Thursday, October 10, 2013

American Horror Review #2: Asylum

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I must LOVE torturing myself because I did it again. As no doubt Season 3 of "American Horror Story" now subtitled "Coven" is probably WELL into the stupidity that seems to plague this series like flies to feces, I think it's time to reflect on the train-wreck, sex riddled, nonsensical, half-baked, poorly written, go nowhere, dog-chasing-it's own tail, mind-numbingly awful 2nd Season of "American Horror Story". Although unlike the last review, this time I take on a FULL Season of this bullsh*t! I survived, but I'll never be the same again. Also feel free to check out this nifty little link that hit all the points I couldn't. Meanwhile...Ugo & The Seeker prepare to embark on their quest to obtain The Jacket!

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