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Gotham S01E13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" Review

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I'm back, thanks to an unsecure Wifi connection, I am back with the "Gotham" reviews. So just a quick update before I give my review of the current episode of "Gotham". So that glorious moment came when Fish Mooney implemented her ridiculous "plan" which almost worked, only to have Oswald swoop in and turn the tables. Falcone decided he was gonna choke a bitch and sent Fish along with Butch (who I like) to the chopping block. Meanwhile, Gordon had an EXTREMELY brief stint as a guard as Arkham...while that was a good episode, his stint as an Arkham guard was WAY TOO brief and I really wish we'd have seen more of that before Jim got his shield back, all of that happened kinda quick, no? Anyways now on to this episode of "Gotham".

The episode doesn't get off to a great start, not only is Fish Mooney and still chewing scenery like bubblegum, it looks like she's going to escape the clutches of Bob (Falcone's executioner, maybe). This development does not bode well for my enjoyment of this series if Fish doesn't meet a very swift demise, doesn't have to be painful, I just want her gone. Who also makes an unfortunate return is Bruce Wayne...this shoe was doing so much better focusing on Jim Gordon and not Bruce. The reason why we can't focus on Bruce is because (everyone say it with me now) HE'S NOWHERE NEAR TO BECOMING BATMAN! He's just a kid and a pretty annoying one at that. He's not annoying because he's a kid, he's annoying because he's a kid (ie, useless and unable to do much of anything). The only times we should see Bruce is when his story intersects with Gordon's. The budding romance between Selina Kyle & Bruce Wayne is annoying and her constant "I lied..." B.S. is seriously wearing thin.

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"Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it's better if you do."

Edward Nygma still continues to make me roll my eyes more or less, I like his quirkiness and at the same time I don't. Have I mentioned The Riddler is one of my favorite Batman villains? An O.C.D sociopath, with a penchant for riddles, right up my alley. I sincerely hope his transition to villainy isn't predicated on his pending relationship with Ms. Kringle (who looks alot like Harley Jane). Anyways, The Penguin has gained Fish's club and is planning to go in 50/50 with his mom. Dimes to dollars Fish Mooney kills Penguin's mom. Penguin's mom is awesome when she's drunk. The Penguin's deviousness is only hidden in his generosity and the scenes where he's all smiles, politeness and timidness are actually the most menacing as we can see behind the smiles to a man that's truly a violent sociopath. It'll be great to see him unleashed, if/when that ever happens.

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That Face When You Wanna Call Someone a "Dumb Bitch." But Trying Not To Laugh While You Do It.

Meanwhile, The GCPD is looking insanely corrupt, more corrupt than Bludhaven. With Bludhaven the corruption came from the top down, but in Gotham the corruption comes from the bottom up. GCPD have always been portrayed as decent cops but lacking the backbone to really stand up to the many rogues of Batman's impressive gallery. This GCPD...I mean WOW, it looks like Gordon is actually the only good cop...and that...well...that kinda sucks if every single episode Gordon is fighting this uphill battle against the same kinda crap. Also where the hell is Montoya and Allen? Not that I want to see either of them return because God help us, the acting, but I thought after Gordon tried to take down Falcone, Montoya and Allen were in with Gordon, so why aren't they helping him? Yes, Montoya was sleeping with Barbra, but Allen is unaccounted for...unless he's off somewhere getting murdered and becoming The Spectre.

This episode left much to be desired and left a sour taste in my mouth in regards to Fish Mooney (but thank God she's leaving...to unfortunately resurface again) & Bruce's return. Jim Gordon did end up standing tall and I hope he rallied some sort of support behind him. The idea that Fish and Bullock are a thing completely goes against what happen earlier this season when she was ready to kill him over the slightest thing. The last moments of this episode was quite good with Delaware begging for the safety of his wife and children much to Gordon's horror that he could potentially become the very scum he's trying to stop. In conclusion, if "Gotham" can focus less on Bruce and more on Gordon and The Penguin and the mob war this'll be pretty damn awesome. Always, catch you guys later.

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