Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Thoughts On "The Defenders" Trailer

I haven't discussed Marvel's Netflix series on my Blog much, not because I haven't seen them, that's a bold face lie, I watched the hell outta Seasons 1 & 2 of "Daredevil", loved me some "Jessica Jones", had fun with "Luke Cage" and I'm still unsure what to make of "Iron Fist". That being said, Marvel has been owning film and while DC is killing it in the TV realm (more or less) Marvel's Netflix series raised the bar and now they're diving into the obvious and eventual team up series "The Defenders" and finally we have a trailer for it. Let's dive in!

Let's talk about me for a second, I can't stand it when superheroes fight. That sounds sad and lame and I'm gonna sound like a hypocrite because I greatly enjoyed "Captain America: Civil War" but that fight was different. I hate it when superheroes fight over misunderstandings, it makes me roll my eyes and annoys me greatly. That being said, I think that's how Iron Fist & Luke Cage meet. Hopefully all the characters get pass the whole "getting to know you" phase of this and just move right into the awesome.

Stick seems to be the driving force for getting everyone's ass in gear and obviously with his ongoing war against The Hand, Stick will have some connection with Iron Fist. The secondary characters are also interesting, hopefully Misty doesn't get involved in the series. I wasn't fond of Misty Knight, I thought she was pretty awful as a detective after showing herself to be pretty damn smart, but when it came to Luke Cage she was SUPER suspicious of him despite having no solid reason to be. Now that she's on Luke's side hopefully she'll be much more of a bearable character.

If I can switch gears, Joy Mechum's turn to the dark side in "Iron Fist" also came out of nowhere considering she was the one who was 100% on board The Danny Rand Train since the beginning. I can understand how she'd be angry with Ward and Harold but wanting Danny to be killed just because his showing up screwed things up? Not buying it. That being said it'll be interesting to see how she'd be involved or if Ward will make an appearance in "The Defenders", I'd imagine he'd have to considering that he and Danny are now running Rand together. Also I'm looking forward to seeing how Foggy is involved. The 2nd Season of "Daredevil" was Foggy's best season aside from my favorite episode "Nelson v. Murdock" from Season 1. Foggy is such a powerful presence in Matt's life and having him working for Hogarth will more than likely include him.

I'm so curious about how Jessica Jones will get along with everybody seeing as how out of all of them she's the most damaged and has been shown not to play well with others. The presence of Luke Cage however gives me hope that maybe his forgiving her will chill her the out. I see Stick & Jessica Jones clashing quite a bit because they're both pretty stubborn hardnosed people. The power dynamic between them is interesting to say the least because they're more or less redundant, both Iron Fist & Daredevil are VERY apt martial artists but while Iron Fist has his name's sake as his ability, Daredevil lacks any superhuman ability, Luke Cage & Jessica Jones are both super strong with Jessica retaining something of a super leap(?) however only Luke Cage is bulletproof. There isn't much that Luke Cage can't accomplish on his own but I suppose having support is just what it is, support.

Speaking of support the bigger question is will Mr. Frank Castle make an appearance in "The Defenders"? I want to say "Yes." and I want to say "No.". Yes, because he'd be a welcomed addition, not necessarily to the team but in a single episode where they need a bad guy and have to talk to The Punisher to get him to talk. That'd be a nice little moment and once again showcase Frank Castle's not interested in saving the world just killing scum and it'd be a nice reunion between him and Daredevil. Also any reason to tease more of the upcoming Netflix "The Punisher" series is welcomed. I want to say "No." because we know a series is coming and with what little bit we've seen of him in the finale of "Daredevil" Season 2 shows us that he has his own set of problems. Netflix isn't gonna wanna blow it's load with The Punisher too early and keeping him as mysterious as possible is a good call.

Now let's talk about villains. Clearly, Elektra is being set up as this Black Sky thing, a thing in which I cannot find reference to in the comic books. Elektra despite her history is still a young character, only having been introduced in 1981 which makes her 36. "Daredevil" has hit all the highlights of her characters, attractive, check, red outfit. check, assassin, check, on again off again relationship with Daredevil, check, on again off again relationship with The Hand, check. So what if she's a Black Sky? She's come back from the dead so many times in the comic books it's no wonder they haven't made her something more than an assassin. Now Sigourney Weaver's involvement I'm very curious about. The Hand has many "fingers" Nobu & Bakuto being notable but Madame Goa, since her appearance I knew something was up with her!

The fact that Madame Goa isn't headlining as main villain after handing both Daredevil & Iron Fist their asses is baffling to me, which makes me believe that Sigourney Weaver's character is the bad ass to end all bad asses. All that remains to be seen but as it stands now, I'm pretty excited. I'll see you all in August!

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