Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pretty Little Liars S05E02 "Whirly Girl" Review

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Yeah, looks like I'm continuing with the "Pretty Little Liars" reviews, why? I'm not entirely sure at this point, but I reviewed the season premier of this season and I guess I should continue. Anyway, we now have the over arching mystery of this season, "Who killed Mrs. DeLaurentis?". In the finale of Season 4, Mrs. DeLaurentis was buried alive by an unknown assailant and now it looks like The Liars have to solve this problem. While I was right that Allison will be officially joining the cast, her involvement has changed the game so much that I barely recognize it now.

For starters, let's take a step back and address something I forgot to mention in my last review, The Group Of "A's" that descended upon The Liars in the playground of the previous episode, who are they, where did they come from and how did Shana manage to organize that? I'm asking all of this to say that if The Liars REALLY and TRULY think it's over because Shana is dead, these girls clearly haven't been paying attention. It's obvious that "A" is still around and anyone questioning that needs their head examined. That being said, Aria's an absolute mess after "killing" Shana (yes, I don't believe she's dead) and for once Emily said something smart citing her killing of Nate as justifiable and that they share a common issue.

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Aria in her crack den.

Speaking of common issues, Jason is back and is acting weird (but at this point acting weird is normal for this series). Frankly, I can't really say I care much about anything going on in this season and I get it, it's early but so much GOOD stuff was set up and to have ZERO pay off just boils my juices. I can't really think of much else to say about this episode except, it was great to see Mona again, and she's the one who sent Ally the text message citing that telling the truth would cause her harm. I'm still trying to figure out what Mona's deal is, she was caught, she was in an institution, all Allison had to do was tell the police what REALLY happened and boom...problem all of a sudden it's one lie after another with her and at this point the truth doesn't even matter.

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Must be really fascinating watching Allison spin her web of absolute bullsh*t.

I suppose I should write an article detailing where I thought, "Pretty Little Liars" should have gone and what should've happened. With the prospect of Caleb returning (and boy would I love NOTHING more than to hear what happened in "Ravenswood" and why he's suddenly back now), and I suppose that's what's keeping me glued to the series, but much like The Liars themselves, I just want this to be over. There is only so much "A" the writers can milk out of this show before it becomes ridiculous and truth be told, it's been there for awhile but now is REALLY the time to start wrapping this up. I'll be seeing you guys next time.

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