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Early Thoughts On "Ravenswood"

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I can't honestly say what exactly it is that has me excited about the "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off "Ravenswood". Is it the name and my love of all things raven (be it the poem, the Teen Titan or the professional wrestler), is it my complete adoration of small town mysteries ? Is it the creepy introduction we had to this town earlier in the 4th Season of "Pretty Little Liars" or is it simply the fact that Hanna's exclusive beau, Caleb Rivers is headlining this series? Whatever the case maybe, I'm completely stoked for this series. Stoked enough to share some early thoughts on what the series COULD potentially be about, enjoy after the break.

Anyways, "Ravenswood" is a series about the (adjacent to Rosewood) eponymous town and apparently a curse unleashed upon the town a long time ago. But the exact nature of the curse is something that we don't know. Earlier, a co-worker of mine told me it was based around mysterious disappearances of people. Seeing as how the series will eventually overlap with a few "Pretty Little Liars" characters (e.g. Shana) the idea of "Ravenswood" being about missing persons wouldn't be too much of a stretch. But that can't be "It", can it ? Of course not, which brings me too this;

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Now I understand that this is promotional material but if "Pretty Little Liars" fans can cite promotional materials to support their theories, I CAN DO THE SAME! This picture of an old timey Caleb makes me think that perhaps a somewhat mild supernatural element maybe involved, (after all The Grundwald hinted that she is somewhat psychic) which leads me to believe that perhaps Caleb wasn't always Caleb, or perhaps an ancestor of his or someone who looks very much like him did something very terrible to the town of "Ravenswood". Seeing as how Caleb is the star of the show and much of his past is shrouded in a mystery, it wouldn't be much a stretch to think that perhaps there is more to the talented Mr. Rivers than meets the eye...more that he doesn't even know about. Which leads me to;

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This headstone is almost revered by the people of Ravenswood. Over a loud speaker, "The Song Of Nephilim" is played and then the people gather around the headstone in silence and remembrance...almost like a constant vigil...but of what?

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In Loving Memory of Brighter Colors.

...joking aside, this has me VERY CURIOUS, considering my fascination with elaborate headstones this makes me think that whatever curse is plaguing Ravenswood, that headstone is meant to memorialize it. In a similar fashion to ABC's short lived (and woefully misjudged on my part) series "Happy Town", they spray painted Question Mark Halos around town to memorialize the victims of "The Magic Man". If "Ravenswood" IS indeed about mysterious disappearances then it shares A VERY similar premise with "Happy Town" along with a very similar plot device, and perhaps the headstone is a way of remembering the victims (ie, mourning them despite not knowing whether they're alive or dead). Which might explain why Shana is was among the "mourners"...perhaps she lost someone to this curse...

 photo HappyTownS01E01HDTVXviD-LOL133_zps530b8ffb.jpg
I'm sorry "Happy Town", I judged you too harshly, you weren't great but you weren't all that bad either...

Which makes me ask, what is the exact nature of this curse? "Pretty Little Liars" has done an excellent job of keeping away from supernatural and paranormal elements, conservatively sprinkling some here and there in a Halloween episode but nothing to the point of ghosts. The Grunwald is the ONLY character to make mention of a supernatural ability and even her words are conservatively chosen and her psychic ability is merely referred to as "a gift of insight". But promotional material for "Ravenswood" has used the word "curse". While I'm not thinking that ghosts are involved, perhaps it is grudge that's been carried out upon the town for generations.

Perhaps maybe Old Timey Caleb's family was the first victim? I can think of a dozen things that the curse would be about, but keeping in theory that "Ravenswood" is about mysterious disappearances, perhaps there is a person or group of people who kidnap children, parents, brothers, sisters anyone and everyone for some wrong done against them (ie, basically a plague on The First Born minus all the supernatural stuff). However, Ravenswood's obsession with cemeteries leads me to believe that IF in fact this show is disappearances, then those who are gone are already confirmed dead. I say Ravenswood is obsessed with cemeteries because of the following...

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Seriously though, who has their wedding photos in a cemetery besides The Addams Family ?

There are MANY things in this series to catch my interest and the little glimpses we've seen of Ravenswood in episode 6 & 12 of this season of "Pretty Little Liars" already have me theorizing on where, how and when the two stories will intersect. Thanks to wikipedia fleshing out the characters bios a bit, I can already see how some characters will play into the story (depending on what the story is, that is). Anyways I figured before we were all invited to Ravenswood, I figured while I had some time on my hands I might as well share my thoughts on it, and if I'm right, you can expect a victory dance. My biggest hope is that Caleb and Hanna don't break up (shut up!), but I have a feeling they will since they'll be on two different shows (and I have a feeling that "Pretty Little Liars" is reaching it's end game, since I don't see "A" following them to college). But if Caleb ends up with that hot little number on his right, I suppose I can live with that. With the prospect of Spencer and Toby guest starring in a few episodes already makes me excited as they are two of my other favorite characters. All in all I can say things in "Ravenswood" are looking up.

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A little on the nose but it works...

In conclusion, the idea of a small town mysteries REALLY intrigue me because the idea of close-nit communities is something I have no personal experience with (being a city boy and such) and adding a level of lies, deception and dark, old secrets resurfacing is always a fun concept. Watching "Pretty Little Liars" was an experiment in and of it's self, after seeing so many "First Looks" for at the movies I was really curious if I would respond to something that normally wouldn't be on my "Too Watch" list. Thankfully, I took the plunge and I'm glad I did. Now with Caleb headlining his own series that promises something darker than "Pretty Little Liars" antagonist "A" could muster up, I can only wonder what's coming down the line for Tuesday's premier but I can tell you for a fact I'll be watching. I'll see you guys on the 23rd! I gotta bus to catch!

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