Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hannibal S02E13 "Mizumono" Review

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There are some Season finales that come along where you kinda have a solid idea of where things are going to go and how it'll end. Hero catches the bad guy before the 40 minute running time is over, the bad guy pulls a trick out of his hat, all hope is lost and then the cavalry comes and all is good...yeah, this was NOT that kinda finale, what this was, was an ABSOLUTE MIND F*CK of the HIGHEST ORDER and I have to say of all the finales I've seen this was by far the bleakest, spoilers abound!

I have never felt more...what's the word...joyfully disquieted by a finale in a LONG TIME, this wasn't The "Holy Crap, How Are They Gonna Get Outta This One?" variety of finale, this was the kinda finale that comes in your home, murders your family and kicks your puppy on it's way out and leaves you feeling sick to your short, I LOVED THIS FINALE! There was a lot of GOOD speculation as to what would happen, Would Hannibal feed Bella to Jack? Would Hannibal feed Alana to Will? All good, but what actually happened, NO ONE, (and THE ROCK MEANS) NO ONE saw coming! But now that the dust as settled...or I should say that the blood has been spilled, this raises MANY MORE questions than it does answers. So let's start at the top and work our way down.

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Why must everything in this show feel like an acid trip ?

Throughout this season, Hannibal and Will have been playing a very DEEP game of psychological chicken and it got to the point where the audience (myself included) didn't have a single clue about who was playing who. Of course, we were all stupid (myself included) to bet against Hannibal Lecter as this episode has proven exactly why he is The Father Of All Fictional Serial Killers...this f*cker is just unstoppable. Hannibal's been dropping hints here and there that Will could have a place at his side and in that place there would be a place for Abigail. In the episode before this one, Will pointed out that Hannibal was attempting to foster codependancy by taking away all that Will loved and could potentially love for himself...but as it turns out, Hannibal, the psychotic Santa Claus that he is provided Will with a Christmas miracle and quite frankly an INGENIOUS PLOT TWIST.

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HONESTLY, who thought Hannibal was being literally when he said there was a place for Abigail in Will's world?! I guess we should've seen this coming when it was revealed that Mariam Lass wasn't dead, which was EXCELLENT foreshadowing and me being a comic book fan should KNOW the rules by now when it comes to character who "die off screen", IF YOU DON'T SEE A BODY, THEY'RE STILL ALIVE! This means that Hannibal was genuinely sorry when he told Will that he was sorry he took Abigail from him. Which means that their least on Hannibal's side was genuine...that's absolutely INSANE. Hannibal's heartbreak over Will's betrayal came from a real place and was actually heartfelt as a psychopath can get, and just to show that their friendship was over Hannibal put an exclamation point on it by killing Abigail.

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Fails get no more painful than this...

How long has Hannibal been on to Will? He guess he was simply bidding his time until he had a reason to doubt Will's commitment and while the Mason Verger incident should've clinched it, Hannibal smelled (what I imagine to be the sweet smell of) Freddie Lounds on Will's clothes and knew...Will was lying. Meanwhile, Jack and Will are facing entrapment charges...and as much as I hate it, I have to agree with Kade, Will and Jack had a fairly sloppy plan that was working for a moment but they'd have been better off with a wire. However, Will has pieces of Randall Tier's body in his freezer in his barn...not sure how that'd tie to Hannibal but still it's there. Makes me wonder how exactly are they gonna catch this motherf*cker and are they setting up Season 3 for "Hannibal" a.k.a Mason's Revenge? After all the vast majority of "Hannibal" (the movie) takes place in Italy with Hannibal living under the guise of Dr. Fell, and while I'm not exactly keen on them playing fast and loose with the chronology, I am pro ANYTHING that keep Clarice Starling out of this.

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No reason for posting this, just wanted to state again that Freddie Lounds is one serious cutie!

So where does this leave us? Will being nearly disemboweled by Hannibal, Abigail Hobbs dead, Jack clinging for dear life and for some (stupid) reason calling his wife INSTEAD of the police, Alana Bloom dying and Dr. Lecter whisking away (to what I imagine will be Italy) with Dr. DeMaurier in tow...which makes me question their relationship because Hannibal did attempt to murder her only to find that she (smartly) skipped town, but now it seems that she may have facilitated his escape and is helping him? Why? Who exactly is she to him? This is just INSANITY beyond INSANITY (as Lion-O would say). What will it takes for them to finally catch Hannibal because at this point he's out of everyone's reach and has come up smelling his guest room soap. Season 4 is said to cover the events of "Red Dragon" and I am VERY much excited to see who they cast as Francis Dolarhyde but for now I'm just wondering what will become of Will, Jack and Alana. I am 100% Alana is dead and I am sure Jack and Will survive but Season 3 is going to be ROUGH! Here's to Season 3, until then...damn...just damn.
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Smells like...winning.


  1. You really pulled me into binge watching Hannibal, and it was amazing. Before I saw you did so many reviews and were really enjoying the series I was naaaahhhhrgh since the last movies were awful. Thanks again lol

    1. You are SO lucky and just in time for the 3rd Season! This series is divine! My goodness Guga, thank you SO much for reading and commenting. I can't thank you enough. Glad you're enjoying my blog.