn't helping much. And while it's an episodic serial, we still have to sit through a lot of hemming and hawing to get to what we need to get to (ie, the connection to Raymond & Liz, which we found out was Liz's mother). What about Liz's mother? Apparently, it's some incredibly amazing yet horrible secret that Raymond can't just say out loud. It's getting to the point where no matter what they come up with, it won't be worth it. The only thing that would be worth it is if Tom & Liz were brother and sister and Raymond was Tom's dad. Even worse is that now The Blacklist is getting a spin-off series featuring Tom discovering who his mother is. When did Tom become a point of exploration?! His name is Jacob, he was a kid off the street, picked up by the major and trained to be an infiltrator, simple! But now there's some unexplored mystery about Tom's past that we have to discover? No, thank you.

Furthermore, Raymond has his own family that we know nothing about. We've met his wife and yet he has no way in finding his daughter (Jennifer). I'm gonna stick with it for now, but I'm none too keen (pun intended) on Alexander Kirk as a villain or as Liz's father. Forgive me, but the actor playing him just seems very bland and unthreatening, even to Raymond. As it stands right now, the only mystery I wanna solve is who is that fine centerfold chick Aram had at his house?

Moving right along, let's talk about the "Power Rangers" teaser. I took some time to let this thing digest and I've come to the conclusion that it looks pretty angsty. I have some reservations about where the plots going and where certain characters will be. This seems like conjecture, but it looks like they discover the power coins rather than be actively recruited by Zordon. I have some ideas about where they're taking the Yellow Ranger and if I'm right I'll be displeased. Needless to say, I'll wait for an actual 100% trailer comes out and then make my assumption then, but as it stands right now, not sure how I feel yet.

I just finished watching Syfy's new show "Channel Zero" featuring an executive producer credit by Max Landis. The series will feature two stories based around Creepy Pasta stories, the 1st Season being entirely written around "Candle Cove" which was the story that got me interested in the genre of Creepy pasta. This is awesome because I (much like Landis himself) am a HUGE fan of creepy pasta (huge enough to dedicate an entire storyline to it), so having a series dedicate it's self to telling creepypasta stories is awesome. That being said, I'm undecided on how I feel about "Channel Zero". In my opinion things moved a little too fast in the 1st episode and seemed to move fairly slowly in others. I'll give it some time to digest before I make up my mind one way or the other. That's about all I have to report for now. I'll see you guys when I see you. Here's a GIF of some nightmare fuel, enjoy!

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