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Gotham S01E07 "Penguin's Umbrella" Review

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Howdy everyone, sorry I'm late but yesterday was...well...ya know what yesterday was. Anyways, so this episode of "Gotham" has been a considerable leg up after the previous 6 lackluster episodes, why has this been a leg up? Well, it's because this episode primarily focused on The Penguin and his eventual rise to power and we'll get to that after the break.

So last week, Oswald revealed to the entire GCPD and an incredibly pissed off Harvey Bullock that he was alive. Thank God he did because I don't think I'd have been able to bare a whole "Gordon is innocent but can't prove it" arch. I gave Penguin some flack for spilling his beans to Salvatore Maroni but this episode solidified why The Penguin is such a bad ass and the answer is quite simple, he's the world's greatest snitch. The Penguin's game is MUCH, MUCH deeper than I suspected it would be. Initially, I thought The Penguin would pit Maroni & Falcone against each other and collect the crumbs after the fall out, and while that still maybe the case, it's clear that The Penguin is playing for the home team a.k.a The Falcone Family specifically the head of the family, Carmine Falcone and has firmly placed Fish Mooney in his crosshairs.

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That's The "I'm bouts to kill you all kinds of dead" Face.

The thing in this episode I found most amusing was Fish Mooney's reaction to Carmine's unreaction to her "weapon". I broke my rule, unfortunately and watched Fish Mooney without eating and nearly lost my lunch. The oversight of that woman is laughable. Her master plan, instead of arranging a hit that couldn't be linked to her or Niko, was to get some random girl to dressed up like him mother...and then what? What was her "weapon" supposed to do? Apparently, Fish expected Carmine to sleep with the girl, why? And after he slept with her, then what? Did she expect him to talk business? The thing is, Penguin and Carmine have no clue that the girl is connected to Fish Mooney, so Fish's planned not only failed but majorly failed because it's not like Carmine was forewarned about this girl. This is why Fish Mooney is a horrible character and I can't wait for her to die, it will be awesome.

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I'm here because I'm too proud to admit I'm stupid.

Anyways, getting back to awesome. The Penguin's speech about finding people's weaknesses was genuine Penguin and his murder of Frankie, all for a slight pay increase, was fantastic. Penguin managed to dispatch two of his foes (Niko & Frankie) with little to no effort on his part and that's essentially because people think he's harmless. The Penguin has gotten more done in 7 episodes than Gordon and Harvey have and that's kinda sad. Getting on Gordon and Harvey, Harvey was understandably pissed off but eventually (and after realizing he's screwed anyway) decided to join Gordon in his crusade...and it almost worked...had Barbra not come back...

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You're a special kinda stupid, aren't you ?

I was almost certain we were rid of that waste of screentime but unfortunately not, and because she had to bring her stereotypically dumb blonde self back, Gordon and Harvey couldn't arrest Falcone or The Mayor. However, this was a good build up to events to come and we got to see Victor Zsasz, and damnit, he looked like he leaped right out of the comic book. Although, I don't exactly like him working for the mob, I'd rather have him be the serial killer he's always been than an organized crime hired gun. Furthermore, Vic's weapon of choice is a knife, not a gun, all that aside, I do think it's funny that his ringtone was "Funky Town", as if this guy wasn't freaky enough.

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That's definitely the face of a man who likes to get up and get down.

In the end, if "Gotham" can keep turning out episodes like this, with good stakes, and nice by-play and keep The Fish Mooney at a minimum or not at all, this series just might last. I have no clue what's coming next week, but hopefully it's good. It's titled "The Mask", more than likely this will feature The Scarecrow, since he's recently been announced. Anyway, we'll see. Until next time...

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