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Gotham S01E05 "Viper" Review

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This show continues to be an enigma (no pun intended) to me. On one end, I don't want the show to be cancelled, because that'd mean a lot of people will lose their jobs, but on the other end, I want the show to get cancelled because it's just seems to be getting worse and the glimmers of hope are getting few and far inbetween. Let's get to the meat and potatoes...

Okay, so let's just jump in with both feet. This episode herald in probably the biggest Batman easter egg, Bane. Well, no the masked bad ass didn't appear in the series in any capacity BUT venom it's slower younger brother viper. This episode saw a scientist guy passing out viper to the ne'er do wells and homeless on the streets of Gotham and allowed them to wreck havoc with supreme strength. Being a fan of "Fringe" and other shows in the same vein, I like freak cases where the police are scratching their heads over a case, so as a case for this episode, this wasn't terrible...BUT the episode it's self...ugh...For starters, Gordon and Bullock seemed to be getting along, which is weird because they've been more or less at each other's throats for 5 episodes and yet, here's Bullock buying him a burger. Whatever happen to the "I bought you a coffee but I dropped it." Bullock?

I've decided that it's in my best interest to eat food while watching "Gotham", the reason I say this is because whenever Jada Pinkett's Fish Mooney appears on screen, my need to vomit increases 10 fold and that's not fun when you're dry-heaving. So as a general rule of thumb, if Fish Mooney is gonna make me throw up, I'll have something to throw up. So last week, with Fish's fight club, I scratched my head wondering what her endgame was with Liza. Why get a lounge singer, force her to kill another lounge singer, have her sing an opera...OH's to turn Liza into Carmine Falcone's mother...because apparently Carmine Falcone is a huge mama's this the endgame? Let's back up for a sec, so Fish Mooney is LITERALLY in bed with Niko (Russian mobster) to takedown Falcone. Being a HUGE fan of mob movies, I've come to the conclusion that wacking the boss isn't that hard, especially if you have someone else to blame it on.

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What'd the 5 fingers say to the face ?

Here's the scenario, Fish Mooney hires a couple a goons to wack Carmine Falcone, make it look like a robbery, hell, she can hire some outta town shooters. Falcone get's wacked, Niko and Fish blame The Maroni crime family and declare war, Fish and Niko lead the charge and remain above suspicion and slowly take over as the crime families to look them for leadership. The reason why I know it'd work is because IT WORKED WHEN THE PENGUIN DID IT! Not in those exact terms, but The Penguin did instigate a mob war between Maroni and Falcone, with Maroni hitting Falcone's casino. But instead, Fish would rather start a fight club and convince some random chick to learn an aria and dress up as Falcone's mother and call it her secret weapon?! I don't see how this can morph into anything I'd call genius when the answer is so freakin' assured, I'll be watching this.

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Secret weapon at work here...

Speaking of watching this, let's address a MAJOR disappointment this episode, Oswald...he was doing so good and then he had to open his big mouth about previously working for The Falcone Family. Why? Oswald could've told Maroni about a fabricated past of boosting cars or dealing drugs or how he and his casino friend go way back, but no, Oswald spills the beans and now his status as a dead man has been revealed and Maroni had something to threaten him with! How could he be this stupid? Honestly, the greatest strength a man can have is anonymity. Like Maroni said, "keep your head down". All Oswald had to do was open his mouth whenever it was convenient for him to show himself to be a useful asset to Maroni, that's ALL he had to do. He ruined the one good thing he had going.

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Oswald kinda screwed the pooch on this one.

As far as ruining goes, this show continues to ruin it's self but placing characters is stupid situations that they should be smart enough to get out of or never be in in the first place and for ridiculous and needless complications to extremely simple goals. Oswald wants to take over Gotham, simple, play The Maroni's and Falcone's against each other, wait till they kill each other and collect the fall out, Fish Mooney wants to take over The Falcone crime family, simple, hire unknown goons to wack him through a 3rd party, blame Maroni, go to war, win, take over. Everything is simple and writes it's self and yet the writers are choosing NOT to do it the easy way. This show is not good by any stretch of the imagination and if this wasn't Batman related, it'd be gone SO fast it'd be like it never existed, but somehow this show managed to get a full 22 episode run instead of it's previous 16 and I am completely dumbfounded as to how. Will this show get better? Doubtful...but I'll be here to cover it...every horrible minute of it...See ya next week.

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