Wednesday, May 17, 2017

STRANGE LOG: 5-18-2017

Howdy! So while the news week has been incredibly slow visa-vi film, TV, comic books and video games, I felt nonetheless that a Strange Log was in order just to sort out the various riff-raff that isn't worth an entire article.

In the first bit of news that no one is surprised about, "Sleepy Hollow" has been canceled. What a ride, right? But alas why aren't we surprised? BECAUSE THEY KILLED ABBY! That aside, "Sleepy Hollow" (after the death of Abby) had no clue where it was going. I had a talk with my wife about it and I realized it suffered from the same problem "Supernatural" had and that is once you stop the apocalypse, you have no where else to go. I feel like "Sleepy Hollow" should have inverted Malcolm's placement in the series. Malcolm was an interesting villain but his motivations were out of place. For starters, his initial goal was to achieve immortality so that he wouldn't have to go to Hell. After he achieved that goal, out of nowhere he suddenly wanted to become God Emperor of America. Had Malcolm been placed earlier in the series he'd be a perfect set up for The Anti-Christ. A mouthpiece of Moloch if you will. But I digress. As the series stands, it ends with Ichabod on his way to Hell but for now everything's okay and the series ended with a rather cool image and you can't hate that.

Also in another bit of news that also surprised no one, "The Blacklist: Redemption" has been canceled as well. This comes as no shock to me simply because as I've stated before TOM IS NOT INTERESTING! Don't get me wrong, Tom is a great character but we know what we need to know about him, his name is Jacob Phelps, he was an orphan recruited by The Major to be a deep cover operative for hire. That's what we need to know about Tom! But "The Blacklist" changed the game when they introduced Susan Hargrave as Tom's Birth Mother and his real name being Christopher Hargrave therefore giving Tom as cryptic of a past as Liz's and...No...just no...we don't even know who Liz is to Reddington and now you're telling me we also gotta find out who Tom is?! I can see how this would be frustrating for a lot of fans, it certainly was frustrating for me which is why I chose not to watch "The Blacklist: Redemption".

Switching gears, as you all know, I am a huge "Mortal Kombat" fan and one of the questions about "Mortal Kombat" that hasn't been addressed is Jade's ending. Who is this?

If I had to speculate, I'd say it was Delia, Taven's mom, however, this isn't made clear because Delia wouldn't want to "re-imagine" Shoa Kahn's defeat. This has never been addressed and never been answered, not even on I understand endings aren't canon (as every character has their own ending) but what's up with this? I hope they address her somewhere. I'm super curious!

Anyway, I'm a dad now, YES, I'm a dad! That being said a lot of stuff is gonna be on the back burner. I've been doing a lot of downloading and I'm getting stuff to review to set up for "Project Canceled". Project Canceled is a series of articles I'm planning to write about previously canceled TV shows and really pinpoint exactly where and when it went off the rails and what could possibly save it. I'm looking to review "The Event" and really dig into the series and figure out where it wrong. But sadly, this won't come til' much much later...maybe after I finish my "VR Troopers" Review (whenever the hell that will be). That aside, I'll be doing more "Interview With" articles in the future so be on the look out for those.

That'll do it for me, here's a GIF of "The Matrix" being 20% cooler by having Rainbow Dash save Morpheus and The Key Maker, why? Because this blog needs to be 20% Cooler!

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