Friday, October 31, 2014

Why The WWE Needs A New Mid-Card Championship

So it should come as no shock to anyone who knows me well that I am a HUGE fan of professional wrestling, and while I haven't watched wrestling in recent years, I still continue to play the games. Anyways, recently I've noticed a recurring issue (among the many issues it already has) the WWE appears to have and that issue is making mid-card championships actually mean something. Over the years the WWE trimmed down their numbers of titles getting rid of The Hardcore Championship (unfortunately), The European Championship and The Cruiserweight Championship, leaving behind only The Intercontinental Championship and The United States Championship as the 2 prestigious mid-card titles...the only problem is they're not. I'll explain why after the break.

There was a time back in WWE's history when The Intercontinental Championship was reserved for a Jim Ross put it "the best guy in the ring.". The Intercontinental Championship was held by people who GREAT inside the ring, people who had either GREAT in ring ability, GREAT mic-skills or winning gimmicks that put them over with the fans. Look at all the people who held The IC Championship in the past, Shawn Michaels, The Ultimate Warrior, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, Razor Ramon, Ken Shamrock, The Rock, the list goes on and on. Some of these guys went on later to become "The Guy", The wrestler that would eventually become WWE Champion, but before they were "The Guy" they were in the grooming stage, and the grooming stage was giving them The Intercontinental Championship.

One of my favorite IC Champions.

But even if you didn't become WWE Champion, The Intercontinental Championship meant that if anyone wanted to become #1 contender for The WWE Championship, they'd have to beat The Intercontinental Champion. The United States Championship enjoyed the same reputation during the brand split, with The IC Title being relegated to Raw and The U.S. Title being exclusive to SMACKDOWN!. But these days with these two mid-card titles being on the same show and passed around more than witty quips at a British dinner party, the prestige of these titles have declined greatly...almost to the point where they mean absolutely nothing OR (and worse in my opinion) they mean about as much as the person who holds them. What I mean by that is that the title isn't the honor but rather the title is honored by the person who's holding it. The title is supposed to give the prestige, not the other way around.

It's not your fault you mean nothing.

So how do we correct this problem? First of all, I think The WWE needs to get rid of either The Intercontinental or The United States Championship, one or the other (I'd prefer they do away with The United States Championship, not that I hate it but The Intercontinental Championship has a much richer history than The U.S. title, just sayin') and then introduce 2 new mid-card championships, and what are those mid-card titles? The Television Championship and The Internet Championship! So why these two you might be asking, well I'll tell you, follow me here.

The Television Championship will work like this, it will be a mid-card title that must be defended in a 15 minute match, ONLY on Television and ONCE EVERY WEEK! This title won't be defended on a PPV.  This will support the reason why it's called The Television Championship, because it's defended on television and EVERY SINGLE WEEK (like a TV show). The title will be good because it'll develop up and coming talent and provide them with a strong push, turning them into a fighting champion, having to constantly defend the title EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Contenders will be determined by lottery drawn by wrestlers or at The GM's discretion. This will also become The new Honky Tonk Streak, because say a wrestler defended The Television Title for 48 weeks, that's almost a year and other superstars will try to break that streak. And it won't be easy, but you have to defend it EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Imagine the prestige when one wrestler FINALLY breaks the streak of a wrestler who defended it for 48 weeks?! Do you have any idea how impactful that is!? Also it adds a bit of suspense to a title match, a "Can he do it again?" sense of urgency.

Also, tell me you wouldn't wanna see this beautiful thing around The WWE.

The next is The Internet Championship,yes, I know Zack Ryder introduced this as an unsanctioned title much like Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Championship, but unlike Ted, Zack was onto something. Hear me out, The WWE has been pushing it's $9.99 Network since it's inception and hasn't been doing great from what I hear, now I don't know anything about The Network so this may sound completely uninformed, but whatever. The Internet Championship will work like this, once a Champion is crowed, contenders are select by Internet vote and the match and stipulation are selected by fans via Internet, and The match will ONLY be available on The Network (hence Internet). This way The WWE can give fans control over something and increase fan interaction by allowing them to create matches and actually feel like they created a champion. The WWE can also increase the profile of The Internet Champion by allowing him to create exclusive online promos and thank the fans for believing in him, ect. ect. The WWE can create a NEW People's Champ with The Internet Champion.

Granted, my Internet Championship will look MUCH better than this...

I think these two new titles will revolutionize The WWE, I see The Television Championship really helping to put over up and coming NXT wrestlers and I see The Internet Championship REALLY pushing The WWE into the modern age. The WWE flirted with the idea with Cyber Sunday, but they didn't run it into the endzone, I think The Internet Championship is the way to do that. Let me know what you guys think and I'll see you later...and please bring back The Hardcore Championship...Please!

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