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Hannibal S02E12 "Tome-wan" Review

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And there you have it folks...this show has taken a left turn into...into...the depths of the human soul? The pit of Hades? The fractured mind of a psychopath? All are acceptable answers but GEEZ, I mean you wanna talk about laying the tension on THICK, this episode was so thick with tension I felt my eyes strain. Lots to discuss and it will be, enjoy.

Let's start off with the moneyshot, Mason Verger peeling his own face off and feeding it to Will Graham's dogs...did Mason attempt to sexually entice Lecter? No. Did Mason snap his next during a purposefully (by Lecter) botched attempted at autoerotic asphyxiation? No.  But Lecter DID convince Young Master Verger to "test a pig's fat" on himself after pumping full of something that I think The Scarecrow used in "Batman Begins". This was truly one of the more horrific scenes in the series as it had Mason LITERALLY EATING HIS OWN NOSE (that is not a sentence you type very often). But the true horror in it is the fact that Hannibal is powerful enough to make someone do that. I mean considering that Mason was planning to kill Hannibal and now all of a sudden (and much drug induced suggestions later) Mason is peeling off his face and eating it at Hannibal's request.

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Why was I excited to see this again ?

The remarkable thing here is that in "Hannibal", no animosity was had between Mason and Hannibal, Hannibal was just Mason's court appointed therapist to help Mason deal with for child molestation and sexual perversion. But here in the TV show, both Mason and Hannibal somewhat detest each other (Hannibal more than Mason) and it's not hard to see why, Mason's a rude little sh*t that always gets his way and Hannibal is a smug self-aggrandizing narcissist who always gets his way, it's really a case of The Immovable Object meets The Unstoppable Force and in this case, The Unstoppable Force (Hannibal) didn't move Mason, he convinced Mason to move himself...and boy did he ever!

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He peeled his own face off and fed it to dogs, is paralyzed from the neck down and STILL has the audacity to be a smarmy little sh*t....that's dedication.

Getting to Hannibal, Dr. DeMaurier returned (which of course she did, we all knew we hadn't seen the last of's Gillian Anderson for crying out loud!) and finally confessed to Hannibal's articulate cerebral con game. Turns out Hannibal didn't kill her patient, she did by suggestion of Hannibal. Hannibal, like Mason got their doctors involved in something unethical as a way of gaining leverage over them. But something tells me there is something more to her story, after all she used the term "someone you love", and that Hannibal will convince you that killing that person is the ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE. She said this to Will and in Will's mind he's GOTTA be thinking Alana, and I'm sorry but I just don't think Will is going to kill Alana, especially not after the end of this episode. However, I am curious as to who Hannibal made DeMaurier kill, a patient and maybe someone she cared deeply about? She's vague and I like that because she knows enough of where Will is coming from so that they're speaking the same language.

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"Hi, Hannibal's the devil, can I go now?"

It's confirmed now that Will Graham is in fact working hand in hand with Jack to try and snare Hannibal and thus far Will has sweat blood and puked his soul out, killed and dismembered Randall Tier, pretend killed Freddie Lounds and thus far has come up with not a DAMN thing that can stick to the end of the episode Will just up and suggests to Hannibal, "Hey, come clean." and Hannibal is like, "Okay." and I'm like "IS THAT ALL IT TOOK?!". Of course not, but the death of Freddie Lounds does tie the two of them together in one big nasty knot that is too much to untangle, perhaps Lounds's "death" is the lynch pin to set Hannibal off. I have a weird way how this all fits but it only makes sense in my head, but if Will can tie Hannibal to Freddie's death...then Will can tie him to several others. I supposes Will is banking on Hannibal to protect and defend him (no doubt attempting to bank goodwill by foiling Mason's plot to kill Hannibal).

Their conversations are more revealing, Will realized that Hannibal is attempting to consume Will's world, in short Hannibal is obsessed with Will and wants Will to be obsessed with him...and lucky for Hannibal, Will is...just not in the way Hannibal wants him to be. I remember the scene from the first season where Hannibal sat idly in his office and opened the lobby door expectantly and found no one there, Hannibal then arrives at Will's office to seek him out. This shows that their relationship is CLEARLY one sided and Hannibal is the one wanting to be asked to the prom. Well it looks like prom is almost here and Hannibal completely trusts Will now and he intends to reveal himself to Jack and Will plans to reveal himself to Hannibal. All throughout this season we have been teased with Will's true intentions towards Hannibal marred by his own fractured psyche still reeling from the manipulation Hannibal unleashed on him in the first season. Will has been harboring a monster inside him and only time will tell if he can keep it in check.

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...or maybe buy a better mattress, honestly dude, you need to get some rest.

EVEN THOUGH I KNOW the mythos and I KNOW FOR A FACT both Hannibal and Will survive, I CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN and that's the beauty of this whole thing! We're all SO familiar with the story and yet this is still alien to us and it's a BEAUTIFUL thing when you can tell an old story a new way and I'll be damned if this isn't one of the ballsiest re-telling of the Hannibal Mythos ever. If Season Three is "Red Dragon" and they keep up with the STELLAR casting they have thus far, I WILL BE ON CLOUD-FREAKIN'-NINE...or whatever that stuff was that Mason was huffing. "Red Dragon" is one of my favorite Hannibal stories, if this nail this one, I am there. Take me home, Dr. Lecter! Until then...

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