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At "A" Cross Roads With "Pretty Little Liars"...

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What am I doing with my life? Honestly, I'm not even sure at this point. So a few things here, I'm thinking of just doing overall season reviews as opposed to doing episode by episode reviews...but damnit who will mock Aria's stupidity? At this point this show is starting to feel like less of a TV show and more like a soap opera, granted it IS a soap opera but I doubt soap operas have as many plot holes and nonsense as this show. I'm not even sure why I'm watching it, granted it doesn't suck but it's not great either, but I suppose it's a change of pace and decent step outside my usual box.

So Spencer's family is still getting that divorce, long time coming in my opinion. Ya know with Emily's Lord & Savior Allison being back I thought the game would be different but no, it's very much the same except now there's 5 instead of 4, and while the 5th man (er...woman) may have been the central focus for all of 4 Seasons...her arrival isn't as monumental as it's touted to be. The thing that's getting under my skin is the fact that after 4 seasons we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT NOTHING! Donald Rumsfeld once said "There are known unknowns and unknown unknowns, things we don't know we don't know." and that's 1000% true in the case of this show.  For starters let's cover what we do know...Mona was "A", Allison was buried alive, Emily's gay,Aria's an idiot, when Hanna stops being a fashionista, she has a promising career in gangster rap, Spencer gets 100x hotter when she's on the verge of a mental breakdown...and that's about it.

This nonsense revelation of Shana as "A" was not only slipshot but completely out of leftfield. So Shana was in love with Jenna and wanted to kill Allison as revenge...okay...but then what the hell was up with all those moments when Shana was alone and freaked out...specifically last season when Shana was in the car and saw a sign telling her to leave town...are we to assume that was Ezra? Are we? And what was up with Shana being in Ravenswood around that statue...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?! We were all under the impression that Shana was Paige's ex-girlfriend who worked at a costume shop...and then we she started to show up more and more, we knew exactly NOT to trust her so...when she was revealed as "A" was like "Gee, what else is new?".

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Truth be told, I don't think the writers know where this show is going because I don't even know what questions I should be asking. Everyone with a motive to take down Allison has been vetted and aside from Mona and her crew of cronies (who honestly look about as harmful as a band-aid) there is NO ONE ELSE crazy enough to be "A". I doubt Mona's playing The "A" Game and I don't think Jenna ever has. At first we thought Cece Drake was "A"...and despite the MANY CLUES HINTING THAT SHE WAS (e.g. when Cece told Aria she owed her one and in the final moments of the episode while "A" was playing spin the bottle to find her new target, the bottle landed on Aria and "A" quickly shifted the bottle to someone else...hence the owing Aria one) Cece was NOT "A" but rather an ally. Then we thought it was Ezra...which would've made PERFECT sense given his impressive network of cameras, his wealthy background and cabin in the woods, he was the PERFECT choice for the grand mastermind of "A"ness...BUT NO! Turns out Ezra's all cloak and dagger because he's writing a book...YAWN.

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Aria, here's that book I wrote on why you're an idiot.

Ezra would've made THE PERFECT "A", why? Because for starters he's insanely wealthy and for someone with his background, his fortune was threatened by a minor suddenly becoming pregnant with his child, talk about scandal! Also...whatever happen to Ezra's brother? There are many theories floating around about who "A" could be and why (The Evil Twin Theory seems to be the most logical at this moment...and give that a second to marinate...) but how would anything make sense after what we've seen, after what we've gone through, from house explosions to attempted murder to ACTUAL murder by BURYING SOMEONE ALIVE, who could do so much crap and get away with it as effectively as they have. As Caleb said, the police in Rosewood should be riding around in clown cars...

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Drink up, Hanna...

At this point who is left that hasn't been vetted and wouldn't be obvious! This is why I'm hoping that in later seasons they drop the whole mystery and show us the other side of the veil. I wanna see what goes on with "A" and their planning and such and HOW they do what they do and more importantly, WHO'S DOING IT! Sometimes a mystery can be just as effective if you show the ending and the mystery becomes how we got there rather than getting there. I just don't know if I can do this anymore if this show is going to continue to do the same old same old. Something seriously BALLS CRAZY has to happen in the summer finale or I just might sit back and just wait for the DVDs...I don't know man. Catch you guys on the flipflop.

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My thoughts exactly...

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